Trees are cool.

8 Jun 2014

There's a secret about trees that I think you should know. Trees know how to just be. If we could see ourselves as trees we could be more forgiving, more appreciative, more hopeful and peaceful and perhaps allow ourselves to just be. (Bear with me).

Think about the seasons and cycles a tree goes through...

Summer; glorious, abundant, often flowering and attractive to the world.

Autumn; drying, changing, blowing leaves and shedding in a glorious cacophony of an autumn rainbow.

Then comes winter; bare, darkened colours, perhaps a bit frosty and bleak.

Followed still by spring; the smallest buds popping their heads out and gaining energy day by day, blossoms and small leaves keen for summer.

And on and on it goes. But I don't look at a tree in summer and say it looks too fat, needs to lose a few pounds and I don't look at the leaves in autumn and say how horrible the skin is on the leaf. Nor do I prefer a winter tree to cover up its skinny frame or think less of it for being covered in frost. I don't think the small buds in spring are useless and not strong enough or big enough. So why do I not judge the tree and yet so frequently judge myself?

Am I not in a cycle of seasons myself? Am I not as beautiful as nature intended? Would a tree not gaze upon me with such affection as I do a tree, in all its seasons?

I cannot remember ever criticising a tree. More often than not I am impressed by them. They're just cool. And whether I have my favourite season or not I find beauty in all seasons with trees.

So maybe, trees have something to teach us that is simple and quite amazing, just by being. Maybe this is your winter and maybe that is absolutely fine. Because sure as the sun will rise, the seasons will change. Your spring will come. And many people happen to think trees are beautiful in the winter.

Trees are cool and so are you.

And remember...

"The tallest oak in the forest was once just a little nut that held its ground"


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