What are Moodscope's supporters saying?

Moodscope supporter image - Gerard Egan PhD

Gerard Egan PhD

“For the individual, Moodscope helps people measure, track, and share their difficult moments with people of their choice. This an lead to the kind of peer support that helps them achieve better control over anxiety and stress both inside and outside the workplace.”

For the organization, Moodscope can tap into the mood of the enterprise itself and its different departments without compromising the privacy of individuals. For instance, managers can “read” the impact of major events and changes on organizational mood and morale and then take appropriate action.

Author of The Skilled Helper - Egan Consultants

Moodscope supporter image - Libby Purves

Libby Purves

“Moodscope is deceptively simple to use but (thanks to the ingenious card-flip system) oddly impossible to lie to. So you end up with a remarkably accurate, and often surprising, map of the ways and reasons that your basic mood fluctuates. For anyone prone to depression, or indeed recovering from grief, life change or trauma, this is immensely useful. The buddy system can be a safety net (who wants to ring a friend and announce that it’s a bad day?). But even without, the self-knowledge without self-pity is worth having.”

Writer and broadcaster - BBC Radio 4

Moodscope supporter image - Clare Dolman

Clare Dolman

“Moodscope is a fantastic idea. Mood diaries have been around for a while, but in today’s online age, being able to click onto a site and update your mood chart in minutes is a huge advantage, and means you’re much more likely to keep your record regularly. The buddy system is also a wonderfully simple way of having friends and family look out for you without intruding into your life too much.

Members of Bipolar UK know the sometimes tragic consequences of the depths of depression: I’m sure Moodscope will help to save lives in the future.

I firmly believe that self-help is the way forward. Though many of us also need medications and therapies of various kinds, we can do so much to control our illness ourselves if we educate ourselves and we have the right tools to help us. Moodscope is such a tool - many thanks to Jon Cousins and the team for developing it.”

Chair of Trustees - Bipolar UK

Moodscope supporter image - Simon Brett

Simon Brett

“The great thing about Moodscope is that at a glance you can view your mental state over an extended length of time. If you have bipolar tendencies, your chart reminds you that no mood lasts for ever. In the euphoria of a ‘high’ it does not allow you to forget that you’re also likely to experience ‘lows’. And in the ‘locked-in’ despair of depression your chart can show you that - however unlikely it may seem at that moment - the evidence is clear to see that you are also capable of happiness."

Crime and comedy writer - www.simonbrett.com