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Too Little, Too Late? Monday July 25, 2016

Imagine Supertramp's "Give a Little Bit" playing quietly in the background...

"Too little, too late!"

It's the accusation too often used by those who aren't taking any action themselves, aside from jumping to conclusions!

One day it will be too late - but not today. Today is the perfect day to give a little bit... to give a little bit of your love to...

... Making that call that you've been putting off and now feels 'too late.'
... Sending that card that now is 'late' - that 'thank you' card, that birthday card, that anniversary card, that congratulations card!
... Meeting that person - that friend you keep promising you'll catch up with and it's gone on so long now that you're embarrassed.
... Eating some humble pie and by taking some action.
... It's never too late to walk humbly, to love mercy and forgive someone, to act justly to right a wrong, to go the extra mile...

Give a little bit, give a little bit of your love today!

A Moodscope member.

Thoughts on the above? Please feel free to post a comment below.

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Orangeblossom Mon, Jul 25th 2016 @ 7:28am

Thanks for the blog Lex. An excellent reminder to do the necessary things that I need to do. All the Best

Lex Mon, Jul 25th 2016 @ 7:39am

Thanks Orangeblossom - it's rarely too late! Have a great day. L'x

patricia Mon, Jul 25th 2016 @ 7:57am

Thank you Lex, last week I did those things I'd been putting off,
you got me thinking, how I put little things (of course all in my mind) and make them into big big things, run away from doing anything, eventually going down the slippery pole into a dark place, all over something minor, which has been taken over by one of my moods, (my being Bi Polar) It's got me thinking that's another thing I need to be aware of. Thank you again Lex, for that thought.

Lex Mon, Jul 25th 2016 @ 8:25am

Thanks, Patricia. My sister has a simple birthday card organiser - where she can put cards that fit different people when she sees them. You know what it's like - you see a card and think, "Oh that would suit so and so!" and then hesitate because their birthday is a long way off. In this simply way, she can place the card in the right birthday month and so not lose it. This is one of the ways she makes it easier to be thoughtful and take action. Let's make life easier! L'x

Angela Mon, Jul 25th 2016 @ 8:28am

Thank you Lex, that's good advice x x

Lex Mon, Jul 25th 2016 @ 8:49am

Thanks Angela xx

Jul Mon, Jul 25th 2016 @ 8:39am

Good morning Lex. When I first read your blog just now, my immediate thoughts were Oh yeah i know that feeling of taking too little action too late. I went back in time to a bad relationship which I should have stopped about 8 years before I finally had the courage to do so. I know your blog isn't about this! My feelings were at the time, that the other person had benefitted so much from me over the years that giving up after 9 or so years, was too little too late. But of course I read your blog again and allowed myself to actually take in your words. I am actually going to send a birthday card today and will email a friend who has been trying to get in touch for a while now on the strength of your blog. Jules xx

Lex Mon, Jul 25th 2016 @ 8:51am

Hi Jules, always happy for you to find other meanings in what we share - if they help! Gentle nudges to action were my aim today xx

Mary Wednesday Mon, Jul 25th 2016 @ 10:23am

Indeed. On the matter of birthday cards, my brother has a simple philosophy: "It's always nice to get a birthday card. If it arrives in the same month as your birthday then that's a real bonus!" My close friends and I all have an agreement; we will give each other the right birthday present at the wrong time. When we see the perfect item we will either get it and keep it until the right day - or - if we have not found the right thing by the day, we will give nothing and just wait. This means one gets a delightful surprise sometimes. Last week my best friend from school gave me a gift just three days after *her* birthday - a pair of socks with different cattle breeds on them (she knows me so well). I still have nothing for her - but when I do then she'll get the perfect something.

Lex Mon, Jul 25th 2016 @ 12:50pm

I love this, Mary, how freeing; how creative; how you!!! xx

Skyblue Mon, Jul 25th 2016 @ 11:04am

Hi Lex, you're right--it's never too late. There's a few emails I have to write....ugh, I wonder how long it will take me?! But with your gentle reminder this morning, perhaps today is the day. Now please tell me how to get Supertramp out of my head. Hope you're having a lovely day. Thanks again. xx

Lex Mon, Jul 25th 2016 @ 12:49pm

Hi Skyblue! The only way to cure Supertramp is to think of another song! But NOT The Birdie Song!!! xx

Lexi Mon, Jul 25th 2016 @ 1:03pm

Thank you for the sweet post today Lexi. xo

Lexi Mon, Jul 25th 2016 @ 1:03pm

Thank you for the sweet post today Lexi. xo

Lex Mon, Jul 25th 2016 @ 1:35pm

Thank you, Lexi! xo ox

Richard Mon, Jul 25th 2016 @ 1:47pm

Thanks, Lex. I like the Supertramp Therapy.
Peace & Love,

Lex Mon, Jul 25th 2016 @ 1:48pm

I remember now... just a little bit! Cheers, Richard! xx

The Gardener Mon, Jul 25th 2016 @ 3:32pm

Oh dear, the regrets that blog brings up. the mayor when we came here, a Jew, sang in the choir with me, deep, deep voice - always kissed my hand - he was also the vet - and I never got his oral history - when I had the time he had started dementia. For the centenary of the beginning of WW1 I found a lot of 'oldies' to do an article of what they were doing the day war broke out. The memories! Only had time to do 6. One, whose father was a mayor of a commune near Caen, hung the slate (!) announcing general mobilisation on the wall of the Mairie. She remembered the pop song of 1939, and started singing it. Her sister in law was just coming out from a funeral, and heard the giggles. She came and joined in. They could not remember details - I, of course, googled it, took the words round and everyone burst in to tears! Humble pie? Oh dear. Our last child, adopted girl, married a delightful Hungarian chap. Marriage lasted 18 months. I wrote a letter to him saying how cut up we were at not welcoming him and his parents to our house (we had visited them in Budapest). Our daughter opened the letter, though it was not addressed to her, took exception to it and has not spoken to us since. I've apologised over and over again (though it was her fault) and always send her birthday greetings. She is absolutely intransigent, the fact that her father has Alzheimers and may not actually know his children for much longer cuts no ice. Even sadder, for me, is that Mr G reckons it's 'Good Riddance'. Yes, she's always been volatile (she's a quarter Greek, but we reckon it's dominant) but she's still our daughter - so, double sadness.

The Gardener Mon, Jul 25th 2016 @ 3:35pm

Hey, Mary, how many cows do you get on a pair of socks? If they've got horns like Highland cattle do they go round your ankle. Mind boggling that - sheep on sweaters, OK, and reindeer at Christmas, but socks?

The Gardener Mon, Jul 25th 2016 @ 5:59pm

My brain - it was the 70th anniversary of beginning of WW2 - so I was hunting over 80's with good memories in 2009

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