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Time to look after yourself, now! Monday July 28, 2014

Is today yet another day that stretches out in front of you with no real purpose?

You may not see anyone, there's no phone call or letter and nothing seems worth watching on TV.

The joys of living alone can be completely overlooked when your life has changed from being frantically busy and needed to, for whatever reason, leading a solitary existence.

But think a while and recognise your past successes, however great or small.

You may have had a successful career, helped ageing parents, schooled children and taught them to be independent; you may have been a good neighbour. You will be able to think of other triumphs if you set your mind to it.

And now you need to look after yourself a little bit. No pressure, just getting out of bed, taking it easy and creating one achievement a day no matter how great or small.

Here's a list of possibles to start with. You can add your own as well.

1. Get yourself a new indoor plant, preferably flowering, and note its development; slow but sure. That plant needs you to water and encourage it.

2. Treat yourself to something you have never tried for lunch or tea. You don't have to cook it yourself; there are plenty of ready-made dishes in supermarkets!

3. Take a short walk if you can (or sit by an open window or door) and notice anything unusual; or even just appreciate the usual things.

4. Go to a coffee morning: the local church usually has one and you don't have to go again if you don't like it! You could even ask someone in for coffee (it's useful to give them the start and finish time).

At the end of the day note the thing you did in a diary. It will be interesting to look back on in the future.

A Moodscope member.

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heather Mon, Jul 28th 2014 @ 9:55am

I really love your ideas, Jenneffer, they seem do-able and interesting and no doubt effective. I am actually not having "one of those days" at the moment, but I am going to print out your blog and keep it for when I am. Love Heather xx

Anonymous Mon, Jul 28th 2014 @ 10:21am

Nice blog, Jenneffer. If I may, could I add to your second possible? Whether you heat something up or cook from scratch, there is real joy in cooking to music. Dicing carrots to AC/DC is a good workout. Alternatively, mashing potatoes to a Sousa march blows away cobwebs. Peace and Love, Rich x

Anonymous Mon, Jul 28th 2014 @ 1:11pm

Thank you this is very sound advice. I find caring for plants helps me enormously. Infact i would say it is one of the only things that has kept me going over the past few years. I relate very much to starting every day with it stretched out in front of me with no purpose. This is one of the perils of living & being alone. Unfortunately my life has always seemed like this so I dont even have many happier times to look back on. I dont know which is worse. Thank you for your words Jenneffer. I hope you have a lovely day xx

Anonymous Mon, Jul 28th 2014 @ 4:24pm

I did so enjoy reading this, Jenneffer. August looms. Always a month of potential social isolation for me, so as the 1st person to comment wrote, i am going to print out and save for a rainyday/ low mood time.

Anonymous Mon, Jul 28th 2014 @ 4:31pm

I really do sympathise! How sad and awful. I can relate to some of what you are saying, but have cracked it for some time now, being happier that is. I make daily effort to go out and meet people. The cheap local cafe is proving to be an excellent and sociable place of serendipitous conversations, and has left me feeling less useless. It is always worth it for the couple of quid spent! Nearly everyone I talk to has an interesting story or two to tell.

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