This Modern World

29 Feb 2020

Today I was recording my moodscope score whilst being put on hold to sort out my mortgage. A sometime fan of double timing it, I was interested to see how in this instance, that my score dropped. I was wound up, not so much for being on hold, that's standard, but because of the systemisation of everything. The lamenting of the lack of ordinary human help.

I wonder why myself, and so many others struggle when we now, have so much more material, medical and technological marvels to support us than our ancestors. Partly, perhaps, because our systems, systemise us. But we ourselves are ill-used as parts of an algorithm, dare I say …. commodities. As the prisoner, said, "I am not a number! I am a man!"

Last time I checked, we are Carbon based beings, and whilst we understand some of the profoundly complex chemistry of our lives, I believe we are endowed with innate intelligence which defies our understanding (Richard Dawkins wouldn't like that, but Russel Brand would). We are certainly not Silicon based chips, no binary processor. We are not happily ranked, ordered or processed. We create, a Turner painting, a Bach fugue, we dare, dying at the South pole, a black lady on a bus defying racists, we find our redemption, an alcoholic says no more, a slaver turns emancipator, we find our love, just a good mother or father, or son or sister...

Now at work, I am pressured to carry on this ranking and ordering and testing and systemising. Must everything have it's spreadsheet value! We are of a type for sure, but should we be made to feel we are not so good in ourselves, we must be as good as them? we must excel, or at least conform to be recognised and valued? and if not? what then?


A Moodscope member.

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