The Voyager.

10 Jul 2013

The very cool, chilled sounds of 'The Voyager' by Paul Hardcastle immediately transport me back to BBC 1's 'Holiday' programme. The music would conclude to a sparkling 'Hello and welcome to 'Holiday'. And there would be the enchanting Jill Dando sauntering along white sands in some far away land.

I love to travel but I often find that as the trip draws near any feeling of excitement can be replaced by one of daunting. Ongoing health issues can make the mere packing of a bag seem an insurmountable task. Perfectionist tendencies can mean that I go overboard on leaving everything 'just so' and traversing security and lengthy queues at airports can leave me almost craving the safety and peace of home. Even during my first couple of days away I can feel insecure and less robust than I do at home.

I hope I'm not the only one to feel like this? It does sometimes make me wonder why I attempt any kind of foray away.

Well, here's two reasons why...

1)  A complete change of scenery, even if only for a day, really can recharge the batteries of our soul. It stretches the mind and enables us to see life from a different side of the room.

2)  Going away can put us out of our comfort zone. For example the endeavor of trying to communicate in a different language can be excruciatingly embarrassing. We may feel like a fish out of water. However, having tried new things, learned fresh stuff and seen different sights we have actually grown as a person. So much so, that when we return to our pond, our comfort zone, we actually stand that bit taller. I even walk differently after I've been away!

What was all that anxiety about?

I'd best keep listening to The Voyager. It helps me remember the reasons 'Why'.


The Moodscope Team

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