The Rise of the Heretics

27 Dec 2021

Last year, I set out to explore the 12 days of Christmas. This is not part of my tradition, so I was ignorant of what the twelve days represented. Here’s at Moodscope, we don’t do religion or politics, so I’ll keep this secular but use St Stephen’s Day as a seed thought.

Saint Stephen was the first protomartyr. He was murdered by stoning at the hands of those who were massively invested in the status quo – a status quo he challenged. My studies have taken me to Seth Godin’s work on Tribes and I think this is relevant to Moodscope.

Seth, in his TED Talk, “The Tribes We Lead,” calls for the Rise of Heretics. Heretics are those of us who can no longer tolerate the status quo. I think we’ve seen massive progress in making Mental Wellbeing a major focus inside and outside the workplace… but there is still much that we must refuse to tolerate.

Seth has some really challenging questions such as, “Who exactly are you upsetting?” If we are not upsetting anyone, we are not changing the status quo. Moodscope is not a political movement, though we do have the capability to be heard to speak out on Mental Health amid the din and noise of media. To be heard we must have a good story.

I believe we have a great story. The next step is to connect a tribe. Isn’t Moodscope rather good at that? How many other organisations do you know where the members take such an active role in sharing each day?

The third step is to lead a movement. This is an interesting one. I’ve been part of many organisations where I would argue that the leaders take far too much of a hands-on role. Caroline and Adrian graciously step back and keep a low profile – giving members space to rise and speak their truth. I think this is a strength. However, I also think the time has come for Moodscope to upset the system – especially Mental Health provision in the NHS! I think we should be advising the Government! Where other interventions are getting noticed and listened to, I think it only morally right that Moodscope be recognised for the contribution it continues to make and has done for so many years.

The fourth step is to make change happen. Here, I have a dilemma. Moodscope has worked well for me and I’ve often thought about leaving because I’m not often depressed… a weird kind of Imposter Syndrome! What role is there for those of us who have seen a dramatic shift because of the consistency that Moodscope has given us?

Part of the answer is to tell another story in harmony with our original one. To strengthen others so that they too may have their own kind of breakthrough in their own good time. I, for one, am very grafeful and have a desire now to become a far more helpful heretic.


A Moodscope member.

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