The Power of Nice.

19 Jan 2018

I was introduced to a book called The Power of Now, which for me, revolutionised the notion of meditation, introducing instead the more accessible concept of Mindfulness.

This blog isn't about any of that though! I just like how the title must have inspired me.

The Power of Nice has a great ring to it. It's for those of us, who are dismissed as being weak because we are often described as "nice'.

Well for all the haters out there ( joking guys!) don't underestimate the power of nice!

Don't get me wrong, I'm not suggesting that a different way of being is any better or worse. Some people are very direct and have a no frills way of communicating. I'm not judging, It's all good!

During a recent event, a group of us were asked "Think of a positive comment about you that has stayed with you". I struggled. All I could think of was "nice". I didn't feel good. I know that I have strengths and a lot more to offer, but I also know how easy it is to be labelled and pigeonhole people until we get to know them. C'est la vie!

The number of times I hear people put others down at work with the comment, "She's very "nice" but...". The but is what they really think. It's left hanging, for one to fill in the gap. Weak? Clueless?

Its SO interesting how easy it would be to list a string of put downs! How about some put ups? Wouldn't it be great to be able to come up with a list of positive words as easily? I think it goes deeper than just having a limited vocabulary!

People who struggle with self image or self esteem may find it difficult to think of any to describe themselves. I have always worried about how I am perceived. It just happens. It seems engrained. So I have started to tackle it head on. Carrying a low self image is a weight that can be lifted.

I once went on a workshop that suggested that at the core of the inner self is a shining star, our essence they called it. I imagine it would already be there at birth, untainted by life. For some it is nurtured, for others, not. Whatever happens, it is always still there. Who we really are. All unconditionally loveable for being our unique and beautiful selves. Equal to (and equally deserving as) anyone else. Life may have clouded it, maybe illness makes it harder to tap into, but it is there. Our Essence. Interesting workshop. I left glowing.

So if the clouds could be lifted, what might be revealed is an easy flow of positive words to describe ourselves. I would have been able to think of more than just "nice". Why the "just" though? Maybe I wouldn't feel disappointed about the word nice.

Nice can be strong.

Nice can be about putting others at ease.

Nice can be quiet and really hearing.

Nice can be practical.

Nice can be trusted.

Nice can save lives.

Are there any other words for Nice?


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