Take flight.

19 Sep 2016

Months had passed and each one had been turbulent. I felt I was in a disaster film, unsure of which particular crisis would take centre stage next. Having a holiday was the last thing on my mind, not to mention the effort of packing us all away there. My attendance hung firmly in doubt.

My parents joined forces and knitted an invisible mattress which ran underneath me, and up each side, and it protected me as I bumped along. I managed to go on the holiday.

More turbulence rocked the boat during and after the holiday.

But. Today. I found myself needing to go to the big bookshop across town. Not the clinical one with the heart made of pretty perfect pink plastic, where I can park easily and be the next customer in line, but the interesting one with the messy, fleshy heart, where I'm welcomed like a new pupil at Hogwarts.

The weather was conducive and I let my feet decide... they did not return me to the car or the bus but instead asked that they might lead. I walked for miles. Early morning, after my 3 rush hours had passed and before my other stuff kicked in, I walked alongside all kinds of people still battling with their rush hours. And it was so relaxing. My morning stresses melted away as I felt the skin on my back grow damp with sweat.

Once again, nothing has changed. But my attitude has been spruced up. (How I love the words 'spruced up'.) And once again I will jump on its back and ride with it for as long as I can.

May you find space today to hear something your body is saying.

Love from

The room above the garage

A Moodscope member.

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