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Share my laughter as well as comfort my tears. Thursday February 4, 2016

Laugh, and the world laughs with you;
Weep, and you weep alone;
For the sad old earth must borrow its mirth,
But has trouble enough of its own.

The lines above come from the poem Solitude by the famous poet Ella Wheeler Cox in 1883. My mother used to quote the first two lines to me when I would be sad and she wanted to cheer me up.

Ella apparently was inspired to write this poem on the way to a ball where she saw a woman dressed in a black dress and comforted her. When they arrived, the poet was so depressed that she could barely attend the celebrations. As she looked at her own happy face in the mirror, she suddenly recalled the sorrowful widow. It was at that moment that she wrote the opening lines of "Solitude".

I have often been troubled by the meaning of these lines. I used to think if you were sad no one wanted to be around you, and I thought that was not very kind because when one is sad one needs people around. People like happy people because they make them feel good about themselves.

I sometimes think that on moodscope while we are very good at supporting each other when we are down, sometimes I wonder that we feel we don't want to share our good times in case that comes across as being boastful or may be seen as insensitive.

I know that moodscope provides a soft place for us to land and supports us as we journey towards better health. I don't want anyone to cry alone or to feel alone when sad and depressed.

I would like us to be able to celebrate our achievements no matter how big or small we may think they are. This needs to be to done in a context where we are sensitive to people who are feeling rock bottom.

I thought maybe as a start we could just share one thing recently we have done that made us smile and pleased with our selves.

I went to a water aerobics class. This may not sound like much but I am not into exercise or group exercise. I managed to last the whole lesson without complaining too much!

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Thoughts on the above? Please feel free to post a comment below.

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Louise Thu, Feb 4th 2016 @ 7:01am

Thank you Leah, that quote always makes me feel sad and alone, I will try and see it differently from now on. On Sunday I felt very low but put on a brave face and turned out for church where I read the lesson and offered prayers. I came away feeling proud that I had managed to do it and happier than when I left home.

Leah Thu, Feb 4th 2016 @ 9:26am

Louise, I am glad you felt proud that you had managed to go out. Thanks for your comment.

Frankie Thu, Feb 4th 2016 @ 12:10pm

Well done Louise - a huge achievement! Not only going, but also standing up in front of everyone to read! Frankie

Anonymous Thu, Feb 4th 2016 @ 8:15am

Inspired, Leah. Thanks. I forced myself out for a chilly bike ride yesterday and overcame some of my current fears about cycling. I felt proud of myself for taking that first step and was glad of the physical exercise. Go well.

Leah Thu, Feb 4th 2016 @ 9:27am

Anon, I think a chilly bike ride sounds very brave. Thanks for your reply.

Frankie Thu, Feb 4th 2016 @ 12:11pm

I agree with Leah, Anon; overcoming fears when the weather is chilly must count as a double achievement! Frankie

LillyPet Thu, Feb 4th 2016 @ 8:25am

Morning Leah,
You're right about not wanting to be insensitive to people who may be at rock bottom or very low for avery long time by talking about when things are going well. I sometimes think that I may come across as being a bit frivolous, annoyingly cheery and Polyyanna! Maybe so or maybe it's the inner critic always ready to tick myself off!
Part of my struggle has been caring too much about what people think of me, self concious, self aware probably self obsessed.. I internalised critical parenting and have been conciously tryjng to be more gentle and positive about myself. I'm not asking for reassurance. I guess I'm just saying that that stuff doesnt concern me quite as much as it used to. We are never going to know what most people think, so there's no point worrying about it! I'm considerate, but I'm the real me and I just run with that! :) I hope that if I have posted anything that brings up negative feelings that they'd make me aware so I dont keep doing it!
Anyway, well done for making it to the aquagym class!
My biggest recent achievement is that my moods have been fairly steady since the beginning of January and I have that determination to keep it that way, a bit like having given up something for a month.
A small achievement that's made a difference, clearing the clutter from one corner of the kitchen, it's a good start and gives me a good feeling everytime I see it!
Enough of me already!!! :)) Looking forward to reading about others! LP :)

danielle Thu, Feb 4th 2016 @ 8:56am

Oh LP - I love that you are a cheery little beam of light on here! So often I will come on here feeling low and I get an eclectic mix of friends. Some provide sound advice, some provide techniques to help, some provide a virtual hug and smile. It is a great quality to be able to bring cheer to us - you are never what I would call frivolous and always sensitive of others and their needs so I really dont think you need to worry. Please dont change, you are beautiful as you are xxxx

Leah Thu, Feb 4th 2016 @ 9:34am

Lilypet, I can relate to much of what you wrote especially about the inner critic. I sometimes wonder if I come across as too trivial in my blogs and posts. Silly isn't it. I see you as being a breath of fresh air. Well done on your achievements this year . I am very impressed with your clearing the clutter from the kitchen. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts.

Bearofliddlebrain Thu, Feb 4th 2016 @ 11:28am

Each day, even when the sun isn't shining....there's a liddle glimmer of light coming from Moodscope...and most often its from you, Lillypet. Big Bear hug x x x

Frankie Thu, Feb 4th 2016 @ 12:15pm

I agree LillyPet; positive speaking can risk sounding very "Polyanna -ish" and I am very aware of it in myself; as you say, it is probably our loud inner critics! And Bear is right - your posts are really uplifting. Frankie

LillyPet Thu, Feb 4th 2016 @ 5:47pm

Ahh, thank you so much Danielle, Leah, Bear and Frankie!!! Your lovely responses made me well up and smile. :) I'll keep on being me and share smiles when I have them. I love it that HO will still give us a good joke no matter what the subject matter of the blog, just as much as I love it that TG keeps us posted about her experiences past and present. We're all who we are and that's what makes it a great community to be a part of. So good to know you get it, that my posting is worthwhile to more than just me! Lol! Also that I'm amongst friends so was comfortable enough to bear all and check! Speaking of whom... Snuggly huggles Bearhugs :)

Annette Thu, Feb 4th 2016 @ 8:31am

Great post Leah .I smiled when I read your post then I went out to my car and found another fault exhaust hanging off then I burst into tears then I found myself nearly doing a Basil Fawltey had to stop myself kicking the car.So have sat myself down with Light Box on cup of coffee re reading your post and brazing myself to face my work.Lippy reapplied mascara streaks corrected with a smile on my face slightly fixed at the moment but I know my smile will get wider.This weekend I will be looking for a new car.X

danielle Thu, Feb 4th 2016 @ 9:03am

Oh Annette I feel for you car troubles are never nice! We had our old banger in for MOT at the weekend which it failed miserably and then had the daunting situation of how to fund another car with little in the bank. It is all sorted now due to fab OH - we will get a 3 year loan as better rates than finance. I drive 25,000 miles a year so a good idea to have a reliable car. I hope that yours gets sorted quickly and with little pain and that you dont worry too much over it all xxx

Leah Thu, Feb 4th 2016 @ 9:37am

Annette, I know so little about cars you lost me when you said "I went to my car"!! I am sorry your car does not work. Hope you find a suitable new car. I hope the smile becomes wider every day. Thanks for your reply.

Bearofliddlebrain Thu, Feb 4th 2016 @ 11:34am

Annette, you've just made me smile....the thought of you kicking your car á la Basil Fawlty...tee hee! If it helps in any way, we had an eejit crash into the side of the car this week, daughter's pride and joy, and it really takes the biscuit when you see how much the garages want to charge...just because they know it's an insurance claim! Makes me want to jump up and down and stamp my paws too! ?..and may I say, you look great with the lippy reapplied and you're wearing biggest grin! Bear x

Anonymous Thu, Feb 4th 2016 @ 8:51am

I have never felt comfortable with the first two lines either as they seemed to urge me to always be happy around people and/or no one will want to know me if I'm sad. I think with depression that it's almost as if we are jealous if someone who was previously depressed like us, gets through it and appears to be much better and happier about life. We are "happier" if we are all sad together. and in the same boat. This can in itself have a depressing effect on us and can prolong our anguish as we are immersed in our depression. So I think you are right Leah to draw us out of our world for a bit and think of our achievements. I struggle most days but i always get out of bed at the same time each morning and don't shy away from much during the day. I will go out on my bike if the weather permits, even in the rain.So my achievements are small and do not involve any big wins.
I do value the support from Moodscope each day and I feel that we all help and encourage each other in the good times and bad. Interesting blog Leah. Jul x

Leah Thu, Feb 4th 2016 @ 9:39am

Jul, Thanks for your insightful blog. I find your comments always give me lots to think about. I agree the support from Moodscope helps and makes me feel less alone.

Lesley Thu, Feb 4th 2016 @ 9:43am

Jul - what a great reply you have written. Your insight 'We are "happier" if we are all sad together' rings true. Perhaps it is because we feel we belong to a tribe? Sports teams get so far because they develop a tribe mindset. My achievement this morning was to fix (hoping it will last) a really, really annoying problem with my computer. Now my task is to find one or two more days work a week locally - to find what is compatible for ME as well. x

Leah Thu, Feb 4th 2016 @ 10:00am

Lesley, Thanks for highlighting jul's insightful comment"we are 'happier' when we are all sad together." I agree we feel we belong to a tribe, a special group, people who get us, who understand. Congratulations for fixing your computer- that is a big achievement.

Anonymous Thu, Feb 4th 2016 @ 10:02am

Hi Lesley. Yes you are right! It's the tribe mentality. Julx

Bearofliddlebrain Thu, Feb 4th 2016 @ 11:37am

We ARE a liddle tribe here and I think Jul, you've hit a nail on the head when you say we are happy knowing we are all sad together. We are all in the same boat, it's just some days we've managed to climb up the rope ladder to the next personally heading to the buffet lounge - as we speed along to lunchtime up here in the northern hemisphere!! Bear x

Frankie Thu, Feb 4th 2016 @ 12:21pm

Hello Jul; I think getting out of bed at the same time each day and going for a bike ride even in the rain are in fact two huge achievements which you do every day! That's so impressive and an inspiration for us all Jul; isn't it funny, though; I don't like the word "tribe"; I prefer "community" but agree with the sentiment - this is such a lovely caring, comforting and comfortable community. Thank-you again you lovely lot! Frankie xx

Anonymous Thu, Feb 4th 2016 @ 1:43pm

Hi Frankie. I keep meaning to say how sorry I was and still am I wasn't able to reply and comment on your great blog last week. Our internet was down. It's such a palava using my smart phone at times like this and on my computer I log in automatically to make comments on Moodscope whereas on my phone, I couldn't recall which email address I'd used or my password. So I gave up until it was down for days and then I found the resources to reply to Leah's and Lex's via Caroline. I think Lesley was using the word "tribe" to describe us saddos who like the comfort of other saddos! I agree with you Frankie, community is a nice word to use for the whole of Moodscope, happy and sad.. Julx

danielle Thu, Feb 4th 2016 @ 8:58am

Hi Leah thank you for a great blog! Well done on going to your aquaaerobics class - I know how hard dragging yourself out to exercise is most days! I am pleased this week as my mood was low at the beginning of the week and most days I have not wanted to leave my bed. Despite this I have made it into work each day and stayed the whole day. At least its a good start :) xxxx

Leah Thu, Feb 4th 2016 @ 9:41am

Danielle, Thanks for your kind words. Well done for making it to work and lasting all day. I appreciate the way you support other moodscopers with your encouraging comments. That is a great achievement.

Frankie Thu, Feb 4th 2016 @ 12:09pm

Congratulations danielle - this is a massive achievement; actually several massive achievements! Frankie

Mary Thu, Feb 4th 2016 @ 9:09am

Like Lillypet I have been pretty stable with my scores in January. I've also started swimming again. Now - if I could actually do some writing on my current novel I'd feel so much more accomplished.

Leah Thu, Feb 4th 2016 @ 9:43am

Mary, Now that your moods are stable and you are swimming, I am sure the writing on your current novel flow. You are always writing something and that's a big achievement.

Rats Thu, Feb 4th 2016 @ 9:29am

Great blog Leah. I coped with very high levels of anxiety yesterday. I realised that I was in the grips of a panic attack and took myself to a bench in a quiet area and meditated in the freezing cold. Once calm, I then explored the local Cathedral, something I wouldn't usually do, before attending the medical appointment I was dreading. My mood score is the highest it's ever been today.

Leah Thu, Feb 4th 2016 @ 9:46am

Rats, Thanks for your comment. I am pleased you worked out a way to handle your anxiety and panic attack. Exploring a cathedral sounds like a sensible idea.

Lesley Thu, Feb 4th 2016 @ 9:47am

RATS so pleased to read how you soothed yourself. Cathedrals, churches and art galleries seem to give me perspective. They are places which help me feel as if I am a vital cell in the body of the wonderful universe, not a drone in the tussle of modern life. Your score must surely reflect how you self managed, worked through and fear and attended the appointment. You have now inspired me to do what I need to do today. Thank you, Lesley xx

Lesley Thu, Feb 4th 2016 @ 9:50am

Leah, great post, great attitude. Small steps and "achievements" are the start of the dance. My little victory today has been to (fingers crossed and toes tied) fix a problem with the Wi-Fi on my computer. I was at my wits end yesterday and it hampered me so much. It seems better now but we will see!

Leah Thu, Feb 4th 2016 @ 10:02am

Lesley, thanks for your kind words. It is a dance but I often tread on my toes and others ties. I admire anyone who even attempts to fix computers!!

Angela Thu, Feb 4th 2016 @ 10:28am

Managed to get to local arts cafe where I chatted & knitted yesterday; it took courage but people were very friendly. It's taken me several months to pluck up the nerve to go but am so glad, Felt high but today fed cats & come back to bed with tea+ biscuits. Quite drained so duvet day here I come. Hugs for you al xx

Bearofliddlebrain Thu, Feb 4th 2016 @ 11:40am

Angela, what an's so daunting for peeps without depressin/anxiety to take a step out and go to something new, so for us it's doubly have shown great courage and nerve and you've achieved making something as well! Hope whatever it is you are making, can be made under the duvet with cats purring gently in the background! Bear x

Frankie Thu, Feb 4th 2016 @ 12:07pm

Yes congratulations Angela; and enjoy your well-earned duvet day! Frankie

Rats Thu, Feb 4th 2016 @ 1:13pm

Hi Angela, I know exactly how you feel. After coping well yesterday and exploring the Cathedral, I'm absolutely shattered today. I went back to bed two hours after getting up and slept solidly for two hours. My current feelings of refreshment may not last, but I'm not going to beat myself up if I sleep again today as yesterday took so much emotional effort. Well done for attending the arts cafe. I hope that you will find the courage to go again.

Leah Thu, Feb 4th 2016 @ 7:38pm

Angela, Thank you so much for sharing your achievement. Glad you are being kind to yourself today and acknowledging how well you did yesterday. Congratulations.

Leah Thu, Feb 4th 2016 @ 7:40pm

Rats, I am so pleased you are resting today and realising that you need it. I think when we make a huge effort to do something out of our comfort zone, it takes a toll on us physically. I really appreciate you sharing this insight with us as it has really helped me.

susan Thu, Feb 4th 2016 @ 11:50am

Hi Leah, my moods are up and down recently so I'm trying to maintain the mid point. My achievements are small. Dragged myself out yesterday (why can getting out the door take ages some days??) and had a lovely conversation with a salesperson. We brightened each other's day and that was uplifting. Also watched Marianne Williamson's talk from Monday night's live event. She's the expert on The Course in Miracles. So there were 3 small accomplishments yesterday. Thanks for making me think about this, Leah. It's so easy to diminish everything we do. As an aside, I'm thinking about ratg and Soulmansblue today, hoping they are alright. xx

LillyPet Thu, Feb 4th 2016 @ 6:03pm

I'm thinking about them too susan. Maybe each of us are here in spirit if not always in words. LP xx

Leah Thu, Feb 4th 2016 @ 7:46pm

Susan, Thank you so much for your post. I think an accomplishment is never small and I am so pleased you recognised at least 3 from yesterday. It so true that on some days we"diminish everything we do". Another accomplishment you have achieved is by writing your post and helping others and reminding us about ratg and soulman. I have been thinking about them too. Your compassion and honesty is what helps make moodscope a welcoming place.

Bearofliddlebrain Thu, Feb 4th 2016 @ 11:56am

Lovely, lovely post Leah.
Like others the start of this pom has always made me sad, so once again, with the help of Moodscope, I am not alone!! It can be a scary feeling, thinking you are the only one who doesn't 'get' poetry or art so it's a relief to know others share the same view!
That goes for the sadness, depression etc that we can write about here on Moodscope: when all seems lost, you feel afraid and so low you cannot face anything - asking for help from anyone who doesn't 'get' depression is like waving a flag saying 'I am hopeless, helpless...beat me up with your words, yup, give me those withering looks - do your worst!' It's only when we are feeling able, that we can stand up for ourselves more.

Congrats Leah, doing the water aerobics! That IS an achievement...especially staying for the whole lesson! Deep joy!

Mine is having reached another mileage milestone: have been tracking steps I take, with a simple pedometer, since last year and yesterday I managed another 8 up to 4 today and have another dog walk this afternoon....thank crunchie for doggit!
Love to all with big Bear hugs and lashings of tea x x x

Frankie Thu, Feb 4th 2016 @ 12:06pm

Well done Bear - this is seriously impressive! Good to see you. Frankie xxx

danielle Thu, Feb 4th 2016 @ 1:43pm

Bear it is so good to see you! I have been thinking of you. the mileage milestone is great well done you xxx

Bearofliddlebrain Thu, Feb 4th 2016 @ 2:33pm

Thank you Frankie and Danielle....been thinking of you too x

Lesley Thu, Feb 4th 2016 @ 2:45pm

Bear - well done on mileage. I too have a pedometer and it is a great gadget. Just measuring the steps I take each day feeds my reward system. Feeding the reward system of my brain - even tiny titbits - each day is like taking in food for the body. Your reward system can feel extra happy as you are using fresh air and exercise - so setting up a positive cycle. I realise that for the vast part of my life I have not rewarded myself. Simple reason - fear of there not being enough money when I am old. (Anxiety - early death of Mum and then Dad) Doh. So my I have to laugh at myself!

Terence Thu, Feb 4th 2016 @ 6:06pm

Bear, you are poetic!

LillyPet Thu, Feb 4th 2016 @ 6:25pm

Is lovely to hear your bundles of bearness hunny! I guffawed when you said you were of to the buffet lounge! And at thank crunchie!:)) Many congrats on your notching up the milage! Amazing ahievements. Am still hibernating. Must get some new scales one day mine seem to be broken! Cheery cheers to you and doggit. Xxx

Bearofliddlebrain Thu, Feb 4th 2016 @ 7:05pm

Doggit and Bear thankees Lillypet, Terence and Lesley most profoundly! x

Leah Thu, Feb 4th 2016 @ 7:49pm

Bear Thanks so much for your kind words. Congratulations on your mileage, that is wonderful. Another achievement is that your wonderful uplifting posts touch so many people and not just the many who reply individually. Thanks again for adding more sunshine to my day!

Leah Thu, Feb 4th 2016 @ 8:00pm

Lasley, I was touched by your comment. It is interesting how things from our past affect our future. I hope you find ways to reward yourself because you are so worth it.

Frankie Thu, Feb 4th 2016 @ 12:05pm

Morning Leah - this is good - challenging but good! I really had to think hard to find something that has made me smile recently - a useful indicator in itself of my current mood; so, spending time with my gorgeous 3 year old nephew always makes me smile; and planning how to achieve a major decluttering with darling hubby - this is a massive achievement for both of us as we work in very different ways, and such tidying usually ends up with a major row! Thank-you. Frankie

danielle Thu, Feb 4th 2016 @ 1:44pm

major decluttering sounds great Frankie, good luck with it and if it all becomes a bit much just do a little bit and come back to it?xxx

Bearofliddlebrain Thu, Feb 4th 2016 @ 2:35pm

Do wish I lived nearer you Frankie...I Lurve decluttering!! Would help out and wouldn't argue with either of you x x

Leah Thu, Feb 4th 2016 @ 7:53pm

Frankie, I am glad it was challenging but good to reply. Aren't 3 year olds wonderful. I had to smile at decluttering ending in a major row, as I just let my partner declutter as I know it is necessary but then am stressed when I cnat find anything!! I bite my tongue a lot!! Thanks so much for making me smile and I know many will relate to your post.

Leah Thu, Feb 4th 2016 @ 7:54pm

Beautiful Bear, Wow you love decluttering!! Pity you can't do it via email or Skype!!! I am not sure whether to admire, envy or be scared of you!!!

Bearofliddlebrain Thu, Feb 4th 2016 @ 8:38pm

Oh scared! Be ve ve scared of me!!! Nah, am simple soul with simple things pleasing simple mind....and I quite like it tidy!! hope you had a good sleep and are now raring to go for your new day ahead as we wind down for bed and hopefully...some zzzzz's x

Hopeful One Thu, Feb 4th 2016 @ 12:44pm

Hi Leah- enjoyed reading your post. The thing that helped me the most when I was down and felt lonely or alone was may friend asking me 'Want to talk about it'. So that's what I do if I sense that someone in that spot. Some take up my offer and some don't but either way I feel happy iI made the effort.

I am going to take my cue from today's quote on Moodscope"Always laugh when you can. It is cheap medicine." Lord Byron. So here goes....

A farmer went to a local bar and ordered a glass of champagne.
The woman sitting next to him said, 'How about that? I just ordered champagne, too!'
‘What a coincidence' the farmer said.
'I am celebrating as this is a special day for me. .'
'I am also celebrating too as its a special day for me too ,' says the woman.
'What a coincidence!' says the farmer. As they clink glasses he adds : 'What are you celebrating?'
'My husband and I have been trying to have a child and today my gynaecologist told me that I am pregnant!'
'What a coincidence!' said the man. 'I'm a chicken farmer and all last year my hens were infertile, but today they are all laying eggs again.'
'That's great!' said the woman, 'How did your chickens become fertile?'
'I used a different cock,' he replied.
The woman smiled, clinked his glass and said 'what a coincidence.”

Brum Mum Thu, Feb 4th 2016 @ 1:06pm

Oh hopeful one I just laughed out loud.....that's great medicine. Thank you....

danielle Thu, Feb 4th 2016 @ 1:44pm

HO thanks for the laughs!! xx

Bearofliddlebrain Thu, Feb 4th 2016 @ 2:36pm

Lolilol, HO. A real lol moment! Bear hug x

Lesley Thu, Feb 4th 2016 @ 2:47pm

Hopeful one - cracking joke! Will be posting that one elsewhere!

Leah Thu, Feb 4th 2016 @ 7:57pm

Dearest HO, I think your achievement every day is making as smile and laugh. I like your "want to talk about it" so it is not intrusive and a person has control. Thanks again for brightening up our days.

Another Sally Fri, Feb 5th 2016 @ 10:09am

Lovely joke HO. Thanks Leah for a good post. Yesterday I went to a French comversation group in a cafe and actually got into a good conversation with the person sitting next to me. Feel good about that.

Leah Sat, Feb 6th 2016 @ 12:34am

another Sally, I am so impressed you went to the café and had a good conversation in French. Well done.

LillyPet Thu, Feb 4th 2016 @ 6:10pm

Nice one HO! Thanks! LP :) xx

The Gardener Thu, Feb 4th 2016 @ 8:03pm

Oh! HO. That word when you are with disreputable friends and try and translate all its euphemisms can result in hysterical laughter. And with French masculine and feminine you can have even more fun. I've had a GOOD day but not laughter provoking. Only re my handyman disabilities - trying to hang pictures on beautiful decorated wall and plaster started coming off. Great friend came, fell about - I had a near masonry hammer, wrong nails, wrong angle - she kindly banished me and did it properly - made for glee round the coffee table. I did a second of a first - geddit? Never been to a 'girlie' lunch in my life, now done it twice. Had some pleasant conversations, but can't help dissecting their lives. Quite a few seem to have damn all to do - drifted to France after difficult relationships left them no money in the UK - many are not really coping with language and culture - we seem to be the only ones who came positively because we wanted to live here. Three of us are in the same boat - me coping with Alzheimers, another lady, nearly 50, 4 children, husband in last stages of motor neurone disease - 24/24 care - her children are most involved - good for them? Or too much responsibility too soon. The other, married twice to different Frenchman (one black) has three daughters - 2 spectacular - the other? She probably would be, but at 30+ years she had a stroke - still partly paralysed so her mother has total responsibility. Our new bedroom just 'fell together' found everything I wanted, and at knock-down prices. So I have to balance smug self-satisfaction with the utter dreariness and unpredictable evenings. Joke, nothing on HO. A supermarket had shelves with products for those on a strict diet. A woman went home with her purchase, opened a tin, it was empty! She went back in high dudgeon - 'That Madame? That's for people on a VERY strict diet'. Last word - Leah 'weep and you weep alone'. My ma could cry for England. Always thing of the rhyme 'and heavens how Lord Lundy cried'

Leah Thu, Feb 4th 2016 @ 9:44pm

Gardener, oh how I love your writing!! So much detail and I have little time now to comment! A girlie lunch with hammers and nails- how delightful!! I remember women were told to think of England when... but had not heard of cry for England!! Take care

The Gardener Thu, Feb 4th 2016 @ 8:09pm

Just googled Lord Lundy - Hilaire Belloc nonsense rhyme - our kids loved them - record read by Joyce Grenfell - do any modern children know anything of them? I think, for me, one could change 'Gardener's Question Time' to 'Gardener going off at a tangent time'.

Bearofliddlebrain Thu, Feb 4th 2016 @ 8:42pm

Ah, but you do it so well, TG!! And love remembering Joyce Grenfell...she should be used in English lessons at school! Hope you enjoyed your ladies who lunch-lunch!! Bear x

Leah Thu, Feb 4th 2016 @ 9:46pm

I love Joyce Grenfell- have a book nearby- George don't do it. She was so wonderful with her performances involving kindergarten scenes!! Thanks for reminding me TG

LillyPet Thu, Feb 4th 2016 @ 10:13pm

So glad you had a good day TG, you deserve many more to come and have shown us that even in the most challenging situations it is possible to have good days. Thank you. LP xx

Anthony Thu, Feb 4th 2016 @ 11:01pm

I started jogging over the last dew days

Leah Fri, Feb 5th 2016 @ 12:39am

Anthony, Thanks for your comment. That's great about your jogging.

Jean Fri, Feb 5th 2016 @ 1:56pm

Rather than pull the duvet over my head, I went out to Cliveden grounds in Bucks this morning where I had arranged to meet a friend and her dog. After a fantastic and energising 8 mile walk along the river with Cliveden House as the backdrop, we went to a charming olde worldy pub nearby. A real tonic!

Leah Sat, Feb 6th 2016 @ 12:32am

I am glad you went out to Cliveden grounds and a great walk. It sounds very energetic and interesting. I love charming olde worldy pubs- we don't have them here, well not as olde!! Thanks for sharing that with us.

Sidley Sat, Feb 6th 2016 @ 9:34am

After losing confidence in my ability I finally had a good lesson observation. I even felt relaxed!!

Leah Sun, Feb 7th 2016 @ 7:03am

Sidley, well done. I am so pleased you had a good lesson observation and felt relaxed. thanks so much for telling us about your achievement.

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