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Saved! Friday August 5, 2016

Live music saves me more than any other thing. If the volume can be up so, so loud, my body relaxes and becomes pliable and just free and happy. Lost in the front of a bouncing crowd is my happy place but most times I cannot afford the time to queue for that and so I make do with the ticket, the seat and the volume.

I had the tickets.
I convinced myself it couldn't work.
The plug was almost pulled.
I didn't pull the plug.
Made myself do it, made myself.
I knew it had to happen.
And it did.

I wasn't at the front. But that mattered not. I was outside on a hot evening, with a hot ticket. It was bliss. The definition of bliss is "lost in a state of happiness, oblivious to everything else".

And that bliss has stayed with me for the last 11 days.

I am cloud walking.

I believe it is imperative to health to find your bliss. What brings it? Why do you not do more of it? It is a nectar worth more than a Midas touch and so why are we not chasing it? Can you chase it? What is your bliss?

I cannot get myself to a gig on a daily basis. Probably not even monthly. Sometimes, especially when ill, I watch the tickets and I watch the date come and pass. Sometimes I treat others to the tickets I won't use and enjoy it through their story. But I can keep trying. And I can play the sounds. And I can transport myself back to that evening, in the sun, ears filled and know it saved me... again. Seek your bliss.

Love from
The room above the garage.

Thoughts on the above? Please feel free to post a comment below.

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Nigel Fri, Aug 5th 2016 @ 7:39am

This is also part of my life plane get a ticket something to look forward to and if your happy your at the front and if you just need time out your at the outback still read your posts hope you all good
Nigel x

the room above the garage Fri, Aug 5th 2016 @ 9:08am

Been riding a mental rollercoaster lately Nigel but using all my toolbox stuff to batter through. As we all have to do. A magnificent toolbox item is coming in here and catching up with understanding friends...thank you. Good to see you, love ratg x.

Jul Fri, Aug 5th 2016 @ 8:00am

Dear ratg. A live gig is my recipe for happiness, contentment with the world and myself. I have been to many recently and a while ago. I absolutely adore being there. Outside is better, in the evening sun. I am just back from Lucca in Italy to their Summer festival and had a wonderful evening (Simply Red. Anastacia) I could go on. And on. And on. I absolutely know for a fact that once the music starts, even before when we are waiting expectantly for the band to come on stage, I will experience pure happiness for a few hours. Thank you for writing about this. (And I keep all my tickets) Jul xx

the room above the garage Fri, Aug 5th 2016 @ 9:12am

Hello lovely! Brilliant...what a great night the summer festival sounds!! Pure contentment to experience. I keep my tickets too :-D love looking back through them to remember. Wishing you many, many more festival evenings. Good to see you Jul, love ratg xx.

Antonella Fri, Aug 5th 2016 @ 8:55am

I like to float in the sea, looking at the landscape, feeling the water, doing nothing, thinking, swimming a bit. I do this during the summer holidays. I find it really washes away something, all the mental clutter, and creates space for something new and real. by the end of the holiday I feel renewed, I feel I want to do something. In Italy we have the habit of taking, when possible, a long summer break. This is really important for me. A time of the year when no productivity is required, no effort, a time when I allow myself to do absolutely nothing.

the room above the garage Fri, Aug 5th 2016 @ 9:16am

Hello Antonella, your bliss sounds so clarifying and cleansing. Wonderful! Do you think it's more acceptable in a hot country that everyone will relax more in a longer break? I wish it was the way that more people would see the high value of stopping and how, in the long run, it is the most productive way. Thank you for sharing, love ratg x.

LillyPet Fri, Aug 5th 2016 @ 9:26am

Hi ratg, I'm so glad that you've been lifted and that your blissful place lasted!
Your blog reminded me of the pure joy and bliss I was in when I was at a gig in Hyde Park with my son and daughter. Dizzee Rascal was headlining (not everyones cuppa I know! But his old tunes still make me joyful :)) I was glad to be separated from a long dysfunctional marriage. I'd for tge firsst time booked a holiday for just me and the kids and it felt liberating! I'd NEVER normally find myself at a gig the night before flying, but there we were and it was bliss! The Olympics were in London and I think the torch was back to Hyde Park. Dizzee Rascal was smashing it! He had the crowd jumping and to hear him going for it with " Get your passport and your bikini, you meed a holiday? Come see me!" Knowing full well mine were packed and ready for the joy to follow, it was true bliss! ( ok so the holiday took forever to pay for but SO worth it!)
Holidays in general give me moments of bliss too. Eyes closed with warm sun on my face, floating or just resting without guilt!
Thanks for such an uplifting blog ratg, Have joined your bliss seekers club!
About to go for a walk and treat my self to coffee and my holiday book, now I'm back, to keep the feeling going for as long as possible!
Blissful wishes to all! LP xxx

The Gardener Fri, Aug 5th 2016 @ 10:27am

Ditto all above for the 'uplifting' given by live music. At my age, music did not enter much in young life. Pop! That was ginger beer. We had crooners. At grammar school they tried to instill musical appreciation, but mostly fell on deaf (!) ears. Then, as agricultural contractors we had live-in students from Reading University for harvesting. One of them introduced me to classical music. I think my first ever concert was, age 22, Beetoven's 9th with Karajan. RATG, I am going to suggest the ultimate treat. Fete de la musique, 21st June, in Paris. It's all free! As is the transport. I celebrated my 70th birthday (I am very mean, birthday 22 June, so I get a free party running into my birthday) in Paris. There must have been 1,000 advertised concerts, and as many ad hoc. Apero in the sun where a student group had formed a brass ensemble. Main dish in one of the major squares with a famous pop group. Rose wine and ice cream in the Latin quarter where an Irish father and daughter played a harp and sang. son et lumiere in Notre Dame, champagne at midnight on the bank of the Seine. A classical quartet just finishing in Place Vendome, then, just before our hotel, about 3 a.m a Cuban group just getting into their stride. Warm night, thousands of people - just, Wow! Mr G going for a week respite - August always very busy musically in Brittany - I can catch 4 concerts - being taken to a street party tonight, clavichord Sunday, Russian folklore Tuesday, gospel Thursday - night market Friday - my shop should fill with people and music. Tra-la-la, definitely

Leah Fri, Aug 5th 2016 @ 11:37am

Dear RATG,
just when I thought we had a lot in common I realise I am totally different to you and many others of moodscope judging from the comments so far.
I hate very loud noise and crowds and queues. I would find a loud gig to be very stressful. I can handle a quiet acoustic night in a small venue but the loud large gigs you decsribe would stress me!!
I am glad that you and so many find these gigs work for you. It would be strange if we are all the same.
I suppose a large booksop with lots of old books or a library helps me to revive my spirit.
Thanks again for a great blog. Take care and keep hanging in there.xx

Duma Fri, Aug 5th 2016 @ 6:57pm

Excellent (and coinsidentally timed post) Ratg.

I had a ticket to go and see Madness at the Corn Exchange, in Edinburgh, for tonight (a gift from a dear friend) that I had to give up.

The reason for this is that I recieved word from another dear friend that yet another old friend (I did mention that I'd been rebuilding my bridges with my wider circle, a little while ago.) was sectioned yesterday, being at the height of a manic episode.

I was very upset.

I went to visit the bearer of bad news and by the time I got backstory and a few home truths about the friend in a locked ward (from which she has since been decanted, having being stabilised after having gone off-meds) and had thus been rendered not upset, the ticket had already found itself a new home.

Funny thing is - even though I regretted giving up the ticket, having 'bounced back' (I have the personality of a tennis ball!) my beloved feline had decided to sleep on my bent (I tend to sleep on my side) left knee and I woke up virtually unable to walk!

So I couldn't have enjoyed the unseated ticket anyway.

Talk about Kismet! I'm going for a walk soon, to help heal my knee and as compensation for not being able to Mosh tonight. Later I'll listen to some music. Probably my entire library, on random settting.

Moshing, walking about and listening to studio albums are three of my top ten 'boosters'.

Your post was indeed eerily timious.

Cheers, Duma.

The Gardener Fri, Aug 5th 2016 @ 11:32pm

Just tottered home from a seriously good evening - fine, hundreds of people - at least 10 different live groups, including a super African one - all good fun. But quite shattering, never having experienced it before was the reaction to the Nice outrage and the criticism on the way the government handled it. Only a small town, but we were searched on the way in. any repeat of the Nice outrage was stopped, hopefully, by huge tractors and trailers blocking ways into town. And there were soldiers with machine guns, all among the tourists, push-chairs, balloon sellers, endless excellent stalls. Only had one minor frisson, I was pinned against a wall going past the most popular group. But I was glad that it was 'business as usual'.

LillyPet Sat, Aug 6th 2016 @ 7:54am

I'm so glad for you TG m. LP xx

Duma Sat, Aug 6th 2016 @ 8:48am

I ended up having a very nice evening, I'm glad you did too, Gardener.

Cheers, Duma.

Eva Sat, Aug 6th 2016 @ 9:59am

Hi ratg, music and live gigs were my bliss, but following all the bereavements I have found I can't deal with that a aspect of life yet. Music is so emotional. I currently don't choose to listen to music at home, and I don't have the energy yet to go to gigs, I have missed many gigs since my dad died, some we have managed to give the tickets away, some not. I hope it will come back when I am a bit more healed from the grief and fatigue. I don't think I really have a bliss currently.

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