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Rest or roam? Saturday July 30, 2016

Sometimes when I am struggling with my mood, battling with it like a surly umbrella on a windy day with rain, I can't decide what I need. I lurch from one thing to the next achieving absolutely nothing of worth. My spaghetti brain has so many trails it's like trying to chase 100 marbles. I'm putting my best 50p on it that you do similar...

Ask yourself:
Does my head need to rest or roam?
Does my body need to rest or roam?
The chances are your head and your body will need different things.

If your head needs to rest, perhaps it will get that if you allow your body to roam. Maybe walking, running, going on your bike, swimming, yoga, grabbing your loved one for a dance... moving of any kind might give your head its rest. Although I have yet to fall in love with it, I am still in training at the gym, it is a time my head just cannot keep on splurging but instead goes quiet in concentration.

And if your body needs to rest, maybe you can allow your mind to roam. Sit down and allow your body to be physically still by learning something, maybe reading the instructions to something you've meant to for a while, or reading up on something that has been waiting. I often use this time to sort through computer files and organise my camera downloads. It means if I have nothing to give physically I can still feel I have achieved.

Fancy the see-saw anyone?

Love from
The room above the garage.

Thoughts on the above? Please feel free to post a comment below.

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Duma Sat, Jul 30th 2016 @ 3:29am

Interesting idea, putting the roamer to work. I kind of do both. In meditation I direct my mind's attention to various points of my 'subtle body', hold it there and then see where the synaesthesia occurs in my actual body. After a while I direct the subtle attention to the physical sensation and follow the 'stepping stones' around myself, in an unguided fashion until my whole body is alive with my consciouness. I this way I allow my mind to 'roam my body', until the two are one. it has proven to be good practice - centering the self. Neither exactly resting, both body and mind wandering, inscaping. When it is time to stop, I feel so alive!

Hopeful One Sat, Jul 30th 2016 @ 7:49am

Hi RATG- thanks for this blog which highlights how the needs of the body and the mind can be two different things.While your approach is a good way to deal with the needs the real fun starts when one's mind and body are in the same place at the same time. This does not happen often as the needs of the two are seldom the same. But if one can achieve that( meditation is one way of training the mind in this way) the feeling is hard to beat.

Today's laugh might admittedly have limited appeal but the Squadron had a laugh as it seemed perfectly possible!

A drunk staggers into a Catholic Church, enters a confessional booth, sits down but says nothing. The Priest coughs a few times to get his attention but the drunk just sits there. Finally, the Priest knocks three times on the wall. The drunk mumbles, "Ain't no use knockin', there's no paper on this side either."

S Sun, Jul 31st 2016 @ 7:58am

Really like the jokes at the moment HO- loved the designated decoy one! Sx

DAVE Sat, Jul 30th 2016 @ 10:08am

I think some who suffer get too close to their moods and emotions, some suffocate, restless and fail to see the bigger picture.
Looking inward constantly is one sided, about me, I, mine and my.

I have talked and suggested to many Psychiatrists and Doctors in my life, that really they are fumbling in the dark, where depression, Bipolar or other Mental Illnesses are concerned. Quick to dispense tablets which may give temporary relief etc etc,. They really don't know what's going on in the complex mind.

I believe that in The 'Highs' or 'Lows' of our moods...we have exhausted our Mental capabilities, and without tablets etc, BUT....
resting and distracting our minds....The Natural Repair Mechanism of our minds, repair quite naturally, that applies to the Physical. THIS MEANS THAT WE ARE ALL QUITE NORMAL, but are UNABLE to govern and control our Mental and maybe Physical regime.

But like all medical practitioners both physical and mental, they're brilliant at treating the SYMPTOMS, but fail to understand, or treat the CAUSE....Why because they just haven't got the time.

A....If we were to go for a 10 mile run, running flat out, irrespective of each of our levels of
far do you think we would get before we collapsed ? ?

B....If we are constantly concerned with ourselves and constantly how we feel, about the me, I
Mine, and my...Is it not surprising we don't arrive in life, but are foundering, lost and full of self-pity.

The question is we would BURN OUT on both counts.....

All the tablets, theraphys, potions, alternative medicines DOES NOT, put us on to an even keel.

We have to train the BODY and the MIND in preparation, ahead to cope with these tasks, that demand both our physical and Mental energy.

So do we think ordinary people like Nelson Mandela, Mahatma Ghandi, and Mother Theresa, to name but a few, who have given their lives to serving others, have something to offer we who suffer mental illness ?

I don't think so, I know so.

Why because it takes us away from the me, I, mine and my....

Life really is about balance, order, not procrastinating, and striving to become extrovert in all we say, think and do.


Because the inner peace, inner happiness and fulfillment of our different emotions are MET...

Love comes from others we may not really know, but have served, most people love a giver, some abuse us who constantly give, but that is not our problem, that is their inability to see the benefit of the giver, mainly because those who take us for granted are the TAKERS in life and we have to feel sorry for them. They are those who think that they have the POWER over us, and think that they can control our lives......But ONLY if we ALLOW them too.

Our main concern is to strive for each of us to improve OUR behavior toward others.

That does not mean we become a 'Doormat'.

What it does mean is....We are in control of both Physical and Mental capabilities, and in so doing we will find as I do, that Self-Confidence, Self-Respect...equal to, but not above anyone...

This is my opinion, it is not directed at anyone, certainly not you TRATG.


Leah Sat, Jul 30th 2016 @ 11:07am

great blog that makes me think.
I am wondering how you are going? Has this last week been better for you or are you still struggling?
Take care

Maria Sat, Jul 30th 2016 @ 3:20pm

Thanks for another wonderful blog! Are you feeling any better? I sure hope so. Sending hugs and love to you and all moodscopers :)

The Gardener Sat, Jul 30th 2016 @ 4:11pm

My body needs activity, as the great stress reducer. Brain needs a personal organiser - roaming's fine - my best 'roaming' was when an idea for an article takes hold - when I wrote regularly it worked brilliantly - the idea stayed - facts gathered - beginning and end emerged - 40 minutes mowing the lawn, whole thing 'gelled' wrote it down, 800 words pat, seldom even edited. I do what RATG does, clear computer in-box - but exhaustion stymies so many of the things I HAVE to do - need handicap badge, form on line, but my ADOBE programme is out of date, deal that first. More like that, can't get to 'first base', get defeated, Mr G disturbs me, play Solitaire then get cross with myself! The old saying 'eyes bigger than tummy' applies to my head. Ideas abound - jobs must be done - but I can't personally do the lot - head spins, back to Solitaire. Should be called inertia disease.

Tutti Frutti Sat, Jul 30th 2016 @ 9:42pm

RATG I liked your blog - particularly the description of surly umbrellas. I find swimming is really good for resting the mind as you have to focus on your breathing to keep it working correctly (particularly if like me you find coordination difficult!). And I think singing in a choir would be a good example of using the mind while resting the body.

I hope you have realised that the lack of comments today are down to a technical glitch making it difficult for us to get onto the blog rather than any reflection on you or your writing. Take care.
Love TF x

S Sun, Jul 31st 2016 @ 8:00am

This made me think- thank you! I'll join you on the see-saw! Sx

Suzy Mon, Aug 1st 2016 @ 9:14am

Loved this!

the room above the garage Wed, Aug 3rd 2016 @ 12:29am

Thank you everyone! Still trudging through treacle but today, I've actually been able to read, understand and have some kind of reply. Better tuck myself in as I am up late and its not healthy. Thank you all xxx.

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