Playing the Nervous card.

6 Jan 2014

Here's the seventeenth in the series of excellent blogs by Lex covering the adjectives on the 20 Moodscope cards. Please don't forget we'd love you to add any ideas, tips, insights or advice you may have that you'd like to share with other Moodscope members that might be of help. Many thanks. Caroline.

Nervous – feeling worried that something unpleasant will happen.

Whichever way you play this card, we are talking about energy here, nervous energy. Being a blue card, Moodscope is suggesting this is an unresourceful state of mind, so we need some alchemy to turn the base energy into pure gold. Whilst this may be impossible for the alchemists of history, it is fully possible for the alchemist of your imagination, will and intention.

Perhaps the key here is in the "will happen" – what I call the "future uncertain" tense. This means that your energy is in the wrong place. The only way to influence the future is to do something different in the present. And that takes energy – nervous energy reinvented and refocused.

Energy needs to flow – and for most of us that means doing something physically. So, what would make this day better? This is familiar territory for the Moodscope blog – e.g. spending time with friends who are energising in a good way; doing art that energises; listening to music that uplifts; being kind to others. And it is that last one I'd recommend concentrating on today.

Nervous energy can really be channelled to help others. You may have a friend who's been putting off tidying up their garage/cupboards/spare bedroom – there's always something they've been putting off.

Get together and make it an adventure in productive fun. You'll soon find your nervous energy better spent.

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