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Playing the 'Inspired' Card. Monday October 21, 2013

Here's the sixth in the series of excellent blogs by Lex covering the adjectives on the 20 Moodscope cards. Please don't forget we'd love you to add any ideas, tips, insights or advice you may have that you'd like to share with other Moodscope members that might be of help. Please add them to the comments at the end of this post. Many thanks. Caroline.

Today, it's the turn of the 'Inspired' card, which Moodscope defines as, "feeling the desire to do something."

Inspiration is often the spark that ignites the engine of motivation, which is fuelled by encouragement. What wonderful words: 'inspiration', 'motivation', 'encouragement'. The feeling of inspiration starts with a thought, an idea, an insight. Just as I can choose to turn the ignition key to fire the spark plugs in my engine, so also I can deliberately choose to put myself in a position where inspiration is likely to spark. What sparks your inspiration? Who is your inspiration? When do you feel most inspired?

For me, I am at my most inspired early in the morning – often at Dawn. A stroll around the small garden is often enough to notice a pattern in Nature that inspires me or new growth that brings me hope. People's use of phrases will often inspire a line in a poem. Art galleries and museums inspire me. Architecture inspires me. Good writing inspires me. In fact, wherever I place my attention, inspiration often follows. This means that I can play my part in choosing where to put my attention. There is an important aspect to my mindset, however; I am deliberately looking for inspiration – and that makes a world of difference.

Adventure movies sometimes talk of putting ourselves in harm's way. I'd rather have the happier adventure of putting myself in inspiration's way. How could you deliberately set yourself up for inspiration today?

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Anonymous Mon, Oct 21st 2013 @ 9:48am

It's hard to find this inspiration sometimes, but it's what drives us to get out of the 'rut'. I often jump from hobby to hobby looking for something that I will look forward to and though I've done things that I've really loved, after some time they also get quite normal and they don't give you the same thrill they did in the beginning. Recently I've discovered instagram and I'm really enjoying taking photographs and sharing them with friends and strangers. The fact that other people are seeing my photos motivates me to take nicer carefully thought photos. I continue to follow my other hobbies, but every now and then I think you need a new one to get fully passionate about until that feeling starts fading away again.

Julia Mon, Oct 21st 2013 @ 1:41pm

I think only one person has written today because possibly they find the inspired card one of the most difficult to score and to think about.I do. I never feel inspired when I see the inspired card but usually score 1 as I can't really think about it too much. I do get enthusiastic about things but there is an enthusiastic card. I am not sure if I am ever inspired for long periods actually. I might be inspired by a saying or a piece of music or by something someone says but it's a fleeting moment. I honestly don't think I have ever been inspired to do great things except maybe march against war and for peace. I suppose that's inspired by a desire to do something to change the world! I guess I might try Lex's method and deliberately look for inspiration. I am not sure it will result in very much activity on my part but I might benefit from being inspired momentarily. I am glad I didn't have to write this one Lex!

Sanity Soap Mon, Oct 21st 2013 @ 3:45pm

I to am inspired by the morning. Maybe it is the quietness, the stillness, or the fact the my brain is not fully alert and distracted by too many ideas.

I find after a good conversation with a friend I feel uplifted and inspired. Often when I talk with other people, especially about mental health related topics, I get inspired to write.

Absorbing new information is a big part of keeping me excited and inspired. Seeing and hearing new media, such as discovering a piece of music or movie that is new to me.

Doing new things! Stepping out of my comfort zone. Going to new places big or small. Be it travelling to a new city, or going to a new restaurant or park in my own city. New experiences ignite new ideas.

Last but not least, nature! Nature is one of my biggest inspirations. Observing the beauty and detail of the earth and the world around me always fills me with inspiration.

Sanity Soap Mon, Oct 21st 2013 @ 3:55pm

I see that you wrote a bunch about how you do not feel inspired. I then noticed that you subtly added in that you feel inspired to "maybe march against war and for peace". I just wanted to point out that is such a huge thing to be inspired about! You are totally an inspired person! I think sometimes it might take a bit of practice to just notice more, what we are inspired about. you know? to give ourselves credit, for the ideas that we do have.

Sanity Soap Mon, Oct 21st 2013 @ 4:04pm

I know what you mean about the feeling fading. I have learned that I am in need of new things in my life regularly to feel inspired. Something I have learned though, is that you don't always need to do something really big.

For instance, instead of trying a whole new hobby, look into ways that you can progress the hobby you are currently enjoying. Find ways to make it new again and challenging.

The definition of plateau is to reach a state of little or no change after a period of activity or progress. It is very common to plateau in life. We need challenges and new stimulation, so it's all about finding ways to implement this into our lives.

So for example, you like taking photos and sharing them on instagram. Did you know there are different apps you can download so you can put new filters on your photos? Or maybe you could try to challenge yourself to take photos of things you don't normally take photos of. Or progress the hobby all together, and start a blog for your photos, or learn a photo editing program like photoshop. Obviously you don't need to do any of these things, I am just trying to display how you can reinvent the hobby you enjoy, to keep it interesting!

Julia Mon, Oct 21st 2013 @ 4:12pm

Thank you Sanity Soap. I think I agree with what you say. I think it's also how we interpret the word inspired too.I do get inspired but rarely follow it though. I don't know why. No time perhaps. I can feel good after speaking to a friend or visiting a new city and even inspired to get on with my life in a more positive way but somehow it doesn't last. I don't know why I'm saying this really. I just wanted to say thank you for your posts today especially the one replying to mine.Sanity Soap

Sanity Soap Tue, Oct 22nd 2013 @ 6:11pm

Your welcome :) yeah I just felt inspired to respond I guess! haha.

I know what you mean totally though. Feeling inspired is different then getting down to work! heh. That being said, it is the first step, to at least feel inspired. I'd say start small. One little step toward something will create momentum. It is hard though. I have been feeling very inspired to write, but I don't actually sit down to write. The doing part is a different obstacle all together I think? hmm that would be interesting to explore....

So we have the inspiration? Now how to make use of it?

Anonymous Wed, Oct 23rd 2013 @ 11:07am

Julia, I think your forgetting that nearly every day your inspired to respond to the posts on here. So you do get inspired on a regular basis but maybe your just not acknowledging it.
Best wishes. Julie.

Julia Wed, Oct 23rd 2013 @ 1:41pm

I hadn't thought of that Julie!

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