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Personal Prescription. Friday February 3, 2017

If I could write a wish list or personal prescription for my well being (and not healing others, or world peace!), what would it look like?

1 Good Sleep. When I go to sleep at 10.30 for a few days in a row, I wake at 6.30 without waking in the night.

2 Sunshine. (Warm sunshine even better!) For me everything is at least a notch better when the sun is shining! Motivation, energy, getting out, smiles, meeting up with people, plans.

Ok I've been low on sunny days too, but I'm in wish list mode, so they'd be a thing of the past!

I like all sorts of weather and climates. Nothing beats a crackling fire in the winter. I love sitting round a campfire or even just lighting candles, so for my personal prescription regular warm sunshine and times just gazing into a fire, would challenge the number one spot!

3 Good movement. I would miraculously have the motivation, time and energy to get out for a lovely walk and move around enough to have notched up 10,000 steps a day without even realising it!

I'd play table tennis once a week, enjoy a zumba party dance class and a yoga or pilates class just at the right level. Somehow just these things would keep me in great physical shape. Done. ;) There'd be no barriers to travel and I'd visit places near and far experiencing all the things that are out there and just the right balance with being able to enjoy being right here at home.

4. Calm. I would drift through life never needing to hurry or worry. My breath regular and deep. There'd be time for everything. There'd be a place for everything and plenty of light and space. There'd be just enough money for what was needed with the odd guilt free treat along the way! I'd live in each moment, knowing that life is what it is and that I do what I can, with moments to just be.

5. Companionship. I'd have good, worry free relationships with loved ones, friends and colleagues and people in general, with just the right balance of company and me time, miraculously just happening! Sharing smiles, chatting, learning and a belly full of laughs every now and again.

I'd have a special companion who I could be myself with, always there for me to love and be loved by.

So my Personal Prescription has come out as, sleep, sunshine, movement, calm and companionship in that order for some reason.

If, for once, you could put just you and what you'd like into a wish list, what would yours look like?

It might just be one word. Go for it wish away! :)

A Moodscope member.

Thoughts on the above? Please feel free to post a comment below.

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Orangeblossom Fri, Feb 3rd 2017 @ 5:31am

Hi Lillipet, enjoyed reading about your wish-list which sounds great.

LP Fri, Feb 3rd 2017 @ 8:48am

I'm glad you enjoyed it Orangeblossom it'd be nice to hear what would be at the top of yours sometime :) xx

John Fri, Feb 3rd 2017 @ 9:17am

top of my own personal prescription would be a day free of anxiety, where my feelings, "felt to me toes", ranged far and wide without restriction or panic or "disassociation" from them

LP Fri, Feb 3rd 2017 @ 9:21am

That sounds like a wonderful day John, : ) x

Julie Fri, Feb 3rd 2017 @ 9:25am

To live with ease and peace, is what I work towards and wish for others.

LP Fri, Feb 3rd 2017 @ 12:23pm

That sums it up for many of us I'm sure Julie. X

Dolphin Fri, Feb 3rd 2017 @ 9:27am

Thanks for a great list Lillypet - one I'll file away to review...
Top of my well-being list is the sea - to watch and be calmed, to be in to have cares washed away. Plus, I calm right down when I watch seagulls with the wind ruffling their feathers and their perfect shape that I can imagine holding and the marvellous way they glide in the wind xx

LP Fri, Feb 3rd 2017 @ 12:25pm

Just reading that swept me away to that place and feeling. Have you read Johnathan Livingston Seagull? X

Jul Fri, Feb 3rd 2017 @ 9:36am

Hello Lillypet. My wish would be for the responsibility I feel for the welfare of my family to be given to someone else, someone I knew would shoulder it perfectly well! Lovely blog. Thank you. Julxx

LP Fri, Feb 3rd 2017 @ 12:38pm

Hi Jul, By coincidence, I'm dealing with that very issue this week. My sister is the one who shoulders most of the responsibility for my parents. With one of them in hospital I'm doing what I can in between work and my kids, then Ive had a minor ailment meaning that shes trying to keep it all going. I'll be on my feet again quickly, but being so much more involved has made me realised that it's the mental responsibility that Is hard. Thinking about each of my parents all the details of their lives needs all of the time. We will try to get support in place if possible to help my sister out so we can also live our oown separate lives a bit. Your wish reminded me of my sister Jul. I hope you find ways of taking a step back for you. Xx

Jane Fri, Feb 3rd 2017 @ 10:47pm

I can really relate to this x

Jul Sat, Feb 4th 2017 @ 8:55am

Thank you LP. Having parents to care for while working and having children is one of the most difficult things in life. Perhaps your sister is well equipped mentally and practically to look after them. My mother always said to me that she was pleased it was my sister who did the caring since she was thick skinned and very matter of fact unlike me who would be so anxious. I hope you are back on your feet soon. Julxx

LP Mon, Feb 6th 2017 @ 12:08am

Thanks Jul x

Leah Fri, Feb 3rd 2017 @ 9:59am

Great blog lilypet.
I always think of that saying don't wish too hard etc. i wish people would be kinder to each other and not be violent .

LP Fri, Feb 3rd 2017 @ 12:40pm

Hi Leah, Me too! Would that be your own wish for you? Xx

Sally Fri, Feb 3rd 2017 @ 10:11am

That's lovely, Lillipet! You've done the work for me. I must pin up your blog to refer to.
I would add healthy eating because I overeat of the wrong things and feel it in every way: weight, sore stomach, everything out of balance, a sense of being out of control.
I also wish there were more kindness and generosity.
I wish our children could have easier an work -life balance: it's crazy out there.

LP Fri, Feb 3rd 2017 @ 12:48pm

Hi Sally, Yes I made a mistake, eating and drinking well was on my list after sunlight! As I' wishing, it would miraculously be shopped for, delicious AND healthy, prepared and appear on time! No need to think about calories and my weight would slip into the comfortable region for me:)

Hopeful One Fri, Feb 3rd 2017 @ 10:45am

Hi Lillipet- a great blog. My wish list ? To remind myself to be grateful for what I have and not to dismiss or discount the positive things in my life.

This mornings raid of the fertile field of humour produced this. Warning: This joke contains adult material which some may find offensive.

Dad goes to a technology exhibition and buys market leading Lie Detector Robot which raps anybody's wrists if they lie. He decides to test it at dinner. "Son, where were you today?" The son says "At school dad." Robot slaps his wrist ! "OK, I watched a DVD at my friends house!" "What DVD?"asks Dad "Toy story." says the son. Robot raps the son. "OK, it was porn" cries the son. "What! When I was your age I didn't know what porn was" says Dad. Robot raps Dad on his wrist. Mum laughs "HaHaHa! He's certainly your son." The Robot raps her wrist.

LP Fri, Feb 3rd 2017 @ 12:56pm

Love it! :)) I liked your wishes too. :) x

Vickie Fri, Feb 3rd 2017 @ 12:42pm

Great blog Lillypet. I will keep it handy for reference. I would add enjoying the beauty of nature: the roar of the ocean, majestic mountains, early morning dew on the grass, squirrels dashing through a park, stars at night.....all things that bring me peace.

LP Fri, Feb 3rd 2017 @ 12:58pm

Hi Vickie
Yes! I'd like to add it to mine too! Vital, beautiful and healng. Xx

The Gardener Fri, Feb 3rd 2017 @ 2:29pm

Hello Lillypet - I'd like them all, at once, please. Had an eventful, fruitful, super 3 days with eldest son. there's no room where some little nuisance has not been righted. He tried all he could with Mr G - but could not get through the thick shell of depression, manipulation and obduracy. I am at the stage, having just got Mr G into a week respite - sunk into total inertia - will sit in a comfortable armchair with supply of magazines from UK and wait, not for inspiration but for the feeling to sink in - I can do anything or nothing for 7 days. Might even study your list!

Maria Fri, Feb 3rd 2017 @ 3:15pm

Wishing you a magical week!

LP Fri, Feb 3rd 2017 @ 3:17pm

So glad to hear that you're getting a break TG. Yes, glad you like the list. Like Sally Good food and drink would be high on the list and what Vickie and others have said about the beaty of nature bringing peace and calm would too.
They're not unachievable either. A tiny bit of each should be managable might give it a go too this weekend! Big hug LPxx

Maria Fri, Feb 3rd 2017 @ 3:46pm

Thanks for a wonderful blog LillyPet! I really identify with your list. I feel best when hiking with loved ones in the sunshine in my beautiful mountains. I've experienced all kinds of exhilarating weather there, and getting out in nature always makes me feel better but I prefer the calm sunny days...with just enough breeze in the tree tops to remind me of the ocean :) It's wonderful to realize how lucky I am and feeling gratitude is very uplifting for me. Volunteering is also high on my list. I have the time to give to the causes I am passionate about.

LP Sat, Feb 4th 2017 @ 12:19am

Hi Maria, Your description of the beauty of nature around you is lovely to experience. Yes although I was thinking about our wishes just for ourselves (for once!) giving to others, seeing others happy brings so much happiness. A great one to add. X

the room above the garage Fri, Feb 3rd 2017 @ 4:39pm

Hello LP, a grand blog and perhaps we should be revisiting the question of our personal prescription on a daily basis! Mine would be the same as yours. Reading through others, it's wonderful to see how much value is placed on the simple things. I always feel the upside of struggling with lows is that we appreciate little good things very very much. I echo Jul too...responsibility and handing it over just for a bit. Thank you LP x.

LP Sat, Feb 4th 2017 @ 12:30am

Hey ratg, Yes when it comes down to it, less is more and the best things in life are free! Cheesy cliches aside :) I agree, the simple things seem to top the list making them easier to tap into. Number 1 was sleep and it's late! ;) xx

The Gardener Fri, Feb 3rd 2017 @ 7:30pm

Thanks LP and others. I absolutely crashed out, for two hours. Having woken up, shaken myself, and with only myself to please plans and ideas came flooding in. Could I add a sixth to your list - having achieved 1 - 5, I'd add 'inspiration and achievement', anything from macrame to learning the piano to kayaking on the local river. Slightly obsessed with the brain - endless discussions on Alzheimers - the importance of the old cliche 'a healthy mind in a healthy body'. Studying for a PhD at 80 may not be practical, but boy, does it stop you rotting in your arm-chair. Son brought loads mags, including Times magazine, including article 'spinal column'. Melanie Reid can achieve few of LP's list, but every new movement is an achievement. Getting muddled - will go upstairs to enjoy excellent UNDISTURBED TV, and only have to get out of my warm nest for a call of nature.

LP Sat, Feb 4th 2017 @ 12:32am

Hi TG, Absolutely! Learning, inspiration and achievement are great motivators and bring me happiness too. Have a great nights sleep. Xx

Tracy Fri, Feb 3rd 2017 @ 10:15pm

I very much enjoyed reading your list and I too would love this prescription for myself (I also loved Sally's healthy eating addition). But it is your description of calm that has me transfixed. The idea is beyond lovely to me and the way you describe it makes me feel for just a moment what that would feel like. Thank you.

LP Sat, Feb 4th 2017 @ 12:38am

Hi Tracey, Yes, healthy food and drink was supposed to be number 3 but I made a mistake along the way!, so I was glad to see Sally's comment too. I'm glad you picked up on the calm one. It stood out for me too when I re read it, maybe the others come together to enable it to happen. X

Antonia Fri, Feb 3rd 2017 @ 10:28pm

Reciprocal affection and generosity would be my addition.

LP Sat, Feb 4th 2017 @ 12:53am

Thank you Antonia. Reciprocal affection is so important to me too. Generosity, yes. Giving freely feels good and comes from a calm place. My Grandmother said that even when she had barely anything to give, she'd give it if someone needed it. She'd do it without worrying,as it would always come back to her in abundace. X

Jane Fri, Feb 3rd 2017 @ 10:46pm

Hi LillyPet, your blog has a lovely warm glow to it. Thank you. I've been wanting to create a vision board. I love cutting and pasting pics. I wasn't sure what to wish for though as all the things I've wanted lately seem to have been denied me. Then I realised, I need to visualise how I want to feel inside. Now where are my colourful magazines! X

LP Sat, Feb 4th 2017 @ 12:58am

Hi Jane, I'm so glad that you put your finger on it! Enjoy your creating! LPxx

Nicco Sun, Feb 5th 2017 @ 11:16pm

Thanks for your blog, LP. Your personal prescription sounds so wonderful. Mine would be to experience peace - sometimes I long for it.

LP Mon, Feb 6th 2017 @ 12:13am

There are ways Nicco, even if it's just for a sort time perhaps you can experience it. Do you have a favourite place?

Anthony Tue, Feb 7th 2017 @ 9:51am

Thanks LP.

Mine would definitely include sunshine. Haven't really seen that in a while in the UK and certainly not for longer than about an hour!

Second, would be a better relationship with my wife who, just before xmas, I found out was having an affair and this is one of the major causes of my current depression.

Third, we have 2 disabled children (both with CP) who I love with all my heart but I really would like them to make more of an effort with even the simple tasks and not have to keep being reminded to do things in the morning for school.

I've recently learnt to go for walks in the woods and to enjoy the moment without worrying about next week, tomorrow or even the next few hours. That's helped a tremendous amount.

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