Onwards soldiers! Left. Right. Left. Right.

2 Dec 2018

This is how I feel my depression is best managed. Daily it claws at me, pulling and pulling. Sitting on top of me restricting movement and breath. And so I do the best I can to follow a firm routine and march my depression into submission trying to give it little choice but to shadow me, not lead. Left. Right. Left. Right.

I picked up a gem in this respect. Courtesy of Mo Farah some years back. He was being interviewed at the end of a race in which everyone was surprised to see him secure second place. The interviewer asked him what went wrong, and Mo Farah told him what his plans were for the following week. The interviewer asked him if he was surprised to find himself in second place, and Mo Farah told him in which race he would be competing next. The interviewer tried once more to drill out the 'failure' and Mo Farah smiled his glorious smile and said he was now training to be ready for next week. He blanked all attempts at dwelling on what had just happened and instead moved on to the next step. He dealt with second place the moment it occurred, and he left that moment behind. Lifted his eyes to the next. The best part about this, for me, is that he didn't intend to teach anyone anything, he simply demonstrated.

I'm inspired by Mo's second place almost daily. And I hope you might pull something from it too. What's next?

Love from

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