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The Art of Mindfulness Sunday July 26, 2015

Mindfulness crops up a lot in Moodscope's blog posts, doesn't it. We all know the importance of it but if anxiety is our problem, perhaps frequently slamming into us like a freight train, we may find ourselves asking the question, how often am I actually, properly, mindful?


I can be quite mindful when applying my hand lotion.


What's interesting is that I've realised I'm a collector of "mindful moments" from every book I read, carefully copying passages into whatever journal I'm keeping at the time.

I think I do this because I so much want to live in the moment more often and so these carefully crafted words inspire me to actually make it my own reality during the quotidian routine.

Here's a favourite:

'...they watched his mother make dinner. She spoke softly in Italian to the red sauce she simmered in the Dutch oven, the gigantic meatballs she rolled, the gold-coloured rosemary-scented focaccia she put on a tray out on the front porch to cool...'
An excerpt from The Art of Mending by Elizabeth Berg.

Was the mother's name Nigella, I wonder?

Hey, I'm not suggesting we start talking to the kid's fish finger butties here but it does inspire me to slow down when preparing food. To savour the chopping, the marinading, the stirring, the peeling, the testing and tasting.

Here's another:

'She took the fragrant lavender soap from her drawer...Rubbing it carefully between her palms she smoothed the lather over her face and neck, then rinsed it off with clear water from the bowl. Her skin felt wonderfully fresh. She repeated the process with each part of her body, taking her time, indulging herself, patting herself dry lightly. This was not washing; this was bathing,...'
An excerpt from Izette by Viv Packer.

Granted, the rush of life may dictate that this won't always be possible but mindfulness begets mindfulness. To simply be mindful of being mindful is half the battle won.

Maybe if we were to imagine ourselves as a Simon Armitage in any given moment; how would we describe the smell, sight, touch, sound, taste?

What mindful moments will you "write" today?

A Moodscope member.

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Hopeful One Sun, Jul 26th 2015 @ 8:12am

Hi Suzy doll- awesome post getting to the heart of this topical topic. But mindfulness without meditation practice is like building a house without a foundation. Yes it will last a while but for it to be permanent ,so that one can deploy it anytime ,one needs that back up. Mindfulness is to deliberately deploy awareness to the task at hand such that there is no tomorrow as that has yet to happen or the past which is gone and cannot be changed( to be in the moment) undistracted by anything ( principally the stream of thoughts the mind is producing-mostly negative) and the body to join the mind in the task at hand. This awareness can be applied to everything we do - without exception. The result is a calm and clear mind capable of moving in any direction as required. Admittedly not easy but a beginning can be made like in the action of brushing one's teeth or driving a car or writing up mindful moments as you do.The results are amazing and one wonders where one has been all this time.

Anonymous Sun, Jul 26th 2015 @ 10:23am

Just reading your chosen quotations calmed me down. You've made your point brilliantly, Suzy. Have a peaceful day. Thank you. susan xx

Anonymous Sun, Jul 26th 2015 @ 12:05pm

Ah Suzy, Susan is right about the chosen beautifully written and calming...makes me want to jump back in the shower I've just had and start again and cook something beautiful and heart-warming for dinner...darn this salad diet!!
Brill blog, Suzy and a great reminder to try mindfulness and as HO says, meditation too. Thank you, Karen ( x x x x

Zareen Cave Sun, Jul 26th 2015 @ 2:27pm

Hi Suzy, your blog entirely resonates for me. I registered with Headspace to learn how to do Mindful Meditation last August. It is a gradual process, but I look forward to going on my daily Headspace Journey. I will probably take the rest of my life to learn how. To mindfully meditate.

Anonymous Sun, Jul 26th 2015 @ 4:28pm

Ah Zareen, Headspace journey here too. It works but I'm having trouble being diligent. Thank you Suzy, lovely blog. "Being mindful of being mindful is half the battle won", bravo! Love ratg xx.

Per Mon, Jul 27th 2015 @ 7:22pm

Love it so much Suzy. We'd all be so much healthier through being more mindful of the beautiful designs present in the natural world that surrounds us. Too many people walk around with their heads in the cloud addicted to their electronic gadgetry and seldom utilise their sensory gifts in the way we were designed to.

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