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My best friend the tree. Saturday October 22, 2016

My best friend the tree sits with me day after day. Some days he looks as though he is struggling and I will him on as I sip my tea. Some days he looks radiant and powerful and I look up to him as my mentor. He is, you may remember, half a tree. Some years ago, he lost his friend who had stood so close to him that he was only able to develop on one side. He is gnarly but elegant in his dancer's pose.

This week he has been helping me. The familiar cloak of nothingness was placed around my shoulders and I have been walking at a stoop trying to hold it up from crushing me. So I sat and looked at my friend to see if I could garner strength from him.

His Spring and Summer vibrance has faded and, although his leaves have turned into crisp and bright yellow flames, singing loudly when the sun winks her wink at them, he is losing cover and he is being stripped to the branch, exposed.

He taught me to hold fast. It will not last. It will pass. Just keep on. Hold the day and the night will follow. Surrender to the night but make it wait when light appears. Wipe your face, dry the tears. All will be ok. Ok is enough. Just when the caterpillar thought it was all over, it turned into a butterfly. Hold fast. Make tea. Eat nourishing things. Sleep with intention. Light a candle to soothe the dark. Walk outside when there is light. Every, single, day. Keep to a routine.

He knows his stuff. And soon enough, he will dress and we will grow some more together. What would I do without him.

Love from

The room above the garage
A Moodscope member

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Andrew Sat, Oct 22nd 2016 @ 6:20am

And of course storms make trees grow deeper roots - I suspect, like you, your tree has deep strong roots that enable it to stand strong, gather nourishment, and grow in beauty and resilience....
I love the idea that a tree is your friend...very powerful....

Sally Sat, Oct 22nd 2016 @ 6:54am

Utterly beautiful writing, RATG. I loved it in a bittersweet way. Because at the same time as you were describing the comfort brought to you by the tree, you were also describing your pain ( so sorry to hear about this) so accurately. It really chimed with me. I do know how right you are, though . If there is something you hold dear, a tree, a view, a garden, then, when feeling in the depths, is the time to cling on to its positive influence to bring you back to good thoughts and a good place. Very warm virtual hugs of appreciation and love for sharing so selflessly.

Mary Wednesday Sat, Oct 22nd 2016 @ 7:05am

Fabulous writing. I'm at the other end of the spectrum right now, but just as the seasons inevitably change, I too will find that familiar cloak of nothingness placed upon me (totally brilliant description, btw). I hope, when borne down by its weight, that I will remember your friend the tree.

Richard Sat, Oct 22nd 2016 @ 1:17pm

Remember the tree, Be you, you see? Peace and Love, Richard.

Hopeful One Sat, Oct 22nd 2016 @ 8:24am

Hi RATG- a wonderful evocative blog . Your tree to me represents Hope something I believe we lose in depression. So anything that helps or boosts that feeling of Hope has to be welcomed.

Laugh when you can - its cheap medicine. Lord Byron

Still on the US elections not so much as a joke but smile producing observation.

Which ever way the elections in the USA go they will make history.

It will be the first time two US presidents have slept together.

The first time a billionaire has occupied a public residence vacated by a black man.

But I have not forgotten your tree.

What did the tree say to the dog?

Have one on me.

What did the dog say to the tree?

I have heard that bark before.

Have a good weekend my fellow Moodscopers.

Orangeblossom Sat, Oct 22nd 2016 @ 10:06am

Hi RATG. Really loved your blog. I also experienced the cloak of nothingness this week and on Monday it was extremely heavy going. A friend said that she saw me with a black cloud surrounding me. She was surprised about it. Today I am going to a tree planting on the campus. It is for a former student who served as Union president for two years. He was tragically killed in a motor bike accident in 2014. I love the fact that there will be a tree planted in his memory today. A tree symbolises hope & risilence for me as well.

Leah Sat, Oct 22nd 2016 @ 10:46am

I think we may have the same tailor, except I have 3 cloaks. The lead cloak of motionless, the cloak of emptiness and the magical colourful silk like cloak are all in my wardrobe.
I love your decsription of your relationship with your tree. I am a bit of a tree floosy as I have many trees I hug. I like touching the cool bark of the gumtrees and just being close to the tree.
Hope your cloak of nothingness soon disappears. Leah xx

Nicco Sat, Oct 22nd 2016 @ 12:28pm

What a beautiful blog, RATG - it was almost like a poem. I, too, love trees and could not contemplate life without them. At school I played under a huge majestic copper beech tree and a tinkling silver birch. At home there were trees which I climbed at the top of the garden - they flowed into each other all the way down to a pine forest so I could climb from tree to tree until I got there - the peace and solitude of that forest was awe-inspiring. As a child I was always up a tree, especially when something frightened or upset me - I would take a book and read in the branches - it was truly magical. Today I am surrounded by the trees from other people's gardens and, when I sit up in my art room, I am right up there with the pigeons and other birds perched singing in the branches just outside my window. The dappled light thrown by the sun through the leaves on walls in my various rooms is mesmerizing. Various individual trees have impacted on my life, besides the ones just mentioned... Two very old beech trees in a nearby village that unfortunately had to become one - I wrote a poem about it a few years ago; a fabulous tree in a monastery garden, again in a nearby village, which taught me that despite having an oozing wound, elements can still be withstood and life can still go on; the beautiful conker tree at the end of my drive who drops her golden secrets every Autumn, as she is doing now - the children love her, too; and the stunning copper beech tree on the left as I drive into my town who's leaves darken and ever blacken as the seasons change from Summer to Autumn to Winter, only to burst forth again during the lighter Spring months. I guess we have a lot to learn from trees. I wish you many future peaceful tree hug-able days. Nicco.

g Sat, Oct 22nd 2016 @ 3:02pm

this is not fair to wet our appetite by describing a poem without posting It - maybe in a blog ? pretty please...

Nicco Wed, Oct 26th 2016 @ 12:23am

I will see what I can do!

g Sat, Oct 22nd 2016 @ 3:00pm

I am sorry to be writing at all because I am worried that you may take it the wrong way The room above the garage . You paint such a depressing picture of complete loneliness . I can understand that we need something solid , grounding in our life , a point of reference , but best friend ? best ? a tree ? .
I see you cooped up in this room like a prisoner with no visitors. Is it trust issue ? nobody raises to your level ? My husband prefers my dog to me as She does not answer back . Sometimes I am almost jealous especially when his spoiling her does not help training and behaviour but deep down I know who his real best friend is. Of course for the purposes of writing etc. ... and I should not take things literally ... but You did use this phrase on purpose and purpose it fulfilled and I do hope that You do have real friends , actually I know that you do as you are very popular here. As a literally means it is a very powerful blog. Thank you for opening up and for writing so sincerely . Have a nice weekend . Mine is filled with sniffles and sneezes due to heating coming on everywhere , screwing my internal thermostat when I move from place to place and warming , obviously , and encouraging the growth of some nasty gems.

The Gardener Sat, Oct 22nd 2016 @ 4:08pm

Bouyed up by yesterday doing things like glueing and changing ink without trauma. In the old house it was leaning on the kitchen door, looking down the avenue of flowers, timing the arrival of blackbird and robin - then forgetting what I had left to boil on the stove. Routine such a comfort - I can't achieve much but morning, thanks to ever-smiling nurseries, I have a peaceful start - read mails, have a cuppa, shutters, get the bread - on lovely mornings dream along under the guard of our 800 year old church. G, I am sorry you have a schism between man and animals - I love animals (I also magnetise many I don't want) - but hate it when there is an imbalance. I also feel very sorry for those who prefer the dog - they are often inadequate or introverted people. RATG, let's hold fast together - I'm clinging to the life-raft, but Moodscope throws me a lifebelt. Peace and a happy Sunday to all.

g Sat, Oct 22nd 2016 @ 4:32pm

dear Gardener I associate schism with religion first of all so it made me laugh to see this big word here next to a dog. Do not take me wrong I do love my dog and she is mine and she knows it . Dogs are pack animals and treating them the same as humans is not good for either and you do know this being a happy owner of dogs yourself unless I remember wrong.... why did I feel excluded from holding fast together ? Sorry for that .Peace and Love.

The Gardener Sat, Oct 22nd 2016 @ 4:09pm

Rather obvious, should be 'nurses' above!

Sal Sat, Oct 22nd 2016 @ 5:49pm

Such a beautiful and touching blog RATG, thank you.

Sal Sat, Oct 22nd 2016 @ 5:49pm

Such a beautiful and touching blog RATG, thank you.

DAVE Sat, Oct 22nd 2016 @ 7:03pm

Hi Ratg,

Your blog gives such insite and expression into your open soul, a sensitive awareness of the 'real' nature about us, giving such colour and pleasure, in those times of need we all experience, that thus far it seems bypassed by the material influences which detract the majority, it appears, from the real beauty that surrounds us as we sojourn through this mortal life.

Everything ! ! unmade by man I believe has a spirit.

Your tree you mentioned has a heart, as it reaches out to the heavens, tall resilient, upright, strong unmoved, showing an example of how we can become, sheltering all those who venture under it's protective branches, changing colour with the seasons, a roosting place, a home for all sorts of birds and insects.

Your arms about its trunk, heart to heart as you feel its strength, influence, and purpose, secure in your mind, comforted by a powerful presence....Unmovable, consistently growing higher and higher, changing shape, open and honest toward your need of protection.

I hope you hold tight and converse with such a giant, in gratitude ! !

Love it.

God bless


the room above the garage Sat, Oct 22nd 2016 @ 8:18pm

Thanks for replying everyone! I'm not at home at the mo and replying individually is impossible due to wifi that needs a handle to wind up! Some beautiful comments and thank you. Hello to all, love ratg x.

Moonlight Sun, Oct 23rd 2016 @ 9:36am

Beautiful xx

Melanie Mon, Oct 24th 2016 @ 9:19am

Dear RATG, I really liked your blog and I picture your tree and it gives me support too. Thank you, Melanie

Sophie Mon, Oct 24th 2016 @ 10:43am

Hi Ratty, your blog reminded me of something I read once about how each year a tree can lose everything it has worked so hard to gain all summer (leaves, flowers, fruits etc), only to persevere and do it all again the next year, and the next, and the next. The same with birds who spend their days getting enough food to eat today and rebuilding their nest that may have been damaged since they patched it up yesterday. I love nature, and it helps me sometimes to remember that at the most basic, natural level, these living beings just 'keep on keeping on'; it gives me a bit of hope sometimes that if they can manage it, surely I can too :)

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