Moray Moodscope 2.

Thursday July 10, 2014

Last Sunday I wrote some words,
For my Moodscope return.
The response affected me,
Some made my warm heart turn.

They were so rich,
So kind so pure.
Such authentic words,
Like a lady so demure.

Since then I have come home,
From my friends in Motherwell.
In this lonely house,
Where so oft I've been unwell.

The first two days I hardly moved.
Endless TV took my soul,
It often felt like another mind,
My heart had lost its goal.

I stayed in one room,
And in that gloom,
I hardly could get up, another day, another way,
Night couldn't come too soon.

It's when I feel human,
It's when I do feel safe.
Yet I know that in the morning.
So many thoughts would chafe.

Now I've ran out of food,
I'll have to move.
Go shop tomorrow,
Into the world and prove,
I can do it,
I can return,
Into a world,
That surely can burn.

So many of us struggle,
To be 'normal' each day.
The stories in Moodscope,
Say it in so many ways.

Tonight, even at sunset,
I sat in the garden and thought.
And picked and cleared and sat and stared,
At what my actions had bought.

What if I had done this and that,
What if, what if, what if?
But I am here now,
At a precipice.

The young birds chirped late,
The swifts glided up above,
The doves coo'd and coo'd,
Where do we all find love?

So many hearts out there,
Saying such constructive things.
Comments on our Moodscope,
Support and care to bring.

Tonight I sit with my music,
A good indication I am able,
To open my heart and feelings,
To offer you all my table.

A table of life,
A table of loss,
A table of meaning,
No candy floss.

Words of wisdom,
Words of wounds,
Words of wonder,
That come with tunes.

Music that lifts,
Music that learns,
Music that leans,
Into dreams and concerns.

When I am me,
Music is always here.
A musicscape to my life,
Words and feelings always near.

'If I should fall behind',
Is a song from Bruce, (Springsteen)
Live from Madison Square Gdns,
It feels like a truce.


'If I had a son',
Such beauty from James Maddock,
That says in so few words,
If I had all the luck.

How are you all my friends,
Out there in daily blogs?
How many yearn to connect,
Instead of life's long slogs?

We all suffer in some way,
In our mental minds.
We all lose our balance,
With thoughts that become unkind.

I dedicate this one to you,
These words that just fall out.
As I sit and feel connected,
I don't need to scream and shout.

So this is my tale,
Of my week so far to you,
You have all helped me,
Not to feel so blue.

A Moodscope member.

If I fall behind (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RmUG1ffgKFw)
If I had a son (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xnRtfFboT40)
(listen to the song without visual the first time to truly 'hear' the lyrics)


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