Men and women differences

7 Feb 2023

I know that many people these days talk about non binary and gender fluidity but I am going to write about the traditional male and female of the species including gay and lesbian relationships which thankfully are integrated into the traditional mainstream way of life.

So! My question is why do the females in relationships feel they can air their grievances about their partners in public forums like Moodscope, whereas the males never ever do?

There is a sort of solidarity amongst women which makes us feel safe criticising our other halves and not caring really what we say about them.

If we are lucky and not in a controlling relationship, we pretty well know that our other halves will not take revenge if they discover what we are saying about them.

However, men for some reason, won’t express their feelings, irritations etc. about their partners/wives to their friends or in a forum like this.

I think us women can be light-hearted about our OHs and make each other laugh moaning about them.

Why can’t men be the same? There must be a really interesting explanation for this that I don’t know about.

Is there a brave man (or woman) here who can explain to me why? 


A Moodscope Member

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