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Means, Opportunity, Motive. Monday March 2, 2015

...So is the suggested trinity for any crime. I think the three points are also really valuable for understanding why goals go often unfulfilled. Yes, we can be positive – making sure we focus on what we really want. Again, we can make sure that the goal is really something we can influence – that it is under our own-control. But sometimes it still doesn't happen.

I believe we live in an age where many have the means and the opportunities to make a difference. The whole process falls down when we don't have a strong enough motive. This, for me, is having a big enough "Win".

I'd love to learn the piano. My excuses are impressive. Usually around time. However, I have a beautiful piano and I have as much time as the next person. So the next excuse becomes learning to read music. It seems like a barrier.

I know this is an illusion. I learned to touch-type, and this has been one of the most valuable skills in my life. I know I can learn to play piano, and I can learn to read music – even at my age. So what stops me? Simply that the "Win" is not big enough yet.

So here is today's useful question: "What would this do for me?"

Learning to read music would open a new world to me – a new world where music is the language and learning to read music would be to open the libraries of wonderful tunes recorded there throughout the ages. Learning to play the piano would help me relax. I could compose – which I love doing on the guitar. I could entertain my nearest and dearest...

Already, I'm seeing a bigger win!

I'm sure you're just like thousands of other people with frustrated ambitions. Perhaps this one simple question will move you towards a big enough win to add "motive" to your "opportunity” and your “means”!

A Moodscope member.

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Anonymous Mon, Mar 2nd 2015 @ 1:46pm

Thank you, Lex, both for the inspiration and the challenge. I too have an underused piano. Go well.

The Entertrainer Mon, Mar 2nd 2015 @ 3:22pm

I feel a lesson coming on...

Laura Mon, Mar 2nd 2015 @ 4:25pm

Lex, I hope you do learn to read music and play the piano. I can, and I can tell you that knowing and understanding the insides of music helps me appreciate all kinds of music, which has totally enriched my life. All you need to do is take it one step at a time, one day at a time. First, look up music teachers in your area; the next day, make that phone call to set up your first lesson; etc. etc. Fear sucks, doesn't it? It can keep us from doing what we really want to do. I always feel really crappy when I let it get the best of me - every day that passes without making progress in the business I want to start just makes me feel bad about myself. I hope that both of us practice taking one step at a time and not worrying so much about "what if?" I know you can do it! :)

The Entertrainer Mon, Mar 2nd 2015 @ 5:09pm

Thanks for your support, Laura. I've got the number of a local teacher and am rather excited! I'm sure I'll be posting my progress!!!

Anonymous Mon, Mar 2nd 2015 @ 8:32pm

Oooo, Lex; scary, scary, scary (for me that is, not for you; sounds as if you will love the piano)
I am trying to decide whether to leave work ... need to make a decision by Easter ...
"what would this do for me?" ... scary ... Too right, Laura; "fear sucks" ... feeling very anxious right now ...
Good luck Lex!

Anonymous Mon, Mar 2nd 2015 @ 10:28pm

Lex I reckon you can do this! Buy a beginners piano book with tunes you know and just like touch typing you'll learn to read music as you play. I was about 7 when I was given a recorder and book. It's very satisfying to teach yourself - truly. They call it 'playing' for a reason. So: Work, Rest and Play, The Win is a balanced life?

The Entertrainer Tue, Mar 3rd 2015 @ 4:53am

Well, Frankie, I've got another serious question for you..."What's the worst that could happen?"
Also, I practice something called, "The Way of Peace" which I'd be happy to walk you through...

The Entertrainer Tue, Mar 3rd 2015 @ 4:54am

That's a wonderful win... "A Balanced Life" - love it, thank you!

Julia Tue, Mar 3rd 2015 @ 8:37am

Hi Frankie. I know you are struggling with your decision about work. It's a difficult one! I do wish you well and I know you will make the right decision for you. x
Hi Lex. Are you any good at improvising on the piano? I mean just sitting down and playing and finding tunes without having to read music? Most of my immediate family are great musicians, my son a good rock bass guitarist. He doesn't read music in the classical sense but has to read riffs and other things when playing in gigs. My daughter is classically trained and of course reads music. My husband can read music but has an ear so he can sit at a piano and reel off a tune without the score infront of him. I cannot play anything (now there's a surprise!) but love music especially jazz. So what I am saying is..perhaps you are gifted and have this flair and are somewhere in between having to slog out the lessons and being able to play "just like that". I liked your list of motivations.

crafty wee midden Fri, Mar 6th 2015 @ 5:34am

Just a thought.....picking out a tube, just playing, is good, and becomes easier:, a small book of chords for the left hand, and pick out the melody with the right hand, for whatever songs you enjoy. I can read music, and long ago, learned flute, studied for an exam, passed with distinction...and was completely put off afterwards. For me, it had taken the joy and spontaneity out of it. Now, ?I have a piano....but haven't been near it in months. Too low to even think about it, with everything that's happened. But, I hope...I'll get back to it....and even though I can read music, I'd rather just pick out melodies and do it for fun. To feel happy(or sad...) but not for exams, or other people...just me. And there's no right or wrong way - I really had to work on that. I tried with exercise books, scales, arpeggios....but the feeling I got after the flute exam was sneaking back in. Who am I doing it for? Me. And that's all that matters. Now, to get the cover off, keep the cats away, and try again....

crafty wee midden Fri, Mar 6th 2015 @ 5:37am

And....that should be "tune", not "tube"(tube also being a word used in my native city for doing something silly. Like saying tube, when you mean tune. So, Im a tube....)

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