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Let's spread a little happiness. Friday March 20, 2015

Today is the International Day of Happiness and people all over the world are doing something to try and cheer everyone up.

What are you going to do?

I know it's probably not the best place to be talking about happiness and helping others as I know many of you would give anything to be happy and for some, the thought of being happy is way in the distant past or feels like an impossibility for the future.

But perhaps, if, just for one day, with lots of effort, we could all do a little something that might cheer someone else up. The thing is, it will not only help others, but it will help you too.

I'm going to call a couple of friends that I know aren't feeling that great at the moment just to say hello. I'm also going to take a bunch of daffodils to the lady that lives next door to a friend of mine. She has altzheimer's and doesn't get out of the house very often, so a bunch of daffodils might brighten her day. And do you know what, I know it's going to cheer them up but not as much as it will cheer me up to have done it.

So what are you going to do? It can be absolutely anything - see for ideas. If there's someone you care about and would like to send them an e-card to celebrate just go to Or why not just leave a message on our blog for another Moodscoper to lift their spirits.

Let us know what you're doing today by telling us in the comments section on the Moodscope blog:

And don't forget, spread the word using #InternationalDayOfHappiness

Happy International Day of Happiness from the Moodscope Team.

Kind regards.

The Moodscope Team

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Hopeful One Fri, Mar 20th 2015 @ 6:58am

Hi Caroline and the Moodscope Team. Thank you for the reminder. I make people laugh by telling them a joke .Laughter is a good antidote to a low mood which is a good antidote for low moods .So here is my effort to cheer up fellow Moodscopers.

A Hunter walking through the jungle comes a huge dead dinosaur with a pigmy standing beside it. Amazed, he asks: "Did you kill that?". The pigmy says "Yes." The hunter asks "How could a little bloke like you kill a huge beast like that?" The pigmy says : "I killed it with my club." The astonished hunter asks: "How big is your club?" The pigmy replies : "There's about 90 of us.The rest have gone looking for firewood while I keep watch"


Hopeful One Fri, Mar 20th 2015 @ 7:06am

PS Apologies for the typos guys. I need that special cheer today as I was cyber dumped by a potential mate yesterday.

Mary Blackhurst Hill Fri, Mar 20th 2015 @ 7:58am

And a nerdy joke for all my fellow writers and readers:
Knock Knock.
Who's there?
To Who?
No - To Whom?

Have a great day everyone! (Hopeful one - they were an idiot, 'cos you're gorgeous. There are lots of non-idiots out there through - hope you find a lovely one soon)

Anonymous Fri, Mar 20th 2015 @ 10:54am

Wishing all Moodscope readers a happy day if possible, thank you all for being there
And thank you Caroline and team for all you do. ?? ???? love Julie.

Hopeful One Fri, Mar 20th 2015 @ 11:00am

Thank you Mary. Your kind sentiments most appreciated.

Lynn in Raleigh Fri, Mar 20th 2015 @ 3:29pm

Thanks for all the cheer you've brought in dark days, love to all. Not in great mood right now but know it will pass. Thanks for encouragement... Love, Lynn C in Raleigh NC

Caroline Ashcroft Sat, Mar 21st 2015 @ 3:50pm

Laughter is very good for us all - great joke. Thanks Hopeful One.

Caroline Ashcroft Sat, Mar 21st 2015 @ 3:51pm

Sorry to hear that. His/Her loss...

Caroline Ashcroft Sat, Mar 21st 2015 @ 3:53pm

Like it Mary, so you! Hope you had a great day too. Caroline

Caroline Ashcroft Sat, Mar 21st 2015 @ 3:53pm

Thank you Julie, very much appreciated. Caroline

Caroline Ashcroft Sat, Mar 21st 2015 @ 3:54pm

Hope you feel more cheery soon. Caroline

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