It's all about balance.

4 Sep 2014

It's all about balance. This is a phrase I hear myself saying often. Very often. But if I've learnt nothing else in my 33 years, I have learnt that life is a juggling act of which balance is key.

We don't like change, but we don't want to be stuck in a rut. We need to get out and meet people, socialise, but we also need to find time for our own thoughts, to meditate. We need a healthy diet but we all need a least a little treat every now and again! We definitely need good quality sleep but we like to get the most out of each day.

So how do we get the right balance? How do we look after ourselves and those we care for, without someone or something slipping through the cracks? And how do we make sure that the needs of our physical and mental health are both met?

Short answer, I don't know. I am still trying (desperately) to figure it out. I suspect most people are. But I suppose we have to keep trying to balance the scales, put a little on the "want" side and take a little off the "need" side. And vice versa of course.

And we need to accept that some days the scales will tilt more one way than the other. Sometimes in a good way but perhaps too often in a bad way. We won't always get those scales level. We just have to keep trying to get that equilibrium, to get on that even keel. Because after all, life is all about balance.


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