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Instructions for a bad day. Saturday January 25, 2014

Mary, one of our members, sent us a link to a YouTube video entitled 'Instructions for a bad day' by Shane Koyczan.

He is an award winning Canadian poet, author and performer.

I think you'll find it quite moving. Watch the video now:


The Moodscope team.

Thoughts on the above? Please feel free to post a comment on our Blogspot:

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Anonymous Sat, Jan 25th 2014 @ 2:31am


Anonymous Sat, Jan 25th 2014 @ 6:12am

I got SO ANNOYED by the pitch, pace & power of the narrator's voice. OMFG. Excuse Me.

curious212000 Sat, Jan 25th 2014 @ 7:25am

Wonderful, moodscope is developing in to a very informative forum, thank you.

Fionna O Sat, Jan 25th 2014 @ 8:01am

THANKYOU Mary. I love Shane Koyczan..and I love your posts.

Here is another rather extraordinary one accompanied by a wonderful solo violin. DAY 298

Anonymous Sat, Jan 25th 2014 @ 10:30am

Amazing camera work!

Anonymous Sat, Jan 25th 2014 @ 10:30am

That pace and background noise is not what I want to hear on a bad day. Terrible.

Anonymous Sat, Jan 25th 2014 @ 10:37am

Yes. Sorry I agree with the nay-sayers. The guys voice and soaring music annoyed me so much I had to stop it half way through. But never mind. It's always interesting to see/hear what appeals to other people.

Kirsty Sat, Jan 25th 2014 @ 12:05pm

I have mixed thoughts about it. At times the music was too loud so you couldn't hear what he was he was saying. Apart from that, I really enjoyed it and found some great quotes. Thanks

Lostinspace Sat, Jan 25th 2014 @ 12:20pm

How interesting. Does YouTube only choose the best reviews? I had to scroll down quite a bit to see if anyone else thought the music was way too loud. Get to Moodscope and it's the major comment, perhaps because Moodscope people are really interested in hearing what the poet has to SAY! And at first I thought it was another generational thing, what a shame though. It's rather like getting people to put down their hardware and actually talk to each other and listen. The music was too loud and drowned his voice, the pictures were too fast as well. It is as if the presenter thinks we will not pay attention if we are not multi-bombarded, Music Picture Voice all pouring out at once and competing with each other. No wonder I love radio.
Caroline, thank you for your good intention - what he said sounded so interesting but I was just unable to take it all in. Please don't give up on this, I am sure there are more and better videos out there. I seem to remember some TED talks being recommended.

Anonymous Sat, Jan 25th 2014 @ 3:59pm

hi x i found it all too "loud and busy" and almost couldn't hear what i was meant to hear !!! i see some folk loved it though and what suits one might not. another !!!!
i scored 0 today on moodscope. am i here ??? am i dead ??? how can i feel so much that its overwhelming and yet score zero ???? what's wrong with me ????

Anonymous Sat, Jan 25th 2014 @ 4:32pm

I absolutely loved this!!! I loved the passion behind the poets's voice, the rise and fall, the intonation. I loved the words, the music and the powerful images. I've watched this five times now and by the fifth occasion I heard every word, as clear as a bell. Beautiful. I think it's the emotion, the abject sadness of life and yet there is always Hope, this is what makes it so moving, so powerful. I can't express how beautiful I found this.
To Julie above, I'm sooo sad to hear of your score. What a tough time for you! You wrote a comment though eh? You watched the video, and stuck with it, even though you struggled with it. Where there is life there is hope. And I think you have shown today that there IS life in you. There is. Be gentle with you, treat your feelings as precious cargo. The darkness won't go on forever. Every depression has an end. Hold on to thoughts like these. Best wishes to you xx

PurpleSuzi Sat, Jan 25th 2014 @ 6:13pm

Thank you!
I am at the end...
I needed to see and hear that!
All of it LOUD to make me realise I can not give up now...

pinkbee Sat, Jan 25th 2014 @ 8:06pm

I love Shane Koyczan, although I agree the background noise does get in the way of his wonderful words in a few of his poems.

Silvia A Sun, Jan 26th 2014 @ 2:19am

The same for me:
i found it all too "loud and busy" and almost couldn't hear what i was meant to hear !!!
also, I think it is overloaded with images. Definitively, it doesn't help me on a bad day.

Julie, I hope you will be better tomorrow.

Caz Sun, Jan 26th 2014 @ 7:16am
This one has the poem on the screen, so you can turn down the sound and just get the words if it's easier (it was for me)

Caz Sun, Jan 26th 2014 @ 7:18am

Julie, you ARE here. I hope today is better.

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