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InewsU. Sunday June 9, 2013

Well, my recent post suggesting that we all stop watching the news generated quite a few comments. Thank you everyone who took the time to communicate your thoughts, whether you agreed or disagreed and wished to challenge me on that one. I really appreciate it – and especially the positive tone that everyone takes. We seem to have very few Trolls in this community.

But how would it be if we could filter our news? Still be aware of everything (murders, floods, famines, political debates etc.), but choose to spend a bit more time on those things that inspire, that lift up or just make us smile? And yes, those TED talks!

Well, the good news(!) is that there is such a way.

A couple of years ago the business journalist Adrienne Lawler set up, a website dedicated to good news. A community of people (a bit like Moodscope) post all sorts of positive clips and bits of news onto the site and every day, if you choose, Adrienne, or one of her cohorts, will pop a couple of these uplifting pieces into your in-box. Just like Moodscope, really. (And confession time? I do the Friday post.)

It has to be said that sometimes the good news is somewhat hard to find, and we are forced to resort to heart-warming clips of kittens – but less and less often as we now get sent good news stories from all over the world. There is good news out there: companies getting it right, teenagers taking on charitable challenges, world economists telling us that, actually, things are getting better...and the TED talks; always inspiring, always uplifting.

So if you're looking for another weapon in your fight against the grey smog, or a different stick to throw for that black dog, then mouse on over to and get a feel-good fix.

Oh, and a couple of weeks ago, one of the good news stories I shared was about Moodscope! How's that for synergy?

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June Sun, Jun 9th 2013 @ 11:14am

Hi Mary, thank you for the info, certainly something I will look into, although I didn't respond to your previous post it did give me food for thought and caused me to rethink how I keep in touch with the outside world. I am fortunate that someone in my area runs a local news blog so I now subscribe to that, thank you for making me realise that it is more sensible to know what is going on 'round the corner' than the other side of the world.

On a slightly different front, I record everything I want to watch on commercial channels so I can fast forward through the commercials. If I could protect and nurture every child and animal on the planet I would but I can't, reminding me of that fact helps no one. I am also spared the temptation to do something unpleasant to a former celebrity with 'A free Parker pen :D'!

Thank you again Mary. :)

Bridget Sun, Jun 9th 2013 @ 11:30am

Hi Mary
I too didn'I comment in my case because I already seriously ration what news I watch. I choose not to watch it at all if I can help it. If it comes on when we are watching tv my partner will ask to just watch the headlines then we change the channel. If she ways to know more she watches it workout me or good on the Internet...
I love the idea of and have just signed up - thanks x

Anonymous Sun, Jun 9th 2013 @ 12:22pm

Thanks for this Mary - again I hadn't commented on the previous blog - because I do already limit my news consumption... especially in the evenings before bed! 6pm headlines on the radio being my last slot so to speak. For all the reasons you said. But cutting off completely, for me, isn't the answer because it can increase my sense of isolation - being mostly housebound by disability. I shall be checking out this link however for a plug of good news every to counter the prevalent trend! Thanks again.

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