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HumanKindness. Friday July 17, 2015

This world can seem full of horrible people. Yet everywhere, everyday there are many acts of kindness if you look. Sometimes you don't even have to leave home. From the smallest of gestures, to the much larger. Kindness often features in the Moodscope daily thought and is defined as the 'quality of being friendly, generous and considerate'.

I recently asked my 3 year old some questions from a survey. "What does Mummy say to you most?" he replied "Be nice". In essence, I mean 'Be kind'. Treat others as you'd like to be. I felt a little sad though. Should he have replied "Love you" or "Great, you tried really hard". I do say those things.

To "How do you know Mummy loves you?" he replied "She gives me lots of hugs". I felt all warm inside. Especially being from a Christmas/Birthday hugs only family! I also asked "What does Mummy like most about Daddy?" to which he replied "Bossing him". Perhaps I could/should be kinder. Although to "What does Daddy like most about Mummy?" he also said "Bossing him". Cue confusion and let's just eat breakfast!

During my recovery people showed (and are still showing) great kindness. My husband brought me a satisfyingly strong cuppa in bed (most!) mornings. A stranger offered my sons and I a lift when my car broke down. The man reassured me by saying "I'm a grandad and not weird you know". I wanted to reply "I'm a mum and a bit psychotic you know". When my baby suddenly screamed for food at the checkout another customer helped pack my bags. I cried once I got to the car. But I felt warm inside then as well.

What or who will restore your faith in humankind today? Look out for those small or big gestures of kindness. They're there. Maybe even animating from within.

A Moodscope member.

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curious212000 Fri, Jul 17th 2015 @ 6:14am

I love every thing about this Posting. No one will look after you better than your self.

Anonymous Fri, Jul 17th 2015 @ 6:41am

Lovely! And don't we just remember the kindness forever...I think, for us, the small acts feel really big. Nice one Jen, thank you, love from the room above the garage x.

Anonymous Fri, Jul 17th 2015 @ 6:44am

A lady and her mother helped me to look for my earring in the street when it pinged off the other day, I bought them when my dad recently passed away, they understand the sentimental attachment and helped me until I found all the components. There is a lot of good out there. Eva

Hopeful One Fri, Jul 17th 2015 @ 7:18am

Hi Jen- a very valued blog. Kindness is of course one aspect of a wider sentiment called compassion.Compassion is in all of us. But like everything it needs to be nurtured, developed and exercised . Practice makes it permanent. A good way to do this practice is to do the compassion/ loving kindness/ loving friendliness meditation where one starts with oneself then widening the awareness to those we love , then our friendsand and finally the most difficult- those who hate us. The Buddha studied this
the most but one does not need to be a Buddist to practice it.

Anonymous Fri, Jul 17th 2015 @ 7:45am

What a great post! I always say that life needs little more give and a little less take and thank you to Hopeful one; I looked up the compassion/ loving kindness/ loving friendliness meditation and will be trying it.


The Entertrainer Fri, Jul 17th 2015 @ 7:50am

Lovely, Jen, simply lovely.
Thank you

Mary Blackhurst Hill Fri, Jul 17th 2015 @ 8:53am

Lex has said what I wanted to! (Dammit - Lex - you got there first). And so has RATG! "Yeah - what they said." Thank you for lifting my day Jen.

Mary Blackhurst Hill Fri, Jul 17th 2015 @ 8:54am

Oh, and I'd love to know more about that survey! Sounds fascinating!

Julia Fri, Jul 17th 2015 @ 8:56am

So right Jen. If only the kindness ethos would prevail throughout big business. But the person on the street, us in other words, always gets its message across eventually. We should have a demonstration for kindness. I love the need to get our children to say the right things! A lovely blog.

Jac Fri, Jul 17th 2015 @ 9:04am

This was a joy to read as I woke to a new day and new hope. Way tidily written, heartfully felt. Thank you Jen xx

Jac Fri, Jul 17th 2015 @ 9:05am

Not 'way tidily'! Beautifully !!!!

Anonymous Fri, Jul 17th 2015 @ 11:26am

Aw thankyou kindly! Jen

Anonymous Fri, Jul 17th 2015 @ 11:29am

Thanks RATG. Yes and there is a great quote I've seen in various places along the lines of...... "one day we'll realise that the little things were in fact the big things"

Anonymous Fri, Jul 17th 2015 @ 11:41am

What a lovely tale to share Eva. I wrote this when I was particularly saddened by stories in the news that week.I felt much better afterwards, writing really was cathartic for me that day and a useful reminder to focus on the good out there yes. Jen x

Anonymous Fri, Jul 17th 2015 @ 11:44am

Such a sweeeeeeet blog, Jen. And so true. When i get stuck in van morrison's 'hell is other people' i know it's time to connect with someone out there. The world is full of lovely, good people. There is kindness. Thank you. susan xx

Anonymous Fri, Jul 17th 2015 @ 11:49am

Thanks HO for your reply. Yes I have a friend (who has a recurring and serious health issue) who recently told me a bit about the concept of compassionate mind (?) which she learnt about on a expert patient type course. I must look into this more sounds very interesting. Jen x

Anonymous Fri, Jul 17th 2015 @ 11:53am

Thanks Lou. Jen x

Anonymous Fri, Jul 17th 2015 @ 11:57am

Thanks Lex. My son's 'hug' response reminded me of previous blogs also on that topic which I've enjoyed! Jen x

Anonymous Fri, Jul 17th 2015 @ 12:00pm

My pleasure Mary, you've done it for me many times! It was apparently on Facebook (a 23 questions to ask your child quiz thing) but I read it on a parenting forum and certainly didn't get all the way up to 23 with my 3 year old! Here's a link if it works:

Leah Fri, Jul 17th 2015 @ 12:16pm

I think Shakespeare had it right, though I may have the quote a bit wrong but you get the idea.

How far that little candle throws its beams! So shines a good deed in a naughty world.
Love your blog. Even when one despairs about all the violence in the world, a small act og kindness can restore our faith. Don't you love children's answers.
Thank you.

Anonymous Fri, Jul 17th 2015 @ 12:19pm

Hi Julia, thanks. And yes I suppose it might depends on the nature of the big business (are those run as a cooperatives for staff kinder perhaps?). Plus the face of big business, say the worker in my local supermarket here, is generally always kind and helpful (whether they are appreciated and valued is another thing?!). Jen x

Anonymous Fri, Jul 17th 2015 @ 12:23pm

Lovely, Jen, ditto just what everyone else has said....well done.
Karen x

Anonymous Fri, Jul 17th 2015 @ 12:24pm

Too right, Leah, out of the mouth of babes....
Karen x

Anonymous Fri, Jul 17th 2015 @ 12:25pm

Thanks Jac, it's 'way' scary sending these potential blogs to Moodscope! But glad I did. I was feeling inspired that day and very grateful for what I have (given some horrific headlines in the news the week I wrote it) and which I often don't appreciate enough. Have a lovely day. Jen x

Anonymous Fri, Jul 17th 2015 @ 12:32pm

Susan you are so sweeeet too thankyou! Yes and perhaps there is an as yet unwritten song ....... 'heaven is other people' ........ Jen x

Anonymous Fri, Jul 17th 2015 @ 12:34pm

Thanks both and love the Shakespeare there Leah, not heard that will look up. Yes children say the best things. Jen x

Judy Fri, Jul 17th 2015 @ 12:38pm

I think Hopeful One has it spot on when he says we must begin with ourselves. If I think about how to change other peoples'/governments'/businesses' attitudes, I feel completely overwhelmed and helpless, but when I remember it must always start within an individual, I feel hopeful and that it is possible for things to change. I watched Storyville this week, it was about Vietnam and how the US government let the Vietnamese people down at the end. There was some sadness to the story but also the US military people who were there showed such kindness to the people and helped them,going against orders, because they could see the faces of the people, it wasn't just a military exercise for them. So yes practising compassion for ourselves is important and I believe can help us extend this to others more easily.

Anonymous Fri, Jul 17th 2015 @ 3:47pm

Thanks Karen. Also if this is the same Karen who offered to be my moodscope buddy a while ago many thanks, didn't get chance say at the time.Jen x

Anonymous Fri, Jul 17th 2015 @ 9:30pm

Hi Judy yes and that show sounds very moving. Never heard of Storyville will look it up. Thanks Jen x

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