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Hello gorgeous. Thursday April 20, 2017

He made it through.

He has shivered in the cold. He has been battered by harsh winds. He has held my gaze throughout and told me we were in it together.

This winter has been more gentle on me than any before and, although I have had a few harsh bumps lately, I have been rewarded by knowing it has been different. I'd hate to add up how many years depression has been snapping at me but I take great inspiration from small changes. The possibility brings possibility!

My beautiful friend the tree who never moves from my side, and often sits with me as I eat breakfast, is growing again. Spring has winked at him. He is putting on tiny undergarments of green. He remains a very large half a tree, having only grown on one side, but each year he develops a little more and I wonder if one day his half-ness will be unrecognisable?

He's back. And his courage, his strength, his solidity, his beauty and his charm has won me over all over again. I swoon into his shadow and I bat my eyelashes as cartoon love hearts pour from my eyes towards him. Ah he is my prince!

Love from

The room above the garage with a beating heart.
A Moodscope member.

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Sally Thu, Apr 20th 2017 @ 6:51am

It's the little things that matter. Spring has sprung, & I take just as much enjoyment as you, RATG, at the burgeoning trees and bushes. The blossom is lovely, One entire avenue near here awash with pink and white. I do enjoy the little manifestations that a new year, full of fresh possibilities awaits.

the room above the garage Thu, Apr 20th 2017 @ 11:31am

Hello Sally, I sometimes find Spring hard, like there is an expectation I am not meeting. But if I look at it in a smaller way, it's full of things which lift me up. I love your words "fresh possibilities".

Mary Wednesday Thu, Apr 20th 2017 @ 7:07am

This makes me think of a quote by C S Lewis (which I now can't find on Google) in which he said something like "if a child reads about a magical wood, He will not be disappointed in a normal wood; for him, all woods will be magical." A tree is a good solid friend to have. I wish you much pleasure, each in the company of the other.

the room above the garage Thu, Apr 20th 2017 @ 11:32am

I was that girl...Enid Blyton and The Enchanted Wood! I still re read bit of it from time to time and can't think of a reason not to :-)

Orangeblossom Thu, Apr 20th 2017 @ 8:09am

Thanks RATG for your blog & about your favourite tree. It has given me a fresh perspective on a favourite campus tree which seemed to have been pruned beyond recognition. For two or three years I passed it without recognising it but experienced its loss as a pang.

the room above the garage Thu, Apr 20th 2017 @ 11:33am

Hello Orangeblossom, I hope it is still there?

Eva Thu, Apr 20th 2017 @ 8:22am

My cat can now roll in the sun on the end of my bed, which couldn't happen in the winter as the sun didn't reach the bed. Happy warmer times. I love watching her wriggle and flip.

the room above the garage Thu, Apr 20th 2017 @ 11:34am

Oh to be that cat!

Sarah yellow rose Thu, Apr 20th 2017 @ 8:45am

Hello RATG thank you for this great blog. I live on a corner and was really upset when a large tree opposite got completely removed, I called up the building company to ask why and was fobbed off. Even though it was on the other side of the road I felt it was my garden substitute. Since then I really value all the trees I can see and one is really near which I love. Sarah xx

the room above the garage Thu, Apr 20th 2017 @ 11:36am

Hello Sarah, lovely to see you. This particular tree is not in my garden either...and I often worry that I might lose him especially as other trees around him have been removed. Fingers crossed.

LP Thu, Apr 20th 2017 @ 8:58am

Morning ratg wbh :)
What a beautiful blog! I love your half tree prince! Your blog made me tthink that he wouldnt be who he is to you whole and in a way he is!
I'm glad you have come through this winter feeling better than the last and may that continue.
Wishes that you enjoy the springtime with your lovely Prince and thank you for a beautifully inspiring blog. Hugs to you and well wishes to all.LP xx

the room above the garage Thu, Apr 20th 2017 @ 11:37am

Precisely LP!! I love him more because he is not whole. I feel that way too and together we are :-)

Tutti Frutti Thu, Apr 20th 2017 @ 9:14am

I am glad this winter has been gentler on you. I don't think I have any seasonal pattern with low moods myself but I still find spring very uplifting as the flowers start to come out and the sun is warmer and the birds start nesting so I really liked your blog about your tree. Time in my garden is really lovely at this time of year. I don't generally do any gardening because my husband is much more expert and generally has it all in hand but I do love just drifting around the garden. Over Easter i set up an Easter egg hunt for my neice (and daughter who is probably too old but more than happy to help for chocolate). Trying to think up hiding places with clues a 5 year old could read was a nice way of spending time in the garden and looking at it all differently. Looks like it is going to be a beautiful day in London today. Love TF x

the room above the garage Thu, Apr 20th 2017 @ 11:40am

I never did Easter egg hunts when my children were really wee and yet now I do. I agree, thinking up the clues is brilliant! Could you send your expert gardener up to make my garden into something special? I love gardening but its queuing for when my birds have flown...

Tutti Frutti Thu, Apr 20th 2017 @ 9:18am

A further thought. I liked the line "one day perhaps his half-ness will be unrecognisable". I wonder if it applies to people as well as trees? Love TF x

the room above the garage Thu, Apr 20th 2017 @ 11:41am

That is where I was too when I was writing it...wondering if one day my half-ness may be something I only remember from a time gone. Then I realise I love him because of his half-ness so maybe I need to keep my half-ness as long as possible!

FairIsle Thu, Apr 20th 2017 @ 9:35am

beautiful blog post
on moodscope this fine morning
a tree, a fine friend

the room above the garage Thu, Apr 20th 2017 @ 11:42am

Thank you FairIsle, a beautiful poem in three lines. Love ratg x.

Valerie Thu, Apr 20th 2017 @ 9:49am

Lovely blog,your tree always there for you.Oh to find a man like that!I too had an easier winter than I feared.For many years Autumn was my favourite season,but the thought of winter to follow has sadly taken some of the enjoyment from it.On the way to the common with the dogs I pass a house with a small garden.Every spring it is a mass of purple crocuses,and to me it heralds spring.The old gentleman who lives there told me they were his late wife's favourite flower.I assumed he planted them after her death,but he insists they just appeared the very first spring after his loss.x

the room above the garage Thu, Apr 20th 2017 @ 1:08pm

Oh what a great thing! I love that. The thought that she is still around...

Bearofliddlebrain Thu, Apr 20th 2017 @ 10:05am

Dearest RATG...I wonder if looking towards you, Tree finds himself rewarded by seeing you get through the winter too.
So pleased winter hasn't stopped your wonderful writing.
Love and Bear hugs
Bear xxx

the room above the garage Thu, Apr 20th 2017 @ 1:09pm

Ah lovely Bear, you've actually made tears well just reading that. Thank you x.

Lexi Thu, Apr 20th 2017 @ 1:19pm

Beautiful. Love this. I too have a buddy tree that I gaze at every morning. He made it through as well. xo Lexi

Kes Thu, Apr 20th 2017 @ 3:11pm

Love this! I love the way you're so descriptive and love your blogs, well done you, thank you for sharing. Keep at it

Jul Thu, Apr 20th 2017 @ 4:13pm

Hello ratg. I am so glad you have been feeling better this year. I love the colours of Spring, the yellow daffodils and pink blossom, Clematis and Magnolias plus white hawthorn along the hedgerows, they all seem to bloom within weeks of each other. The trees which I just love are those pointy tall slim dark green pine trees you see in Italy and Spain. They are always the same in every season providing a wonderful backdrop on the distant hills. Trees give so much pleasure. I am off now in a little reverie dreaming of Tuscany. Go well ratg. Julxxx

The Gardener Thu, Apr 20th 2017 @ 4:29pm

I am a virtual prisoner, as many of you know - but spring has its surprises - that opening oak and poplar leaves are pink - and there is nothing fresher than burgeoning beech leaves. Blackbirds are my equivalent of RATG's tree - that pure sound, as I wake up, and as I go to bed - I try to let that joy ride over the 100% misery of Mr G. I loath winter if I can't get out - Christmas was one of the lowest ebbs in my life. Those who have lost 'valued' trees must have a wry laugh at the following: 'I think that I shall never see, A billboard lovely as a tree. Indeed, unless the billboards fall, I'll never see a tree at all.'

Molly Fri, Apr 21st 2017 @ 2:06am

Well done RATG - hope that is not patronising, just wanted to acknowledge your post. I have a tree at the end of my garden(but it is not actually in my garden), I think I will look at it much more after reading your post as it is blossoming for Spring xx

Nicco Sun, Apr 23rd 2017 @ 2:31pm

A great blog! Looking to nature, and esp trees, always helps me.

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