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Got a hanky? Friday May 29, 2015

Great word 'hanky'. That's my first smile of the day banked.

Do you carry a hanky? My beautiful dad always has and it has saved every situation from dribbling ice creams, to bloodied knees, sandy eyes, to giant nose excavations. His hankies are handkerchiefs, washed and pressed into a square. The comfort from even the thought of his handkerchiefs is immeasurable. Look away now if eating... As a child I remember travelling alone on a bus and sneezing a big sneeze. I had no hanky and so had to catch everything in my hand and then tuck my hand into my pocket. The embarrassment has stayed with me to this day and so I now carry a hanky.

My dad is being proactive. Deciding in advance how to deal with a situation.
My experience was reactive. Responding to circumstance.

As you read this, can you take a moment to be proactive? Will you decide that you have little strength today and so be kind to yourself and make your path as easy as possible? Or will you find that you have a little more spirit of yourself today from which to make decisions that might bring you a little step further on than yesterday?

If possible, aim for proactive. It is your beacon.

Love from

The room above the garage.
A Moodscope member.

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Silvia A Fri, May 29th 2015 @ 4:20am

Lovely memories! My father always had a white handkerchief, a very clean one, in his pocket and my mother always carries an embroidered handkerchief. I have a piece of used (but not dirty) paper towel to help clean something = reuse and some tissue in my bag to offer others.

My mother is an excellent planner. My father was a man of vision. I spend time on the web reading about time management and mood!

I've enjoyed your blog, dear Ratg.

Leah Fri, May 29th 2015 @ 6:35am

thanks for your blog. It reminds me of two things- the scouts and be prepared and my mum who always wore a petticoat because it was so useful for many things including drying hands, and cleaning glasses.
A beacon is a lovely metaphor- sometimes I close my eyes to the light and can be so obstinate. I will try to be more open to a beacon and more pro active.
All the best.

Hopeful One Fri, May 29th 2015 @ 7:49am

Hi Ratg- I carry a handkerchief in my left trouser pocket and several tissues folded up in my left pocket. For your big childhood sneeze I would have kept the hanky where it was and reached for those tissues if you don't mind ? I also carry a small Swiss pocket knife with a penknife and small scissor combo attached to my key ring - I cannot recount the number of times those two accessories have got me out of trouble.

Julia Fri, May 29th 2015 @ 7:55am

You have made me think about my parents ratg! My father was a good man with a quick sense of humour, very open and liberal in his views. My mother was an artist and looking back she was quite depressed although not diagnosed as such. But she was herself and remained true to herself her whole life. Your blog ratg and Les' yesterday have made me think. We each take different things from blogs and I have enjoyed thinking about my parents thi morning (who were not perfect by any means). And Les the part of your poem yesterday which helped me so much was the walking through the dark tunnel and getting there eventually. This is my experience or hopefully will be! My mother got there eventually with no outside help but by believing in herself. So thank you ratg and Les.

Anonymous Fri, May 29th 2015 @ 9:18am

Hello Silvia, I so love hearing about your parents. Handkerchiefs have to be the unsung heroes of today, I can just see your mother's embroidered one. Bet it's soft too. I keep my beloved (and recently departed) granny's handkerchief in my glasses case. Wonderful. I also have one from childhood...with nursery rhymes. I suppose it was in the wash on that day on the bus! Thanks for boosting my day with your comment, love ratg x.

Anonymous Fri, May 29th 2015 @ 9:23am

Hello Leah, petticoat is another word that makes me smile. I've just said it out loud :-) Did it tie on at the waist? Another unsung hero! Anything can be a beacon...let's find them. Good to see you, love ratg x.

Anonymous Fri, May 29th 2015 @ 9:24am

Hello HO!
Are you my dad?
Love ratg x.

Anonymous Fri, May 29th 2015 @ 9:29am

Hello Julia, I love hearing your descriptions of your parents. "But she was herself and remained true to herself her whole life"...what a brilliant thing to say. You are her daughter. Love ratg x.

Anonymous Fri, May 29th 2015 @ 10:30am

hi ratg, memories rise to the surface -- my grandmother boiling and washing grandpa's handkerchief and then ironing them too. Frilly squares of cotton and needlework received as gifts but never blown into (horrors!). And my mother teaching me to never leave home without tissues shoved up my sleeve. And there's always one under the pillow. Proactive is very important! Yesterday, when making plans with a friend, we agreed that possible last minute cancellations would be understood and totally acceptable --a beacon allowing happy anticipation without worry. I loved your blog this morning, ratg -- as always, you gave me a happy buzz. susan xx

Mary Blackhurst Hill Fri, May 29th 2015 @ 11:33am

Ah, my husband is just such a old fashioned and thoughtful man. He always carries two hankies. One for himself and one for any lady in distress who he might meet. I am the one who irons these into immaculate squares for him. I tell him he might measure my love for him in ironed hankies. Sometimes these mount up in the ironing pile and I have to iron quite a few in one session. The record has been forty-eight! I laugh at him, but wouldn't have him any other way. Thank you RATG for a lovely blog that made me smile and gave me a lovely warm feeling too.

Mary Blackhurst Hill Fri, May 29th 2015 @ 11:34am

Love your words Julia and echo RATG's sentiments.

Julia Fri, May 29th 2015 @ 12:00pm

Thanks for this Mary

The Entertrainer Fri, May 29th 2015 @ 4:38pm

We're missing the whole point here...
...which is, do you check your hanky after you blow?
...thought so.

Anonymous Fri, May 29th 2015 @ 10:43pm

Hi Susan, I love the understanding you have with your friend. I struggle with anxiety and often pull out last minute. I'm usually always careful to only agree to things that I can easily pull out of but...I would never want to offend anyone and so having this type of friend is valuable! Lovely to see you, love ratg x.

Anonymous Sat, May 30th 2015 @ 12:20am

Bless your lovely husband! So caring to carry two! 48? I'm laughing! Love ratg x.

Anonymous Sat, May 30th 2015 @ 12:23am

Oh Lex!!! :-)

Need to be sure it's just what it should be. Need to be sure I've not blown out my tiny mind!
Love ratg x.

Anonymous Sat, May 30th 2015 @ 10:47am

Made me think, sometimes it is the simplest of solutions that make the difference in turning things around.
My brother talks about "black swan events" no nothing to do with the ballet movie, it is a term from economics .
Being prepared for unexpected turns of events does help us get through inspite of the surprises that life throws our way...... Catch...... A.

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