8 Jan 2022

As this is my first Post of this new year I thought I would write about something that is not only close to us but epitomises what Moodscope is all about.

Last year before I started writing these posts and just after the announcement of the first lockdown I sent an email to a small groups of friends. The purpose was to bring a little cheer to their lives at that difficult time.

First I wrote to them about my two new therapy friends. They were called Physio and Psycho. They do not know each other but have plenty in common. Both are friendly, knowledgeable and professional.

A few weeks later I wrote again and said I had met two more new friends. I have seen them this morning and they are fit and well. They didn’t have much to say but enjoyed breakfast. We meet most days but unfortunately they are not very reliable so our relationship is a bit hit and miss. I am not complaining; in this strange Covid world any friends are welcome. I know they are my friends because when I went outside earlier today they came running towards me.

Ducks are great creatures of habit particularly when you carrying a bag of seed! They regularly visit the pond at the end of our front garden. I have to confess they are not new friends. Two years ago they visited us but made no appearance last year. I think they are two Mallards; the male has a shiny green head and the female is almost completely brown. Earlier this morning after giving them seed I tried them with grapes. Cereal and fresh fruit breakfast - sounds good to me!

I remembered my new friends last week and this set me thinking about friends and friendships.

Good friends are invaluable. But what makes a good friendship? We all have friends but some people have more or better ones. A common purpose often defines friends. Just look at Moodscope! Sometimes we can have special friends; maybe whom we have known a long time or we can talk to about anything at all and know we will get understanding.

Whatever the reasons for the friendship there is no doubt it can brighten our world and is capable of changing our mood. So if you have such a friendship then be grateful and treasure it. Tell your friend how you feel.

Two researchers (Sias and Bartoo) described friendships as a “vaccine” against both physical and mental illness.

Do you have any special friends?

Have you made any new friends recently?


A Moodscope member.

PS In my Post dated 18 December (Past, Present and Future) I left a question unanswered. What was my Christmas present?

I had some lovely presents but the most intriguing was a small brown box containing 31 cards. Printed on the front cover “ 31 Day Mindfulness Challenge” (More to follow)

Thoughts on the above? Please feel free to post a comment below.

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