Don't look back in anger...

26 May 2013

Isn't it amazing how some songwriters have an uncanny knack of summing up how you feel in a single sentence?

I've always loved the lyrics of Ian Dury. And one song title always springs to mind whenever I think of the people who are no longer around but with whom I've shared part of my life. It's called 'Really Glad You Came'.

The song reflects upon a past relationship, with all its ups and downs. It embraces the tears and tussles, smiles and good times, and simply sums it all up by saying, 'Thanks for looking in on me, I'm really glad you came.'

Now if you, like me, have a tendency to look at the downside, it's not always easy to take the positives from the past. And it can be so easy to give ourselves a hard time over things we 'woulda, coulda, shoulda' said or done.

The truth about the past is that it is gone and there is absolutely nothing we can do to change it. Much as we might like to. But what we can do is see it for what it is. And we can choose to be grateful for the good times.

So I love Mr Dury for reminding me to remember with fondness and gratitude for all the people who have 'looked in on me'.

If someone you cherished or still care for is no longer around, you too can choose to remember the good things you shared. (If it makes you smile, all the better. Because research shows smiling helps makes you just that little bit happier.)

So whatever next prompts you to reflect on a friendship - whether it's a photo, a sight, a sound or a smell - do yourself a huge favour and focus on those Reasons To Be Cheerful.

Sorry, I couldn't resist.

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