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Don't just sit there do something! Sunday March 1, 2015

As I write this I have a lot on this week. I move house in 5 days and I still have to:

• Finish packing
• Clear out my fathers old workshop
• Clear out the garage
• Organise the keys
• Wash woodwork and walls where required
• Check the removal company really will turn up (OK I am being a bit paranoid now)
• Sort out accommodation for the pets during the move
• Write notes for everyone in my road to warn them the road will be blocked for the day
• Take another car load of stuff to the charity shop
• Bag up the rubbish for hubby to take to the tip when he comes home at the weekend.

I am in my final year of my degree so I also need to:

• See my tutor about the end of year art piece I am working on
• Submit some documents to another tutor for his feedback
• Write a presentation to be delivered next week
• Do an online application for consideration in a prestigious exhibition
• Finish the drawing for the above exhibition
• Contact a local venue about hiring for an exhibition for me and my classmates.

Of course there is all the usual stuff as well so I need to:

• Shower and dress
• Do the washing
• Sort out the recycling for collection tomorrow
• Feed the pets
• Walk the dog
• Fit in coffee with friends
• Transport my son to and from his bus stop in town.

Some people have said to me write it all down in a list but even putting it down here seems really daunting. I look at this list and get a almost irresistible urge to get back into bed, pull the duvet over my head and pretend that it will all go away.

A couple of years ago a psychologist said to me "don't expect to start with motivation, motivation will come later, just try to do something." One of the "nice" things about there being so much to do and it all being equally important is that it does not matter what I do as long as I do something! I only have 16 awake hours in a day I cant make anymore. So I flit away like a butterfly doing bits here and there, I may pack some stuff for 10 minutes, then put the washing on, maybe make a cup of tea and whilst the kettle is boiling pack a bit more. I try not to beat myself up about the list as long as I am doing SOMETHING we are getting closer to the end. The hardest bit is getting off the sofa and doing something once I start it gets easier to keep going.

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Hopeful One Sun, Mar 1st 2015 @ 7:13am

Hi Penny- you certainly have a lot on you plate.Moving house is right up there with divorce and bereavement as on of the most stressful events in our lives.The fact that you have a list,daunting as it may be ,is a very good start as you have broken the problem down into manageable parts.You are right about the motivation too.Action however small leads to motivation not the other way around as our mind tells us. Counter intuitive I know but true.When you do finish a task no matter how small congratulate yourself.Give your self a reward.At a practical level is there a chance that some of your friends or relatives might be in a position to help you? Do let us know when you do complete the move which I have no doubt you will!

Anonymous Sun, Mar 1st 2015 @ 8:34am

Wow, Penny, how much you have done already! You are amazing to be doing all this whilst hubby is away...a degree, on top of looking after your son and husband, home, yourself...I hope! If you live in Cambridgeshire...I'll come and help you...I can clean and pack stuff :)....make sure it isn't all down to you to do these things on the list. I am sure your husband and son are moving with you, so maybe they can take some of the burden. Son can take dog for walk before and after school so that's one thing that can free you up...if you don't live near me, I'm sure your proper friends will help with the packing and cleaning, that way you can have a cuppa with them at the same time..and promise them a cuppa and cake in your new home!
Good luck with the move and the degree, you clever peeps you! Karen x

Rupert Sun, Mar 1st 2015 @ 8:48am

Penny good blog.

I often find at work (where I am now 8:30 Sun morning!) that it is often too daunting to think about doing anything but if I start doing sometning small it kindof gets me into gear and I cabn then start to address the bigger things. Rupert

Hopeful One Sun, Mar 1st 2015 @ 8:58am

You got it.

Penny Sun, Mar 1st 2015 @ 10:00am

Thank you everyone. I actually wrote this blog back in January and moved on the 2nd Feb. The move went fine (the removal men really did turn up!). I live over in Somerset so a little bit too far away from Cambridgeshire which is a shame as really could do with some help unpacking now :-) I have very little help as hubby as away most of the time and my son (who is 19) leaves for work as 7 in the morning and does not get back till 7 at night. However my daughter also lives with me and she is helping out a bit in-between work.

Anonymous Sun, Mar 1st 2015 @ 10:09am

Aw soz then, Penny.....but glad the move went ok :) you did really well! Wish I could help with unpacking...but it is a bit far!! Well done though, you are truly a star...esp having the degree work to do as well. I do hope that's going well too! I am available to read any notes, dissertations and anything that can be sent via email!!!! K x

Eliz Sun, Mar 1st 2015 @ 10:55am

Thanks Penny, a really good blog, thank you for sharing. I like the bit about what the Psychologist said to you about motivation. Xx

Anonymous Sun, Mar 1st 2015 @ 12:01pm

Morning Hopeful One;

Love this "Action however small leads to motivation (not the other way round)" - thank-you - hugely helpful ..

And thank-you Penny - a timely reminder - just do it ...

Wishing you many blessings in your new home

Anonymous Sun, Mar 1st 2015 @ 2:23pm

Penny, i had to lie down after reading your list. Glad everything went well. Thanks for the 'motivation' information. Too many times i've waited for it to come first.... susan xx

Anonymous Sun, Mar 1st 2015 @ 4:27pm

Thank you Penny for sharing that motivation doesn't come first. Even though I am not moving house, just working and keeping house can get overwhelming. Because of depression and anxiety, I've been going the pull the covers over my head route a lot lately. I'll try to keep your words in mind as I start something small today. Good luck with all that is on your list!

Libby Sun, Mar 1st 2015 @ 9:37pm

All true. The other day I was at the computer telling myself to finish the spreadsheet when I asked myself "why do you have to finish this before you do something fun?" I put the computer on Sleep and went out to the garden.

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