Does wisdom come with age?

9 Jun 2023

Does wisdom come with age, does age come with wisdom or wisdom come with experience? These are questions which have been asked for centuries.

I am not going to quote research but rather I am interested what Moodscopers think. When I was growing up older people were seemed to be wise. Now, I am a person of a particular age I am wondering when my wisdom will kick in.

Does age come with wisdom or does wisdom come with age and what is the difference?

As I get older, I seem to still make quite silly mistakes. Is that a sign of little wisdom or that I don’t learn from my experience. I know people who have a lot of experience but don’t seem to have much wisdom.

What is wisdom? If we are wise at one or a few things, is that wise or must we be wise in nearly all areas? I have not been wise in picking a long term partner. Is experience only useful if we learn wise lessons from it?

I am looking forward to Moodscopers sharing their wisdom. If you have not posted before you are most welcome to say hello and participate if you wish.


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