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Celebrate success. Tuesday December 8, 2015

As my own biggest critic in life I find it heart warming to watch my niece congratulate herself on every single one of her small triumphs.

Every time she achieves anything, big or small, she claps herself. She understands from the encouragement she receives that she has achieved something worth celebrating.

I take two things from this...

1. We must remember how important it is to acknowledge the success of others and remind them to celebrate it. Also we should celebrate with them.

2. We must all remember to celebrate our own successes and congratulate ourselves for all our triumphs, big or small.

My niece's resolve is unstoppable, she never berates herself. She just keeps going until she succeeds. My 18 month old inspiration! She hasn't learned the man made concept of failure yet, I hope it stays that way for as long as possible!

Try celebrating some success :)

A Moodscope member.

Thoughts on the above? Please feel free to post a comment below.

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Garry Tue, Dec 8th 2015 @ 5:16am

keep sticking with moodscope it will get better in time you watch

Lex Tue, Dec 8th 2015 @ 6:39am

Well, your blog is a great success, Sandy! L'xx

Bearofliddlebrain Tue, Dec 8th 2015 @ 6:59am

Sandy, am clapping like a baby seal, for you and your blog...well done for reminding us of the joys of liddle ones and the joy of our own successes! Bear hug x x x

LillyPet Tue, Dec 8th 2015 @ 7:17am

Morning Sandy, thank you for sharing such a beautiful little bundle of inspiration with us today! I will keep the image of those smiles and claps with me today, so that I can bring a little cheer as I go!
Have a great day! :) LP xxx

Hopeful One Tue, Dec 8th 2015 @ 7:53am

Hi Sandy- your blog is short and sweet but truly inspirational. Its one sure way of keeping those ANTS and NUTS that sap at one's self esteem ,self worth and self confidence under wraps. .

danielle Tue, Dec 8th 2015 @ 7:57am

what a lovely blog, your niece sounds like she has got it right :) I love the innocence of children at times, they can be so pure and not infected by the ways of life and the world its so lovely to see. xxx

Jennifer Tue, Dec 8th 2015 @ 8:11am

Great blog thankyou x

Sally Tue, Dec 8th 2015 @ 8:46am

Short blog, great impact. Thanks Sandy. Our little ones are indeed our teachers in many ways. Took 6 month old round care home on Sunday. It cheered all the residents up so much, even the ones you would not have expected to react. Little H was smiley and cheerful and innocent and cute and her mood infectious. :-)

Norman Tue, Dec 8th 2015 @ 8:49am

Thanks Sandy, an important reminder for someone whose reaction to achievement is to tick the box and move on to the next problem. *Punches air* "Yes!!!"

susan Tue, Dec 8th 2015 @ 10:30am

Lovely image and an important message, thank you, Sandy. And I agree with you that it's important to celebrate others' successes; it's encouraging for them but it also paves the way for our own future successes. (I've had disappointed people tell me that so-called friends did not celebrate or even acknowledge
their achievements.) Thanks again for this positive blog. xx

Dolphin Tue, Dec 8th 2015 @ 12:21pm

A celebratory dolphin leap through the air for your insight (before returning to the sea) - thanks!!!

readerwriter Tue, Dec 8th 2015 @ 3:54pm

spot on Sandy. Like Norman I forget to say well done to myself (and of course Susan, then I forget to thank and congratulate others too). One affirmation for me, and one each for everyone else Moodscoping away, and dealing with all the STUFF, big and small.

The Gardener Tue, Dec 8th 2015 @ 4:41pm

Lovely little story, Sandy - but I find the 'applause' everything the tinies do could deter effort or competitiveness. One grand-son, very good footballer, at 7 years old was running round the little play centre doing the success wave of his over-paid heroes because he had scored a goal past a poor lad who was so fat he could only stop a ball if it hit him, he could not move. Then the fridges and doors were smothered with every scrawl and daub done at play school. Grumpy old woman again - with reason. The only thing to celebrate today is surviving. Poor Mr G is permanently in an anxious state, normal for the illness. All was organised for respite when he left hospital. Taxi forgot, so I, in pouring rain, had to shove poor Mr G in car - once there, he was not expected as communications broke down. Went to get church robes, as organised, car parked in middle of a funeral (did not know) then found out priest had decided they were too precious to let out of church, so they will continue to rot. No sink, so no kitchen - no communication between the artisans. Into conservatory, pools of water - gutter blocked - get neighbour, long ladder, clamber about. Taxi brought Mr G back - more panic for him, could not get near house, low loader picking up digger, market day tomorrow. One grand-daughter had two sets of stars, red and gold, to stick on chart on kitchen door. Can I have a star for not swearing, not kicking anything, and survival? At my age, a Kir is the equivalent of the star. PS, new language - grand-son in OZ - what are you doing? Stuff. How are you? Good.

Bearofliddlebrain Tue, Dec 8th 2015 @ 6:16pm

Two starry *** kirs *** * *to you this evening TG...for not swearing, kicking anything and surviving anther day! Bear x

LillyPet Tue, Dec 8th 2015 @ 10:27pm

You did make me smile about the goal scoring TG! :)) I beg to differ if I may?
Some children get quite the reverse of the happy clappy gushing for every tiny thing they do!
Some get no praise, no affection or emotional warmth, continual criticism, or are generally ignored, bullied, I could go on as you can imagine.
I agree that stickers are no compensation for good parenting, but giving children who need it some positive attention or praise when they take a step in the right direction can encourage them to take more. Eventually they could internalise that good feeling and become self motivated.
I agree with Bear you get a bucket full of Kir stars for surviving without a kick or a curse! As always big hugs. LP xxx

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