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Catharsis. Wednesday May 27, 2015

We had to laugh.

I have a mutual buddy relationship with a fellow Moodscope user. She's much better at being a buddy than I am and a couple of weeks ago, when my scores had dipped (ironically, just as hers started to look a lot healthier) she invited me to go to a concert with her; a way to get me out of my reclusive seclusion and to spend some time together (see – I never think about doing anything like that for her).

So we went to a Gretchen Peters concert.

Neither of us had heard of Gretchen Peters before, other than that she is a respected Country singer who has recently been admitted into the Nashville songwriters' Hall of Fame. We went along in the expectation of having a good evening.

And we did. The band were skilled, the music excellent; Gretchen herself warm, engaging and funny.

But she doesn't write happy songs.

Let me see now; we started with Blackbirds, a song of incest, murder and torching the family home in the cornfields of the Mid West, and lyrics-wise, we went downhill from there.

Gretchen writes songs about loss, about pain, about coming home from the wars with PTDS and no resources; about life with no hope, no future, nothing to live on but the tattered remnants of dreams.

Was this a good place for two depressives to be?

Well, yes, actually.

There's something immensely therapeutic about immersing yourself in musical misery for a defined length of time and then popping up at the end, like a cork in champagne. It seems to create a lightness of spirit, especially when shared with a kindred spirit.

The Greeks understood this; it was they who came up with the concept and word catharsis.
I don't think it works if you're on your own though – you get sucked into the tragedy and it can haunt you. So I don't plan on reading about sad things or watching Film Noir alone.

But – I might book several tickets for the next performance of Titus Andronicus or Tosca; plays where everybody dies in the end. Sounds like fun will be had by all!

A Moodscope member.

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The Entertrainer Wed, May 27th 2015 @ 8:59am

Ha ha... THIS is why you should NEVER listen to your Country Albums backwards...'ll get your dog back, your home back, and even your spouse!
Won't be doing that then!
For me, "The Carpenters" is an anagram of Catharsis.

Anonymous Wed, May 27th 2015 @ 9:31am

thanks Mary, you have made me laugh! i am having a very bad day,on my own, and this post has helped me so much. thank-you@

Anonymous Wed, May 27th 2015 @ 9:35am

Hi Anon 9:31
So sorry to hear you are having a bad day - for me putting a wash load on sometimes kickstarts things - even if I still feel rotten at least I have plenty of clean knickers ... (!)
Sending you gentle smiles

Di Murphey Wed, May 27th 2015 @ 11:42am

Oh! Dearest Mary,
My friends & family call me the "queen of dark" and say that I "do dark very well". You have made my day, made me laugh until I am nauseated, and made my guest doggies bark at my squeals while having in-house accidents.

Mary Blackhurst Hill Wed, May 27th 2015 @ 1:09pm

LOVE THIS!! What a great idea. And yes - I'm not going to do that either. Happy where I am - which is probably going to be the post next week!

Mary Blackhurst Hill Wed, May 27th 2015 @ 1:10pm

So pleased this made you laugh. I was a bit concerned that it might appear a bit callous - when it absolutely wasn't meant to be.... Hugs to you and I hope your day is getting better.

Mary Blackhurst Hill Wed, May 27th 2015 @ 1:10pm

So sorry about the mess, but pleased about the laughter. You Goth, you!

Anonymous Wed, May 27th 2015 @ 1:58pm

Your post made me smile - don't I know that place! I've gone through long periods of playing only sad songs mostly by women. I've found that they don't pull me down further, rather they acknowledge where I am (I'd be irritated by jaunty music) and remind me that other women have suffered too (though fortunately I haven't suffered the calamities of country and western singers!). However, when I asked a (male) friend for a meal, he said he'd come provided I didn't play what he called 'sad-women-songs' all the time he was there!! Erica

The Entertrainer Wed, May 27th 2015 @ 2:22pm

How about some Leonard Cohen?

Anonymous Wed, May 27th 2015 @ 8:41pm

Oh no! Mary, Mary, what have you done??? I was going to see Titus Andronicus and looking forward to Tosca...but you say everyone dies in the've spoilt the ending...not much point going now. :(
Nah, only joking I am! What a fun post, even if you didn't mean it to be! Hope the dear anon of the other day didn't find it too long but inspiring...sometimes we have to go and do things we don't want to do in our states of minds....and sometimes it is really worth it! Love your posts!
Karen x

Anonymous Wed, May 27th 2015 @ 8:42pm

Hope you laughed til the tears ran down your legs dearest Di!!!
Karen x

Anonymous Thu, May 28th 2015 @ 8:10am

Mary knows the score. A wonderful lady.
My final post. Why?
Because on my right wrist is a hospital wristband. Today, I will be visited by a "crisis team". Here's the rub. Since being discharged from the hospital on Tuesday evening, I can see clearly now. I am at my parent's house, so am safe.
All you need is love.
P.S: You have my full blessing to copy and paste or paraphrase this blog to everyone you know.
Everybody owns the great ideas.
Good luck.
Richard Victor Harrison.
Born 25/10/69.
Signed OSA.

Anonymous Thu, May 28th 2015 @ 12:41pm

Hello Richard, I hope you're safe and well. Remember that you may have much to offer others on here as well attending for support. Don't close the door but I'll stick a little wedge in it if I may. Love from the room above the garage x.

Anonymous Thu, May 28th 2015 @ 12:44pm

I couldn't get my comment to comment yesterday Mary! I did laugh and smile, especially murder, incest and torching the family home! Love ratg x.

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