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Balance. Tuesday November 5, 2013

It can be a daily struggle to achieve a healthy balance in our lives. I remember being told at school, some 40 or so years ago, that my generation was entering the workplace at just the perfect time as all the 'new technology' would mean far less time working and far more leisure time.....we all know what happened next! The technology - if you let it - simply serves to blur the boundaries between work and the rest of our life; wherever you are and whatever the time you can - if you let it happen - remotely connect with work.

Here is a reminder about the importance of striking an appropriate balance. Imagine life is a game in which you are juggling five balls. The balls are called work, family, health, friends and integrity and you are keeping them all in the air. One day you finally come to understand that work is a rubber ball. If you drop it, it will bounce back. The other four balls - family, health, friends and integrity - are made of glass. If you drop one of these it will be irrevocably scuffed, nicked, perhaps even shattered. Once you truly understand the lesson of the five balls you will have the beginnings of balance in your life.

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The Entertrainer Tue, Nov 5th 2013 @ 7:31am

What an excellent post and metaphor Steve - thank you for that. I feel a Photoshop image coming on! It's very Olympian too. Are you familiar with "The Extraordinary Leader"? In it, there are 16 qualities of an extraordinary leader - but only one that is central - the concept of integrity. Brilliant start to my day, thank you.

Anonymous Tue, Nov 5th 2013 @ 10:39am

Really enjoyed this.thankyou for sharing.very thought provoking.

Anonymous Tue, Nov 5th 2013 @ 10:42am

This post is an excellent reminder of what is important - thanks.

Anonymous Tue, Nov 5th 2013 @ 11:37am

Great image! Very applicable to my life. This has helped to clarify what "ball" is in the most danger of shattering for me. Thanks.

Elizabeth Tue, Nov 5th 2013 @ 12:02pm

Thank you very much for this metaphor.

Anonymous Tue, Nov 5th 2013 @ 6:45pm

Thank-you Steve - I have just emailed this to my Head of Department in the hope that he can achieve balance in his life and enjoy his toddler more. Frankie

Anonymous Tue, Nov 5th 2013 @ 8:09pm

if only more managers and jobsworths knew this and realised that people have lives outside of work. we all need to have a better work life balance, i think everyone benefits

Anonymous Tue, Nov 5th 2013 @ 10:52pm

Love this! Believe in this. Always. Used to try to explain to my husband who I loved dearly. Unfortunately for myself and the kids....he had one glass ball and that was and is his job.....he became so self absorbed and stressed with the job.....he kicked me out of our home and the kids and I had to completely relocate. I feel sad for all of us as we no longer have that special family unit.....a year on and still struggling....thank you for this brilliant post

randomangel Wed, Nov 6th 2013 @ 8:07am

Thank you for this blog - it is a useful image and I would like to see any photoshopping that is done as a result if possible! I love the word integrity used here; a word that I have not seen much of recently. A great word that hugs decisions into four strong syllables of intention with soft thought.

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