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Are you an Eeyore or a Piglet? Tuesday August 27, 2013

If I could use a word to sum up my mood of the last week, it would be 'Hmph'.

I've had a nasty virus and for several days my thoughts have been spinning from 'I feel physically lousy' to 'I resent having to care for my old dad this weekend' (he has dementia) to 'I never have any fun' to 'why me?' Nothing in my life was good, it was all harrumph-making, Eeyore style. I busied my brain having a whole 'it's not fair' conversation with myself and being completely ungrateful. Had I carried on, I'm sure I'd have ended up living in a house made of sticks and eating thistles.

But today I've decided to ring the changes. I'm going to channel Tigger enthusiasm, Owl wisdom, and Pooh optimism. How? you might ask. You may well have heard it before but no matter: by focusing on being grateful.

After all, there is a lot that's perfectly fine with my life. I've a lovely husband who looked after me when I was ill, a pretty home in a groovy city by the sea, and a job that I can do even when I feel rubbish as I'm a self-employed writer. A quick tally reveals that's at least five things (most of those are two-in-ones) I have to be grateful for.

But enough about me and Eeyore. I want to know what you have to be grateful for. Five things. List them, and moreover, don't just keep them to yourself, share them on our blog by commenting. I'd love to hear. Even if you don't normally comment on daily Moodscope emails, this time, do it! I think by putting the things you are grateful for out there, it'll make you more appreciative. I hope so.

And if there are a few less Eeyores about today, that's got to be good for everyone.

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heather Tue, Aug 27th 2013 @ 7:30am

OK I've joined. Five things to be thankful for

I am bipolar so I get UP as well as DOWN.
I have lovely people in my life.
I have a brain and enjoy creativity and colour.
I am usually kind.
I have "enough" money to be a little generous.
I enjoy retirement (usually) !

That's six !

Anonymous Tue, Aug 27th 2013 @ 7:42am

I have brilliant children who love me unconditionally
I have good and loyal friends
I have hobbies that I enjoy and meet people through
I have time to 'look after' myself
I have just reached my target weight on my diet
I participate in my local community, I am well networked and respected

Bill Andrews Tue, Aug 27th 2013 @ 8:06am

Excellent post...another twist is finding 6 things that have gone reasonably well on a day where everything seems so dark, and that might be managing to make a cup of tea, have a shower, wash a cup up or something very small indeed. It's so easy to default to the negative stream that onbly washes us further down the river. Thanks so much for this.

I'm grateful for:

My girlfriend
My health,
My wonderful kids
My guest dog
My friend Tony
The beach

Anonymous Tue, Aug 27th 2013 @ 8:33am

My girlfriend
My dog
My house
My health
my friends esp cohousing ones

Anonymous Tue, Aug 27th 2013 @ 8:33am

This one us easy today as I have just practised gratitude before getting up and today I am grateful for........

My ever so patient husband
My beautiful and talented children
My excellent health and well being
Sharpness of mind

Thank you

Liz Tue, Aug 27th 2013 @ 8:47am

Not been on the blogg (is that one or two "g's"!?) before, but this seems easy!
1. I live in a great place
2. I have a fantastic supportive mum and family
3. I have great friends around me
4. I have a good job which I enjoy
5. I have 2 lovely boys

Silver nanny Tue, Aug 27th 2013 @ 8:49am

I'm grateful for
Having a run with my girlfriends in the local countryside
Breakfast in the garden
Harvesting my veggie patch
Playing with my grandson
Choosing how to spend my day

Anonymous Tue, Aug 27th 2013 @ 8:56am

My three delightful boys who actually care about me and what I am
The glorious weather we are having
My health
Having enough money not to worry (too much) about it
A truly devoted (and totally undeserved) husband

For all these I am gratefulbut I do forget quite a lot of the time that I am very blessed

Anonymous Tue, Aug 27th 2013 @ 8:57am

1. I have a job
2. I have two wonderful children
3. I'm feeling confident I'll meet the man I'm supposed to meet
4. I'm excited to give my first workshop this autumn
5. I have the opportunity to turn my work project into something really interesting and worthwhile as such and a true and pleasant learning experience for myself leading on to my next challenge

Anonymous Tue, Aug 27th 2013 @ 9:03am

My amazing friends, who always make me laugh
I am able to walk, despite MS
My new partner who has introduced me to music that makes my heart sing
The beautiful views around where I live (Scotland)
My new found creativity in crafts

Anonymous Tue, Aug 27th 2013 @ 9:14am

My amazing parents who are supporting me in so many ways right now
A wonderful house to live in
A beautiful garden
A funny little dog who greeted me most enthusaistically this morning
A computer that helps me apply for jobs
A faith that no matter how hard it's been there is a reason for all of it

- that's 6. Thank you for encouraging me to remember my gratitude

olegzaezdny Tue, Aug 27th 2013 @ 9:20am

A wonderful post today!
Today I'm thankful for
1. My family whom I should spend more time with
2. People in my life
3. My city and the beautiful things I see when I walk
4. Places I've seen and I've been to
5. Times when I am on the plane and see the sky, the ground, and feel that life is wonderful.

Thank you.

Sarah Tue, Aug 27th 2013 @ 9:22am

These are so wonderful to read! Thank you all for sharing. And as I set off for the dentist (which I have to confess brings out the Eeyore in me) I am grateful to all of you for sharing your blessings. Let's have some more...!

Anonymous Tue, Aug 27th 2013 @ 9:36am

My boyfriend I and list our Favourite Bits Of The Day every night, just before we head to bed. It's a lovely way to end the day. Right now, I am grateful for:
Being able to quit my career to take some time off and consider a new direction
Having an awesome boyfriend and great step kids
Having two beautiful nieces
The gorgeous weather yesterday
Music that makes my heart soar
Having learned how to nourish myself and being depression-free for over three years!

Anonymous Tue, Aug 27th 2013 @ 9:41am

After a nasty bike accident & recent virus, I'm thankful for
1. Waking up and feeling a little bit better every day
2. Being able to make myself a delicious cup of coffee
3. My amazing wife who has got me through the scariest time ever
4. The hope that I'll return to good health and fitness again
5. Today

Anonymous Tue, Aug 27th 2013 @ 9:48am

1. My lovely sister
2. This beautiful world that we live in
3. My cat
4. My home
5. My hobbies and the friends I've made through them

Denisthemenace Tue, Aug 27th 2013 @ 9:54am

My partner. My 2 sons. My friends. My garden. This lovely weather.

Anonymous Tue, Aug 27th 2013 @ 10:01am

1. My family
2. My health
3. Looking out of my window and seeing such a gorgeous sunny day
4. Enjoying a lovely cup of coffee whilst checking my e-mails etc.
5. I've just got back from holiday and now I'm feeling refreshed and ready.

Anonymous Tue, Aug 27th 2013 @ 10:01am

1. My caring level headed friend who is looking after me while I have a nasty virus.
2. An impending trip to Malaga, Spain for some chillaxing with aforementioned friend.
3. My sister's return home from the states after a summer away.
4. Art courses I'll be doing this year and that I can afford for once.
5. The future

Mermaid Tue, Aug 27th 2013 @ 10:06am

Like our friends above, I'm grateful for my health, our health service (having just had great treatment), being able to laugh so much more nowadays, rediscovering the delights of the male sex, reading a good book, and if you let me have another, poached egg on toast.

Anonymous Tue, Aug 27th 2013 @ 10:10am

1. An amazing boyfriend who is always there for me
2. The most understanding mother in the world
3. An intellectually stimulating job (even if I feel it might not be quite right for me right now)
4. Lovely fun friends
5. Beautiful sunshine and countryside

Ginette Tue, Aug 27th 2013 @ 10:40am

1. My soul mate and best friend is also my Mr "Pooh optimism" - nothing gets him down!
2. I have a beautiful young daughter fulled with "Tigger enthusiasm" for life - I love everything about her, but l admire her energy for life the most.
3. My family, even though so far away, remain close to heart and just a call away.
4. My beautiful home and surroundings - Not my birth country, but one that offers us so much beauty and opportunity. The UK has taught me so much about gratitude.
5. My friends – who is Pooh without his friends?
“It is more fun to talk with someone who doesn't use long, difficult words but rather short, easy words like "What about lunch?"

Jean M Tue, Aug 27th 2013 @ 10:52am

My wonderful friends
My two beautiful dogs who are the joys of my life
Mu intelligence
My health and fitness
The wonderful environment and community in which I live

Anonymous Tue, Aug 27th 2013 @ 10:57am

So I'm stressed out with uni work, being forced to move out of a house I love, and feeling pretty grim, but that is just one side of the story... My five things I am grateful for are:
1. My 2 beautiful children (one of whom is nagging me to do crafting right now!)
2. Supportive and caring family
3. Having somehow managed to get through a 12 week placement with a young baby
4. Living in a peaceful part of the world
5. A happy childhood.... so grateful for that one :)

Anonymous Tue, Aug 27th 2013 @ 11:02am

1. My good health
2. My beautiful family
3. My wonderful Friends & boyfriend
4. Easy access to food & clean water
5. My physical ability & fitness

Cathy Tue, Aug 27th 2013 @ 11:04am

Poached eggs are the best ;-)

JLC Tue, Aug 27th 2013 @ 11:22am

1 - Two fantastic children
2 - A good job which I actually enjoy doing
3 - Getting through the shock of my husband walking out is really hard BUT it is showing me that I am stronger than I thought I was
4 - I may not have very much, but I have enough
5 - A happy childhood and a good education

Anonymous Tue, Aug 27th 2013 @ 11:30am

Living in France
Fantastic garden
lovely weather
willing friends

Anonymous Tue, Aug 27th 2013 @ 12:05pm

I'm grateful for
1. My health
2. My public speaking talent
3. My laptop
4. Having family
5. Having friends

Andy Tue, Aug 27th 2013 @ 12:13pm

1. Jesus, who gave his life for me.
2. People around me who care.
3. Physical and mental health.
4. Freedom.
5. One life...and opportunities every morning.

Anonymous Tue, Aug 27th 2013 @ 12:23pm

I have never blogged before but was inspired by Sarah's post today, so here goes:

1. I have a beautiful, intelligent, funny daughter who makes me smile and laugh a lot
2. I have an amazing loving, supportive partner who puts me back on my feet when I fall off them
3. I have just got my first very own horse after wanting one since I was 9
4. I have very good health apart from the now occasional anxiety and black dog
5. I have financial freedom to do a lot of the things I want to do with the people I want to do them with

...that felt quite good but a tad uncomfortable which I guess is the thought that one shouldn't boast or gloat at the good things - where the hell did that come from - jeez, no wonder I have been visited by the D - time to wake up and smell the coffee and enjoy it all to the max :-)

Claire Catterall Tue, Aug 27th 2013 @ 12:28pm

I'm grateful for
My boyfriend- he gets it
My funny friends- all weird and wonderful
Having a job- It's nothing fancy but it pays.
My nephew and niece- light up my world
Swimming- this is my time.

There i feel better now.

Anonymous Tue, Aug 27th 2013 @ 12:39pm

sun,rain,water,coffee,bootcamp,music,plants,work,family,friends,health,holiday,traveling,books,books,IQ,music,swimming,dancing,shower,bath,snow,trees,grass,flowers.....ooops I can go forever

Anonymous Tue, Aug 27th 2013 @ 12:40pm

Moodscope, for useful reminders and the fact it exists give me faith in society
My amazing partner
Taekwondo, which keeps me healthy, pushes me, and makes me engage with people even when I don't want to
Radio 4 for making it easy to open my mind
My sister

Chris Tue, Aug 27th 2013 @ 12:44pm

I don't usually comment but I feel inspired to after your post :-) I'm grateful for:

1. My wonderful husband who loves me dearly and who is really encouraging when I'm so tired because of looking after our son (see 2)
2. Our darling son who is 5 months old and hasn't learnt the concept of sleeping through the night, or daytime naps!
3. Having a job that pays enough to have a roof over our head, power and water and plenty of food on the table (see 6!)
4. Being healthy enough to go for a run, even if it's not as far or as fast as I would like!
5. Having supportive friends and family

I agree. I feel a lot better now :-)

Oh, and because I can't let this go without a mention:

6. Bacon sandwiches. The food of champions.

Adrian Longstaffe Tue, Aug 27th 2013 @ 12:45pm

a sunny day
good friends
reasonable health
a lovely home
an adequate income

Anonymous Tue, Aug 27th 2013 @ 12:46pm

I am grateful for

My autistic son, who reminds me of the virtue of patience and paying attention
My daughters who endlessly entertain with stories of their college lives
This site which has become a barometer of my progress and the canary in the coal mine when I slip in to my gloom mode, soon to be followed by my isolation mode if not caught in time

Anonymous Tue, Aug 27th 2013 @ 1:12pm

I, too, don't usually comment, but your post made me want to share the things for which I am grateful (and I think the world would be an even nicer place if everyone in it thought about this once a day):

My wonderful, loving, supportive family - a long way away physically, but still close
My darling boyfriend, who has saved me in more ways than he knows
My job, which I love and am grateful for every day
I have enough money to do "nice" things and to help others in need
I have good health and kind friends

Thank you, Moodscope, for the daily boost!

Anonymous Tue, Aug 27th 2013 @ 1:19pm

I use "The Dial" technique. Instead of thinking like a light-switch (on or off / black & white), think of it as a dimmer switch, some things are not all bad (completely dark), some things are not all good (dimmer on full), there are so many variances.

Anonymous Tue, Aug 27th 2013 @ 1:35pm

This is inspiring, I am grateful I still have my parents around, adoptive parents I gave grief when younger, now I can talk and listen to them.
My new rescue cat.
My lovely teenage daughter.
Country walks.
I still have the energy to run regularly without injury.
And moodscope has helped me change life around.

Anonymous Tue, Aug 27th 2013 @ 1:39pm

- Moodscope
- My Therapist
- The Teachings of OpenDharma
- Robert Holden & his Dedication to the Human Spirit
- My friend ssss

arnoud Tue, Aug 27th 2013 @ 2:00pm

Things I am grateful for:
1. You Americans gave us Seth McFarlane, and, even better, American Dad, and <3 <3 <3 Roger (I'm in love with Roger, really am)
2. You Americans gave us David Sedaris.
3. I'm Dutch, living near Amsterdam (+/- 5 km's) but I never never never did do any drugs (report that for a change, Stephen C.)
4. I adore Eeyores, espec. the yellow-black striped and/or pink ones
5. Stewed thistles with honey-basilico dressing are really really good, did you know that
5+1. I am in pretty good mood today (otherwise, I never would have been able to write these things, I guess)

arnoud Tue, Aug 27th 2013 @ 2:02pm

And YES, I now immediately realize you 'guys' are British, not American. I knew it, this rush wouldn't last for long. My sincere apologies. I still thanks the Americans however ;)

arnoud Tue, Aug 27th 2013 @ 2:04pm

thanks?!? thank! Do I always comment my own posts? No. Almost never. This is a really weird mood I'm in today...

Anonymous Tue, Aug 27th 2013 @ 2:34pm

I too have never commented on a blog but am an avid reader of many. How hard can it be? I may even feel a bit better if I do so here goes...
1. the sunshine today
2. my beautiful baby boy
3. my patient husband who is always there to support me in my daily struggles
4. the fact I have a house to call my own, food in the fridge and a bit set aside for a rainy day
5. an enquiring mind to seek self improvement

sarah Tue, Aug 27th 2013 @ 2:44pm

I love your quote Ginette! I shall try and remember that. Is it Pooh himself? It sounds like it. Even though I'm a writer, I totally agree with the bear about short, easy words (hopefully my blogs are easy to grasp). And I have long been astonished by those people who say 'I forgot to have lunch' - how can one forget to eat, when it is such a pleasure!

sarah Tue, Aug 27th 2013 @ 2:48pm

I know just what you mean - I often feel uncomfortable focusing on good stuff, but the interesting thing is that it doesn't come across as people 'gloating', reading all these posts - yours included. It is just joyful.

Sarah Tue, Aug 27th 2013 @ 2:50pm


sarah Tue, Aug 27th 2013 @ 2:55pm

Yes, I am British, Arnoud (I live in Brighton) and Moodscope was started in the UK and the lovely folk who help run it are here, but I mustn't grumble about mistakes or assumptions because I'm not channelling Eeyore today. No, instead I'm off to make stewed thistles in dressing!

Anonymous Tue, Aug 27th 2013 @ 3:38pm

Great post and wonderful idea!! I am very grateful for;

1) Good health
2) great nights sleep
3) beautiful weather
4) my beautiful nephew
5) good family

Anonymous Tue, Aug 27th 2013 @ 3:46pm

Wonderful post. Thanks so much.
I'm grateful for
(1) Moodscope
(2) My family
(3) Being secure enough to resign from my job before having a new job lined up
(4) My good health
(5) The beautiful weather we've been enjoying

Anonymous Tue, Aug 27th 2013 @ 3:59pm

I'm grateful for:

1) My fiancee, even if sometimes I'm just grateful to have one I miss so much.
2) My great new job that results in me having a real, full time salary for the first time in my life, and gives me security right out of grad school.
3) My cat. She's pretty awesome.
4) The friends who reach out to me and tell me they miss me even though I'm now miles away.
5) The beginnings of new friendships, and friendships nearby I could strengthen.

....and, for the heck of it,
6) Having a job with flexible enough hours that I can see my long distance partner AND travel to exciting places.

Anonymous Tue, Aug 27th 2013 @ 4:04pm

1. Stand up comedy
2. improv comedy
3. my job-somewhat flexible
4. my health
5. my family
6. my friends

Anonymous Tue, Aug 27th 2013 @ 4:24pm

1) my college education in New York City
2) my parents and their unyielding generosity
3) my sister's friendship
4) my loyal friends in the states as well as back home
5) my conscience that makes being selfish very difficult
6) my health
7) my independence and creativity
8) my experiences in the states
9) my childhood
10) my professors

And 11) moodscope

Anonymous Tue, Aug 27th 2013 @ 4:29pm

My son
My sister
Two legs, heart and lungs for walking in the hills
I have a house in a nice area
A part time girlfriend

Anonymous Tue, Aug 27th 2013 @ 4:52pm

1. I have a job I can do from my computer wherever I am
2. I have a brother & sister-in-law who really care for me and have let me come live with them
3. I find maths relatively easy
4. Survived a serious suicide attempt
5. School chaplain I can talk to

Anonymous Tue, Aug 27th 2013 @ 6:16pm

I, too, have never commented on a "blog," and am grateful for the things already mentioned by so many - my family, good (physical) health, etc... I hope no one minds, however, if I mention something for which I will always be eternally grateful. I will try to keep this as short as possible.
The day after my youngest son's 25th birthday, he was changing a flat tire for a friend when the jack slipped & he was pinned under an SUV for 20-30 minutes before help could be found. When he was finally pulled from under the car, his face had turned blue, but he began to shallowly breathe on his own. When I got to the ER, I only knew that he had been in a "serious accident." THEN, I was told that "there is brain damage & he is having seizures." I later learned that EVERYONE who was involved in his "treatment" in the ER believed with 100% certainty that my son would either die or be a "vegetable." Any parent reading this can imagine the nightmare we - his family - were going through. I kept telling them that he was going to be okay. No one would even look at me.
Despite the massive doses of sedatives, anti-seizure & paralytic medications that my son was given, he kept "fighting" to wake up. The next morning, the doctors decided to take him off the respirator. He immediately sat up and began talking! No one at the hospital could believe it & he became known as the "Miracle Kid." He walked out of the hospital 3 days after his "accident." Other than short-term memory loss - he doesn't remember the accident - & bruised nerves in his shoulder which have already begun to heal, he is 100% WELL.
Again, I apologize for this being so long and, perhaps, not the place to post this story. I have learned to believe in miracles and to take NOTHING or NO ONE for granted. Thank you for "listening."

Anonymous Tue, Aug 27th 2013 @ 7:01pm

Also have an autistic son. He is 28, but like a baby in his joy at life, in spite of severe disabilities. We saw him on Friday, and he cheered everyone up with his smile.
Your last sentence is very true." gloom mode, soon to be followed by my isolation mode if not caught in time"

Anonymous Tue, Aug 27th 2013 @ 7:04pm

How miaculous is that! Soooo pleased for you! Amazing story

Anonymous Tue, Aug 27th 2013 @ 7:52pm

-finding out the truth about antidepressants (Thanks to Dr.Peter Breggin's book Your Drug May be Your Problem) and getting off of them thus curing my anxiety disorder and getting my sex drive back
-having access to alternative news sources on the internet
-being sponsored at the naturopathic clinic because I couldnt afford it
-being introduced to meditation, mindfulness and spirituality years ago
-my faithful feline companions

Anonymous Tue, Aug 27th 2013 @ 7:53pm

I am really grateful for improv too!

Anonymous Tue, Aug 27th 2013 @ 8:23pm

Thank you so much for sharing. Inspirational.

Caroline Ashcroft Tue, Aug 27th 2013 @ 8:29pm

Wow! What an amazing story. I'm so pleased for you and your son and thanks for sharing it with our Moodscopers.

Caroline Ashcroft Tue, Aug 27th 2013 @ 8:33pm

Thanks everyone for responding to this blog, I thought it was a wonderful idea of Sarah's. Firstly it makes you feel good remembering what you have to be grateful for and secondly isn't it nice reading other people's responses. It's certainly made me feel happier and I hope it has made you feel happier too.

Anonymous Tue, Aug 27th 2013 @ 9:10pm

I am grateful for my husband, my children, being fit to earn a living, medication and moodscope :-)

Anne Szadorska Tue, Aug 27th 2013 @ 9:37pm

This post rang so true, last month I had a tummy bug that went on for what seemed like forever, it got me really down. Started thinking the 'big c' was coming back for seconds, which fed my anxiety no end! Fortunately I had stern words with myself, opened up to my wonderful auntie on the phone and got back on the right track.

My best things today are

1) Me. Yes me, I left my comfort zone of the medical ward and booked a work shift in the ER department! And I coped just fine!
2) My partner, he is my best friend too. And about to rub my back, bliss!
3) My goldfish, who always come up to see me at dinner time...!
4) My laptop that is working and allows me to visit great sites, such as this one!
5) My kettle, as I love tea and I have a cup of camomile right next to me
6) My friend B, who gave me a tin of little goodies to cheer me up and I just ate the last chocolate from!
7) My friend F, who shares crazy facebook posts with me, and vice versa
8) My friend L, who texted me saying I should be on the new baking show as I would ace it, apparently anyway!...!
9) Being able to work, provide for myself and in fairly good health today
10) For knowing just because there is always war, famine and suffering there is people here who remind us to find gratitude often when we don't see it right in front ourselves.

Gitanjali Sondhi Tue, Aug 27th 2013 @ 9:47pm

1. My dogs
2. My house
3. My friend
4. My yoga trainer
5. Having enough money

Anonymous Tue, Aug 27th 2013 @ 9:58pm

1. my lovely husband
2. fab job
3. my family
4. my friends and colleagues
5. my home

Anonymous Tue, Aug 27th 2013 @ 10:14pm

My little black cat thundering down the stairs to greet me when I come in.
Moodscope to keep me grounded!
Friends, old and new.
I have a job, its not great but I'm lucky to have one
Waking up each morning feeling life is definitely worth living.
The scientists who invented my medication.

Anonymous Tue, Aug 27th 2013 @ 10:23pm

My job
My cat fiona
My eyes
All my limbs
My thoughts

Sarah Tue, Aug 27th 2013 @ 11:32pm

Wowie! 70 responses. That is amazing! I'm soooo grateful to read every one of them. I get a sense of how worldwide Moodscope is too, as I see US and British spellings, mention of different cities, and a diversity of ages too, with people talking of everything from enjoying retirement to having the support of their school chaplain. What a great website this is! Look at us go!

Anonymous Wed, Aug 28th 2013 @ 12:34am

I don't have a partner or children so don't have anyone to look after me when I'm sick which is very difficult. It's very tough being alone. Those of you who have someone to care for you are very lucky. I'm also being bullied at work by someone who I thought was a friend

Kirsten Coeur Wed, Aug 28th 2013 @ 1:15am

I love this technique for cheering up!
I am grateful for...
1. My favorite person, my husband
2. Our home and garden (well, it's getting there!)
3. My job and coworkers
4. Our cats and their antics
5. My family far across the country, but always close in my heart

Anonymous Wed, Aug 28th 2013 @ 1:46am

1. The job I'll be starting Friday.
2. My fiance.
3. My adorable Pitbull puppy.
4. The fact I don't live with family anymore.
5. The fact the future is becoming more clear.

Anonymous Wed, Aug 28th 2013 @ 4:46am

There are many many things that I'm extremely grateful for but I still struggle with what I have cone to realise is my tendency towards pessimism. I am trying to have a more optimistic view on life. So I'll try this.

Fve things I am grateful for:
1. Being able to walk, talk, think, run, cycle, swim and so many other things (I help in a hospital where many cant do these things)
2. Having freedom to do what I chose and live where I chose - which is somewhere very beautiful.
3. having really good friends who are fun kind supportive understanding and so on , and knowing how to nurture those friendships.
4. The ability to be honest with myself and my friends and carry on learning about myself, and relationships with others.
5. My therapist who taught me to love (myself and others) and has helped me become better at dealing with all sorts of things, difficulties, people, worries etc.

I could go on and on. Perhaps I will try this on my own and see if helps my negativity.
Thank you for the post - brilliant.

Anonymous Wed, Aug 28th 2013 @ 5:16am

I enjoy a close personal relationship with the only true God, Jehovah.
I have a hope for everlasting life.
I look forward to the promise of the good news of God's Kingdom.
I am happy to be alive.
My lovely, productive garden.
My happy home.

This is the first time I've visited this blog or commented.

Anonymous Wed, Aug 28th 2013 @ 7:00am

1.swimming on summer mornings
2.a safe comfortable home
3. a car that works
4. great teachers everywhere I turn (including Moodscope!)
5. my computer.
6.Now I can't stop!!

Caroline Ashcroft Wed, Aug 28th 2013 @ 9:11am

I'd just like to welcome you as it's your first visit. I hope you enjoy our blogs.

Anonymous Wed, Aug 28th 2013 @ 2:43pm

I am grateful to be living in a beautiful city with someone i love
I am grateful for my health
I am grateful for my job
I am grateful to have had to opportunity to travel to France
I am grateful to have a loving family

lilybright Wed, Aug 28th 2013 @ 3:39pm

I have a job, which I enjoy, unlike many people;
I have a house and a home which are not threatened by poverty or being dependent on benefits, unlike many people;
I enjoy good physical health, unlike many people;
Even if I get down, I have never been as low as many people I have met;
I can run in the woods and the hills, dance in my front room,sing in the bath;
I have a loyal old dog; two fabulous grown-up children and a loyal grumpy husband who loves me.
I am very fortunate.

Lewis Shaw Wed, Aug 28th 2013 @ 7:41pm

Ok, here's my 5 things I'm grateful for:

My Wife
My Family
My Cats

Anonymous Thu, Aug 29th 2013 @ 12:27am

Thank you for your welcome, Caroline.

Anonymous Thu, Aug 29th 2013 @ 2:49am

My parents
My close friends
Good food
Physical health

DrPaprika Thu, Aug 29th 2013 @ 12:30pm

Eeyore for me represents stoicism, endeavoring and enduring. So, when I'm feeling a bit of an eeyore, I remind myself of the positive aspects of his glumness. Tigger represents the waves of enthusiasm I often experience, though these days these don't have the same physical energy! When I feel these bounces, I remind myself that I have to come down at some point, so I need to know how to climb down safely. Pooh is comradely, which I can be on a good day. Rabbit is intuitive and pays (sometimes too much)attention to detail. One person's correctness is another person's fussiness, so beware! So my 'high' five are endurance, endeavour, enthusiasm, comradeship and discernment.

Anonymous Fri, Aug 30th 2013 @ 4:33am

1. There was a moment when I was reading and listening to my music that I was truly happy
2. I have been able to move on from many painful events in my past
3. As a teacher I have the ability to share my passions with young people
4. In general the world is full of kind and generous people
5. I am not homeless, have never gone hungry, and have never been in a natural disaster or war -- these are daily realities for many people

Marina Fri, Aug 30th 2013 @ 11:16am

A wonderful, loving supportive family
My beautiful daughter, son-in-law and three totally gorgeous grand-children
A very good job
A lovely house
My wonderful birds of prey

Anonymous Sat, Aug 31st 2013 @ 1:42pm

My family that I live with
Having found a wonderful community that I feel at home with
A job that I enjoy and am good at
Wonderful friends that are starting to feel like extended family
My generally good self esteem

Anonymous Tue, Sep 3rd 2013 @ 6:02pm

My last trip
My family
My health
This post
Sunny day

Anonymous Thu, Sep 5th 2013 @ 1:13pm

I do hope that there was something positive in your day - having Moodscope bloggers to share with could be one? Pleasing yourself? Being strong in the face of the bully? I do hope that things improved. You do matter!

Anonymous Thu, Sep 5th 2013 @ 8:44pm

My strong life force and unyeilding courage
My family
My wonderful partner
My friends
Beautiful nature
Art, within and without
Kind, brave people
Good food, having pleanty of it
Sleeping, Dreams
Good music

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