An oldie but a goodie 

20 Feb 2022

I found an old file from years ago and it held some of my earliest blogs. Some I’ve never submitted, thank goodness. This one didn’t say if I had or if I hadn’t submitted it, so my apologies if you’ve read it before.  The list was very good for me to read. I sound so much younger and much more fun than I feel now!  (I’d forgotten all about the benefits of headstands and I think I'll start again for just 5 or 10 seconds and build up slowly, any upside-down position will do.)  Thought I’d share... 


1 Take the time you need. Apply liberally to all areas of your life. 

2 Have a plan for your day. Every day before you rise. Any plan. Your plan. 

3 Have a basic, and rough meal guide for the week. 

4 Look at your photographs. We always photograph the good bits. 

5 Find one easily achievable thing that makes your day good. Now do it every day.  


(The above can be anything at all. I do a headstand for up to 5 minutes, every day.  The blood flow for your brain is remarkable and I might write about this. Opening a window, sticking your head outside and breathing in and out for a bit is also very achievable and can change your perspective.) 


6 Sleep in the day if you need it, but not after 2pm. 

7 If you can’t eat healthily, limit the trash to before 5pm. 

8 Ask yourself “what does this do for me?”.  This is not as harsh as it sounds. We often give more than we should. 

9 An oldie and a goodie - if you can’t be good, be careful. 

10 Forgive. Start with yourself. 


Love from

The room above the garage

A Moodscope member.

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