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Alpha and Omega. Monday October 3, 2016

Last night I danced barefoot under the stars - then I stood and gazed at the moon. This morning I awoke with William Butler Yeats' poem in my heart and an image of the Milky Way in my mind.

All this seems a potent reminder of the importance of the last and the first things in our lives. I know the order is usually the first and the last, but it was a great example of the last thing I did before sleep getting my first moments of the new day off to a rather wonderful and inspired start.

How do you bring your day to a close?

To stand there - barefoot - long enough to feel the dew become warm beneath my feet - was an inexpensive investment in my happiness that has paid generous dividends already. It was, perhaps, only 10 minutes at the close of the day, and worth every second.

I awoke, inspired.

I believe we do well to live a life on purpose... Thoreau spoke of those who live lives of quiet desperation. Let us, instead, lead lives of quiet deliberation.

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Thoughts on the above? Please feel free to post a comment below.

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Duma Mon, Oct 3rd 2016 @ 12:56am

Hi Lex.

A wonderful picture.

I'm not going to be long winded here, dut I have to 'slipstream' your post with a truism of my very own:

"Pay attention! It's the only coin that matters."

Thanks for your 'wind' Lex.

Duma, out.

Andrew Mon, Oct 3rd 2016 @ 10:11am

love it!

Lex Tue, Oct 4th 2016 @ 10:49am

Attention is my favourite currency, dear Duma... and I love to 'pay' it! As for my 'wind' - Eye am a storm!

Adam G Mon, Oct 3rd 2016 @ 7:16am

Hi Lex. Your post made me smile! I can really relate to it because I walk barefoot most of the time and find it a great benefit for my mental (and physical) health. The simple pleasure of feeling all the different textures and temperatures beneath my feet leaves me feeling 'connected', literally and spiritually, and relaxed and refreshed. It has also lead to many interesting conversations with curious passersby!

Lex Tue, Oct 4th 2016 @ 8:40am

I love this about you, Adam! And I'm sure there are many other important matters that people love you for too. Texture is wonderful, isn't it? We used to have a banner going down the hall what was a delight to touch. Have a wonderful day. Lex

Orangeblossom Mon, Oct 3rd 2016 @ 7:22am

Hi Lex
Thanks for your inspiring thoughts. I usually end the day by reading a novel to wind down and relax. I sometimes wake up with a feeling of being energised but no poet's lines have come to the forefront as yet. Have a great day.

Lex Tue, Oct 4th 2016 @ 8:41am

I had an amazing day, Orangeblossom, returning to one of my earlier loves and happier lives - hence no comments yesterday. May poetry fill your heart from time to time like a kiss from a dear friend. Lex

Mary Wednesday Mon, Oct 3rd 2016 @ 7:40am

Last night I spoke with three very dear friends, two I know well and one I am just beginning to know. They filled my heart with warmth and love even though I am dealing with something very tough at the moment. I did not wake with a poem but with the sun on my face. It was a good substitute.

Lex Tue, Oct 4th 2016 @ 8:42am

The poetry of Sunshine, Mary Wednesday, how beautiful. ;0)

DAVE Mon, Oct 3rd 2016 @ 7:42am

Hi Lex,
Your blog reminds me, as does Adams, that my body use to gather a lot of static, and it made me slightly hyper....
To resolve this, I use to walk bare foot on the lawn for about 10 mins or so, this seemed to 'Earth' my system.

But when I told my Doctor this, he just looked at me in a strange way.....Curious is it not that others tend to pull others apart....Usually because they fail to try anything that was not their idea.

Always go by what your heart tells you, not what others who purport to assume...That way, 'Swimming against the tide' so-to-speak, gives a different outlook on life and makes living more exciting.....

The alternative....Is to go over the cliff with all the other Lemmings ! !

Have a great exciting day..


Lex Tue, Oct 4th 2016 @ 8:44am

Hi Dave, I truly did - I had the most exciting day this year (in business - there have been some family moments that have trumped my professional life!) I found myself again - and was away from the computer, so kindly forgive my tardy response! Lex

LP Mon, Oct 3rd 2016 @ 8:46am

Hi Lex,
That sound's wonderful! I walked on dewy grass one early summer morning, but wouldnt have considered a moonlight venture! Good for you! Stimulating the senses might soothe the mind. It's nice to wake up with the feeling of having had a lovely dream, so maybe we can create it!
I have to say I often haul my tired self towards getting to bed and getting to sleep has become a will I wont I thing. Thanks for the inspiration to think of how I can shake it up a little. Thinking of feet, maybe an aromatic foot massage would be a nice treat! :)
Have a good Monday Lex, hugs to all, LP xx

Lex Tue, Oct 4th 2016 @ 8:46am

Hi LP... I'm beginning to wonder if most people benefit from a bit of foot-love??? I know some are ticklish, but, with an appropriate level of pressure, even tickles can be avoided. I DO know this - the skin needs love. Here's to love in all its many-splendid forms. Lex

Sally Mon, Oct 3rd 2016 @ 8:52am

AAAAAhhhhh, how wonderful.Lex.
i had someone trying to prick my balloon yesterday, wanting to bully and be right. i felt like you do, Lex.
, Go on doing more of what makes you happy, please! we all need to remember your wise words, and become masters of our own destiny insofar as we can, of course.
i am going off to enjoy the day.!

Lex Tue, Oct 4th 2016 @ 8:48am

Hi Sally, and how was your day? Did you live a day full of quiet deliberation? I hope you did... and that today will be even better! Lex

Jul Mon, Oct 3rd 2016 @ 10:07am

Lovely blog Lex. I particularly related to your last sentence as I woke up and started the day in quiet desperation. During my bike ride, I decided quiet deliberation would be my mantra. It's a simple substitute, one that I will remember. Jules xx

Lex Tue, Oct 4th 2016 @ 8:51am

It's lovely, isn't it Jules? No brash pseudo-boldness required, just... quiet... deliberation. And "quiet" is simply an anagram of "quite". Yesterday, I lived "Quite deliberately" and it was perfect. Perfect. Neil xx

Andrew Mon, Oct 3rd 2016 @ 10:15am

The worst part of British autumn/winters is having to wear socks again! I too adore the feel of bare feet on the ground, and particularly on the grass...a great way to start or end any day. On the plus side, I lit the first log fire of the season last night. Autumn chill evenings do have that advantage - being able to cosy up in front of a crackling fire!

Jul Mon, Oct 3rd 2016 @ 11:14am

I lit a log burner last night too for the first time this season.It was still warm this morning which was lovely to come downstairs to.

Lex Tue, Oct 4th 2016 @ 10:46am

It's finding the magic in the light and the dark, so say I!

Brum Mum Mon, Oct 3rd 2016 @ 3:58pm

I walked across the dew in my wellies this morning. Not quite the same thing as bare feet, but I got enormous pleasure from seeing the mist rise from the pond in the local park. A warm hug last night ended my day. Life can be full of beautiful moments when we choose to savour them. Thanks, Lex!

Lex Tue, Oct 4th 2016 @ 10:47am

Hey Brum Mum, wellies are EMPOWERING! Kick some leaves for me, please, and I'll kick up a storm for you!

Wyvern Mon, Oct 3rd 2016 @ 4:17pm

A walk with the dog; cup of chamomile tea; a short read. Best way for me to relax enough to sleep. :-)

Lex Tue, Oct 4th 2016 @ 10:48am

I'm calm already, just reading the magic between your lines and in every syllable x

Nicco Sat, Oct 8th 2016 @ 5:36pm

Thanks for your blog, Lex. I tend to go over my day and remember and enjoy the good moments and try to let go of the not so good ones. In the mornings I thank God for the gift of another day (something I couldn't' do for many years) and pray for the strength to go forward into it at least starting out with a joyful heart - not always achievable but it's what brings the best hope of peace for me. I've taken note of Dave's comment because I go through phases of having static (I like to think it must be due to my electrifying personality lol!) So walking barefoot on my back lawn may just be the answer for that too - I will have to give it a go, but it's getting distinctly Autumnal and chilly here first thing in the morning and last thing at night!

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