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18 Mar 2019

I have a bold vision... though it may not be ready in time for this blog! Watch the comments to discover more.

You see, you and I can switch on a mindset-state by using modern technology. By listening to certain sounds via headphones, we can help our brain trigger a highly helpful mindset and state. This is a phenomenon called "Entrainment".

Music with specific beats-per-minute, tones, and audio signals can be harnessed to help our minds feel better in the shortest possible time-frame.

I'm working on just such a recording for us. However, the positive language that goes with the forthcoming recording is already available. What do you think of these empowering statements? Each one is based on a Moodscope 'card'. Even the 10 unresourceful states I have switched, turned, and transformed to our advantage...

How do you feel when you say these out loud?

1 I am not ashamed – I am neither my behaviour, nor my past. What's past is past. The past has gone. I have remained.

2 I am excited and energised by what is to come today and how I can make each experience meaningful.

3 I will not be irritable any longer, but instead have chosen to be tolerant and joyous, recognising that any irritation can be transformed into a pearl.

4 I am proud of my progress, my resilience, and the way I am growing over, above, and beyond my circumstances. My potential is limitless. I am no longer 'under the circumstances' – no, I will rise above them.

5 I choose to let go of all hostility recognising that people make the best choices they believe are available to them at the time. It takes time for them to realise the truth that they can change and that they were wrong.

6 I am inspired - ready to be creative, productive, and constructive. I have found my flow and Life feels energised as a result.

7 I choose to let go of feeling distressed and choose calm instead; I am calm, I am becoming calmer.

8 I am extremely interested and engaged, actively looking for ways to make this day work for me.

9 I face my fears and I am no longer afraid; all my fears in the past have passed; so also, will all current and future fears pass; I love who I am and who I am yet to become. The past is not my potential.

10 I am strong; I am becoming stronger.

11 I let go of the past, move on, and no longer feel guilty; the mistakes of the past belong to a 'me' that I am longer the same as; I have changed and am still changing.

12 I am active and full of energy – physically, emotionally, intellectually, spiritually.

13 I choose to let go of all feelings of upset, choosing, instead, calm inner-peace in the face of all storms giving me deep inner-stability.

14 I am extremely attentive, paying close attention to others and to the tasks I wish to focus upon – one at a time. I follow one course of action until complete.

15 I am no longer scared – I have faced my fears, they have passed, I remain; they are temporary; I am enduring. They are weak; I am strong.

16 I am determined to pursue my purpose and desires with passion and vigour.

17 I have chosen peace rather than to allow myself to be jittery. I speak peace into my heart, into my mind, into my thoughts, into my relationships, into my home, into my environment, into all my experiences and situations.

18 I am alert – noticing everything that will move me forward, remaining open to new opportunities. I mentally rehearse how Life can turn out for the best.

19 I am no longer nervous since I now have faith that everything will work out well and to my advantage. I am therefore courageous and of good cheer.

20 I am extremely enthusiastic – in fact, you could almost say my enthusiasm is contagious.

Whether the recording is available in time or not, I sincerely believe just saying these words will give you an amazingly positive frame for the day ahead.

To infinity and beyond!


A Moodscope member.

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