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A Walk in the Park? Monday September 7, 2015

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There are many strange clichés in all cultures. English has its fair share. How about this one, "Life's a walk in the park!" This means that life is easy and pleasant. This is a wonderful state that we're all supposed to aspire to. Apparently.

Well the more people I get to know - really know - the more I realise that I don't know anybody for whom this is true.

Scratch under the surface a bit and you find that all people or their friends and families face battles against poverty, ill-health and all manner of sorrows. None of them have a life that is a walk in the park.

So, should we abandon the dream? Yes, I think we should! The exaggerations of marketing professionals, fashion gurus and media moguls set us up to expect the unrealistic. When the unrealistic is continuously unattained, disappointment and disillusionment can set in... and even despair. Far better, then, to choose a better path - a path of realism.

The path I recommend is a path through the park. Not a walk in the park, but a walk through the park. By this, I mean the conscious decision to take time to enjoy the park each day. The 'park' can be anything you take pleasure in. Your loyal and adoring pet. Art. Music. Nature. Whatever your 'park' is, is must be cherished each day, at least for a few precious moments.

One of my parks is the park! There's a recreation field at the top of our cul-de-sac. There, with space to grow and be itself, is a young oak tree. I get a ridiculous amount of pleasure from pausing and just looking at how well it is developing this year. I haven't seen a single other person pause and enjoy this feast for the senses. For many, it seems the park is an interruption between where they are now and where they are seeking to get to.

May I recommend a walk through the park? And when you do take up this recommendation, may I suggest you pause and drink in the sensory feast prepared there for you? The clouds, the trees, the grass, the birds...

My desire is that, in taking a walk through the park, you find that your life might just become more like a walk in the park.

A Moodscope member.

Thoughts on the above? Please feel free to post a comment below.

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Brum Mum Mon, Sep 7th 2015 @ 7:07am

Thank you, Lex. As we start the school year in our house I will enjoy the walk through the park we do every day.....

Christine Mon, Sep 7th 2015 @ 7:41am

Lex, this is so true, whatever anyone says about their life we all have times when we find it hard, I'm still perplexed most of the time!! wondering what it's all about! I agree with all your blog, all the best

Hopeful One Mon, Sep 7th 2015 @ 8:19am

Hi Lex - so well put . Just one change of word from "" in" to "through'" and a whole new vista opens. Focus on the journey not the destination - that way one is more likely to appreciate the butterflies . the destination target is performance based leading to self criticism with its negative consequences when one does not achieve the target while the journey target is growth based - each set back is seen as a learning opportunity with all its positive consequences.

Charlotte Mon, Sep 7th 2015 @ 8:48am

I've recently taken up landscape photography - I love nothing more than a walk in the moorland behind the house. Absorbing the landscape - noticing the small things. The spiders web, the way the sun glows through the dew on the grass. In those moments, everything else is forgotten and I'm in my 'park' enjoying the quietness.

Lex Mon, Sep 7th 2015 @ 11:58am

Dearest Brum Mum, Christine, Hopeful One and Charlotte, I've loved reading your responses to my thoughts. Thank you for taking the time out to add to our conversation.
Hopeful One - "...the journey target is growth based - each set back is seen as a learning opportunity with all its positive consequences." That is such a mature perspective - one I aspire to... as, today, I walk through the park.

The Gardener Mon, Sep 7th 2015 @ 1:20pm

My 'walk in the park' was watering the garden(s) on a dazzlingly beautiful September morning. I swear the colours were deeper - and an opportunist thrush hoped for snails. A new low with my alzheimer sufferer made the morning particularly poignant, and 'the walk in the park' whatever form it takes, a vital part of daily routine

Julia Mon, Sep 7th 2015 @ 1:49pm

A lovely blog Lex and I also enjoyed listening to your soothing voice. My walk through the park today was my bike ride across the fields. It was a perfect morning but even so, I had to tell myself to appreciate the clear blue sky etc as my mind was racing when I set out with conversations going through my head. I heard and saw geese or ducks, not sure which I'm afraid,flying across the fields in formation and wondered if they were the first signs of this winters migrating birds.

Claire Mon, Sep 7th 2015 @ 1:58pm

Les I think your forgiveness is beautiful ..... my life transformed when I started leaving the past in the past, forgiving . .. Also understanding that there are negatives and positives in all behaviour acknowledge the negative but then to embrace the positive moving on...if we choose to use the best in our humanity we will overcome the worst and make the world a better place for ourselves and everyone x

Claire Mon, Sep 7th 2015 @ 2:01pm

Apologies everyone, this is for a different blog... But Les I did love your description of of how you connected with that old dame of an Oak Tree...sorry everyone :-/

Claire Mon, Sep 7th 2015 @ 2:04pm

Oh my goodness, talk about active listening... I need to actively read wasn't even an old lot must think what an idiot!!! Well it was well intentioned...C

susan Mon, Sep 7th 2015 @ 4:28pm

Hi Claire. hahahaha no apologies required; i'm having one of those days, too. Something in the air? susanxx

susan Mon, Sep 7th 2015 @ 4:31pm

Hi Lex. Very soothing. What a difference one little word can make. Thank you. xx

Bearofliddlebrain Mon, Sep 7th 2015 @ 6:54pm

Oh dear, Claire, I kept reading and re-reading Lex's blog post and couldn't understand why you had written what you had...(eye my name? I thought u was getting worserer by the minute!!! Lol!) how relieved I was to read the next few instalments!! I m glad it's not just me who muddies up! Think I've had one of those days on many a day!
Lex, what a lovely post - it's a refreshing one with new ways for everyone to look at their world, their park.
I do find that when two or three days seem like a 'walk in the park' something comes along and bites me on the if to remind me to enjoy what I've got it too, will pass.
My walks through the park were with my dog and husband this morning....gardening this afternoon.
Thanks, x

Claire Mon, Sep 7th 2015 @ 7:38pm

Thanks Susan and Bear....glad you got a laugh from my "liddlebrain" walk through the park is my garden which is home to many very old them on the brain now...birds including their nest/babies...wildlife...have even seen a deer at the bottom early doors...the novelty never wears...peace....heaven ....thanks from me too Lex for prompting me to open my eyes with my heart :-)

Lex Mon, Sep 7th 2015 @ 7:40pm

Oh Bearofliddlebrain, sounds like paradise to me!
And it's OK to be fuddled!
As long as there's a cuddle after the fuddle!

Lex Mon, Sep 7th 2015 @ 7:41pm

Hi Susan, yes, one little word. Makes such a difference. Glad you found it so too.

Lex Mon, Sep 7th 2015 @ 7:43pm

Ah, Claire...
Such important words, "Open the eyes of my heart, Lord, open the eyes of my heart." One of my favourite songs.
Today's highlights: deer in the fields and ducks all in a row crossing the road, much to the amusement of myself and the driver coming in the other direction. Thankful they made it safely.

Lex Mon, Sep 7th 2015 @ 7:44pm

Hi Julia... thought you'd like my duck experience too!

Lex Mon, Sep 7th 2015 @ 7:46pm

And Dear Gardener, I know we need moments of peace, hope and joy to punctuate our challenging days. My heart goes out to you.
L'xx... and, yes, the colours were more vibrant!

danielle Tue, Sep 8th 2015 @ 10:51am

excellent as always Lex - i love your blogs. my walk through the park is seeing my beautiful horse. I see her most days unless I am away with work etc. she is just a joy, she has no idea how my day has been and always greets me happily and wants a head rub. we go for rides and do things together that we could not achieve without the partnership. I genuinely believe she has saved my life in the past year

Bearofliddlebrain Tue, Sep 8th 2015 @ 10:54am

Ah, Danielle, that is so uplifting and wonderful to read about you and your beautiful horse....animals are so grateful to see us and to be loved and cared for by us...remember to love and look after yourself as much as you do for her. ??

Bearofliddlebrain Tue, Sep 8th 2015 @ 10:54am

..??? That should have been a smiley face!! Lol! :)

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