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A view with a room. Thursday January 26, 2017

When I was teenager I noticed my friend crouched in the corner of my lounge room. She told me she liked to look at a room from different places. Her place was very small so she was always trying to find a new way to see things.

I sometimes like to lie on the floor on my back and look around as everything seems fresh or finding a place in a room that I never stood before.

Sometimes we are creatures of habit and we like to sit in the same place, walk the same route, and look at same scenery.

What if you try today to look at something from a different place?

It could be just sitting in a different chair, or from a corner, or from under a table, form a different part in the room from where you normally stand or sit, or anything at all that gives you a different picture.

So look around any room, or go outside and tell me what you can see from your new position.

Does it feel any different? Do you notice anything unusual?

I crawled into the corner of my bedroom, pushing stuff to one side!, and saw the room was bigger than it feels.

Your turn, what do you see?

A Moodscope member.

Thoughts on the above? Please feel free to post a comment below.

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Hopeful One Thu, Jan 26th 2017 @ 7:02am

Hi Leah- what a refreshing idea(pun not intended!). We are such creatures of habit which is OK as long as our habits are healthy. Parts of depression too become a habit when we ruminate on our past loses and engage in the same thinking loop where the negative becomes the norm.

Hi Paul thanks for you joke yesterday. I run a Joke Squadron (sorry guys the service was discontinued for a while as I was busy resitting an exam) whose origins lie in my last/past depressive episode (thankfully there has been no relapse as I now have tools which I can deploy if I feel my"dip"as I call it threatens to appear. One of the Universal Tools that I have is laughter. I discovered that it is impossible to feel depressed and laugh at the same time.

I have suggested to Caroline if we could have a humour section where others can contribute.Any titles anybody?

Here is today's laugh.Warning:This joke contains adult content which some may find offensive.

The Dean of a girls exclusive school was lecturing her students on sexual morality." We live today in very difficult times for young people" she said."Ask yourself just one question: Is an hour of pleasure worth a lifetime of shame?" A young woman from the back of the room raises her hand and asks" Excuse me ,but how do you make it last for an hour?"

By the way are you OK RATG?

Tutti Frutti Thu, Jan 26th 2017 @ 9:24am

Nice to see you back hopeful one. We have been missing you and I hope the exam went OK. The joke made me smile (as did Paul's joke yesterday). Love TF x

Leah Thu, Jan 26th 2017 @ 9:33am

Hioeful one Welcome back.thanks for you reply and joke. What about funny bone for the humour page .

Leah Thu, Jan 26th 2017 @ 9:34am

Autocorrect should be Hopeful

Hopeful One Thu, Jan 26th 2017 @ 4:15pm

Hi Guys- thank you for your comments. Funny bone sounds interesting but I seem to remember it used in my uni rag Megazine. ""Laughter- the best medicine"?

Paul Thu, Jan 26th 2017 @ 7:44pm

Yes I think funny bone would be good. Black dog with a funny bone My friend is very thrifty with his money, he went in hospital for a hip replacement and asked the surgeon could be keep the bone for his dog

Leah Fri, Jan 27th 2017 @ 8:42am

Hopeful one I don't think there is toning original under the sun as they say in the bible..maybe you have a name we can use.or maybe in the mood. I have confessed I am hopeless at titles yet I keep trying so you must give me credit for nor trying.!

Leah Fri, Jan 27th 2017 @ 8:42am

Paul Like your joke! Thanks for sharing it.

Mary Wednesday Thu, Jan 26th 2017 @ 10:05am

This is a great idea Leah. Except that I think I might see a whole load of dust and cobwebs I had not seen before! But yes, a new perspective is a healthy thing

Leah Thu, Jan 26th 2017 @ 10:14am

Mary Don't disturb the cobwebs and dust as that creates problems! Thanks for replying.

Jul Thu, Jan 26th 2017 @ 10:13am

An interesting idea. I shall try it later. I suppose one will notice different aspects of a room or a familiar scene. It's good to get out of our comfort zones and give our perceptions a reboot. Julxx

Leah Thu, Jan 26th 2017 @ 10:51am

Jul Thanks for your reply.I like the idea of a perception reboot,!

Wyvern Thu, Jan 26th 2017 @ 11:36am

I have learnt from my dog to spot where the animals come out of the hedge. I can also now see small tracks across fields that I never could see before. Brilliant. He also teaches me much about being 'in the moment'.

Jane Thu, Jan 26th 2017 @ 4:20pm

I like this Wyvern. I will look more closely next time I take my dog out, instead of rushing like I usually do!

Leah Thu, Jan 26th 2017 @ 7:50pm

Wyvern Great idea. I think dogs and children can show us new way of seeing things and being in the moment.

Leah Thu, Jan 26th 2017 @ 7:50pm

Wyvern Great idea. I think dogs and children can show us new way of seeing things and being in the moment.

The Gardener Thu, Jan 26th 2017 @ 12:08pm

Lovely idea - I think I've always done it - now more than ever when I have had to convert the equivalent of two village halls into an agreeable living space (early December party confirmed that the 'vistas' are successful. When I wrote my first novel it was set in the middle of the religious wars (end 16th beginning 17th C). I went up to the vantage points - un-changed - where they could watch the English trying lo land on the Mt St Michel (never succeeded) and from the cemetery up the Cherbourg peninsula. From where the village bar is now the Catholics could have heard the horses, the clank of swords, see the dust, of the approaching Protestant armies (or vice versa, whoever was winning) and I likened them to football stands - and could see it all. Photographs provide the most surprises - a garden one will come up on screen - and I notice, for the first time, how beautiful is the stone-walling behind the hanging baskets. And the juxtaposition of plants give a different view - doing what you say, Leah, is like looking into an old fashioned kaleidoscope. I have pictures by local artists facing my computers - in one, a boat tied up in a rocky creek - I'm there. Another is a tiny stream with the skeletal bare branches of winter - I can almost see the trout in those streams, and hear the twitter of the birds who hunt insects in the bark. Mr G's illness has made him scared and confused, so things must stay put, to allay his fears. Facing his armchair is the marvellous china cabinet his father made, with our favourite china therein. Above his head is a rather unusual spice, tea and coffee rack, purchased by his parents in Switzerland. I'd never looked underneath - made in Colditz! Only think of it as a prison - but an important source of china, not in the Meissen/Dresden/Rosenthal category but fascinating. Sorry to go on so long after such a lovely prompt, Leah, but the need to think 'positive' is vital at the moment. xx

Leah Thu, Jan 26th 2017 @ 7:55pm

Tg Thanks for your wonderfully descriptive comment. I love the analogy of a kaleidoscope. I am always transported to another place and time by your comments. Your comments are mor fascinating than a Nationsl Geographic.

The Gardener Thu, Jan 26th 2017 @ 12:09pm

Echoing Mary - don't look up! I had a cleaning lady who would never climb on chairs or ladders - above eye level was disgusting in that house.

Leah Thu, Jan 26th 2017 @ 7:56pm

Tg Today climbing chairs and ladders for a cleaning lady woul be forbidden on safety rules.

Frank by the Quayside Thu, Jan 26th 2017 @ 1:38pm

Hi Leah, A lovely post for today and got me thinking about my homes. I work both in Ipswich where I mainly live and Woodford where I spend a couple of days in another apartment. I will commit to sitting or laying down in a different spot and see what views and feelings I experience. I have actually stood in a different corner of my bedroom and sure enough you are right I can see things in a different light. Isn't that what life is about - look at things differently by giving them space and time and all will become a different perception of when you first encountered the situation.
Thanks again and have a lovely day.

Leah Thu, Jan 26th 2017 @ 7:58pm

Frank Thanks for your kind words and comment. I have a vision of moodscopers laying down in various places! Thanks again.

Jane Thu, Jan 26th 2017 @ 4:16pm

This is a great idea Leah. I sometimes change my home office around, especially if I've just been through a low spell. I find the de cluttering therapeutic and I do see things differently when I've moved my computer. It gives me a feeling of hope somehow. On a less positive note I saw the world in a different perspective at lunch time today when I was sat on a cubicle floor at work fighting a panic arrack before an important presentation to my chief executive. It did work! And the presentation went well! Not very hygienic maybe though!!!! X

Jul Thu, Jan 26th 2017 @ 5:26pm

Congratulations Jane for delivering the presentation so well. A novel way to prepare for it but it worked for you! I did feel for you though, imagining you in that cubicle feeling so anxious beforehand. It must have been terrible for a few minutes or more. You will feel so relieved now and ready to take on, if not the world, more presentations. Well done. Julxx

Leah Thu, Jan 26th 2017 @ 8:01pm

Jane Thanks for sharing that moment which did help you. I am glad the presentation went well. It is funny how deckuttering can hel people or stress them. I am one of the latter group!

Leah Thu, Jan 26th 2017 @ 8:02pm

Jul Your kind comment to Jane is one if the reasons I like moodscope as people like you are so caring.

Jane Fri, Jan 27th 2017 @ 5:48am

Thank you so much Jul. It gave me a lovely warm feeling when I read this, like I'm not alone with these things. Thank you for being so caring xx

Jane Fri, Jan 27th 2017 @ 5:49am

Thanks Leah, sometimes I find de cluttering stressful if I take on too much! One section at a time can work best x

Leah Fri, Jan 27th 2017 @ 8:33am

I find the thought of decluttering far harder than actually doing it. Leahx

Jane Thu, Jan 26th 2017 @ 4:17pm

Attack! Not arrack!

Leah Thu, Jan 26th 2017 @ 8:04pm

Jane Maybe an arrack is an attack that you can manage! I love finding new words from auto correct or voice to text!

Jane Fri, Jan 27th 2017 @ 5:51am

Leah I love this, what a great idea! From now on an arrack will be those ones I prevent from being a full blown attack! Thanks Leah x

Leah Fri, Jan 27th 2017 @ 8:32am

Jane I will use arrac to for those times 8 hide in the bathroom but I know I will return and be social! Thanks for your idea.

Jane Fri, Jan 27th 2017 @ 8:07pm

Glad to know Im not the only one!! x

Maria Thu, Jan 26th 2017 @ 4:19pm

Hi Leah! Thank you for such an inspiring blog! It's amazing how getting outside improves my health. I love to hike in the mountains, and while the trails are lovely, going off trail and exploring is exhilarating and gives you a whole new perspective. Funny, I haven't changed it up at home...until today...Thanks again! Much love to all!

Leah Thu, Jan 26th 2017 @ 8:05pm

Thanks Maria for your reply. Thanks for reminding us how getting outside is important for our health.

Gar in the States Thu, Jan 26th 2017 @ 4:59pm

Good evening Leah,
Great post today. I've done this before; however when I was a small child. 55 now, had forgotten how not only a room but life on the whole can be so much more rewarding when one sees it from a different angle, perspective.
I thank You for awakening my inner self.
GREAT post.

Leah Thu, Jan 26th 2017 @ 8:06pm

Gar Thanks for your reply and reminding us about our child within.

Eva Thu, Jan 26th 2017 @ 11:17pm

Hi Leah, I like to move my furniture around every so often, because you get to see your home in a new light. I also get down to floor level to be with my cat, or to do yoga, and it's nice to have a look around. Good idea to look through fresh eyes.

Leah Fri, Jan 27th 2017 @ 8:30am

EVaThanks for your reply. I am impressed you move furniture 8 tend to think about that but I never get around to it!!

Leah Fri, Jan 27th 2017 @ 9:21pm

Thanks to everyone who has read my blog. Thanks for the great replies. Sometimes when I write a 'lighter' blog I worrry that people may not reply. I am always grateful for the effort people take to comment.
It is not too late to add a comment in next few days as I keep looking to see if there are more replies. I am writing this on the middle of my stairs half between home and shop! Ism usually running up and down stairs and not sitting in middle. So is a different view and sums up my life caught Bergen home and shop.

Molly Sat, Jan 28th 2017 @ 12:06am

Hi Leah, I have just read your post and can really relate to it. I have always had a habit of moving furniture around, and it really does help. So silly it seems, but even if I literally move the telly a few feet, I feel better ! I am a bit restricted now as to what I can move around because I have oak furniture (heavy), bad mistake that was. I get urges to actually move house all the time. For a change. My husband is a creature of habit and wants everything staying put! He doesn't understand it. When I was working, I took a different route home and it was so nice. Very hard to explain to some. On reading your post Leah and the replies, it really is good to know others feel the same, thank you xx

Leah Sat, Jan 28th 2017 @ 6:02am

Hi Molly Thanks for your post. I suppose I tend to move myself rather than the furniture!!

Molly Sun, Jan 29th 2017 @ 3:13am

Good tip Leah !! About time I moved myself I guess :-)

Leah Sun, Jan 29th 2017 @ 3:56am

Molly, funnily enough I thought I should move more furniture and things as well as myself. Molly, if it works for you, stick to it.

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