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A rite of bloggage. Tuesday December 13, 2016

I'm delighted to see more and more people submitting a blog. I think if we connect with even one phrase then it has the power to change our hour, if not our day. To read that another is experiencing your fear, your disappointment, your worry, your sorrow, your pride, your aims, your joy or your achievement, can be pivotal. But what happens to us when we write? When we share deep feelings that we may not even be able to say aloud.

For me, writing is like a little therapy session or a meditation. It organises the thoughts as we must drill into our feelings in order to lay them out. That process can turn situations around. Anger wilts. Worry soothes. Smiles are nailed to the board! As you fumble around searching for how you might describe what you wish to say you can sometimes solve your own problem.

If you submit a blog to Moodscope, it can be a trembly moment when you realise it's out there for the first time. (I might have made up the word trembly. I have decided I can do that as I have no English teacher beside me right now and I have decided to be proud!) You wonder will anyone find it useful? Will anyone comment? Will someone disagree to such a point that you will be hounded from the land? And then, someone comments. Someone says thank you. Someone says they understand. Someone says it helped. Someone says they don't agree, but its ok. It's really ok.

And you realise the world keeps turning. Only now you have a little extra tool in your toolbox. You can write your words as a way of healing yourself and perhaps others too. Even if you only begin with yourself as the writer and the reader, it can be powerful medicine in seeing yourself differently. It can begin a beginning. I began my beginning two years ago and I can honestly say it has made a world of difference in my life. Have you tried it?

Love from

The room above the garage
A Moodscope member.

Thoughts on the above? Please feel free to post a comment below.

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Mary Wednesday Tue, Dec 13th 2016 @ 6:28am

As so many of us say, who read every day, I knew it was you from the very first line. As so often when you write, you echo my thoughts (are you quite sure we are not long lost twins?). Absolutely, utterly and exactly so. Writing is the most brilliant therapy. Huge love and hugs to you, darling Ratty.

the room above the garage Tue, Dec 13th 2016 @ 8:36am

:-) twins! I grew some of them and so there must be something in the ether, there must be invisible somethings because as a group we are often feeling and thinking similarly. You sound fresh today Mary, are you lifting and levelling? I wish it for you xx.

Mary Wednesday Tue, Dec 13th 2016 @ 12:38pm

Yes. The dark is lifting. There is some light round the edges. You are most astute. Thank you

Sally Tue, Dec 13th 2016 @ 7:55am

I can only echo what Mary says, Ratg, and thank you for addressing this point.
Writing has always been useful to me, be it letters, emails, reports, creative writing or whatever. It expunges what's innermost in my thoughts and sometimes it is a revelation to me! When it goes well.

A blog is quite another matter because, yes, you have the critical eye if whoever's out there....and for many of us, we feel very vulnerable to criticism. It is potentially revisiting those times when we felt humiliated or ridiculed or devalued by the harsh words of a parent, sibling, teacher, person in authority or total stranger and so we guard against it. To go public on Moodscope is a very brave thing to do. I am not that brave....yet.

the room above the garage Tue, Dec 13th 2016 @ 8:40am

I love that you said 'yet' :-) I suppose I rarely write anything controversial and so the chance of criticisms are thin. It'll come when it's time. Thank you Sally, love ratg x.

the room above the garage Tue, Dec 13th 2016 @ 8:41am

I meant your blog will come when it's time :-)

Leah Tue, Dec 13th 2016 @ 8:44am

Sally I do not handle criticism at all well. What I have found is that I and others only get support from blogs.The most criticism I get is from myself!! I am trying to be kinder to myself.lly I feel you become brave by doing a blog. If I had waited till I felt brave enough I never would have written a blog. Of course when the time is right you may write one, in the meantime keep on commenting as I really enjoy your thoughtful comments.

Leah Tue, Dec 13th 2016 @ 8:46am

Ratg Great monds think alike. We were writing a reply to Sally at same time with a similar line about writing a blog when its time!!

Leah Tue, Dec 13th 2016 @ 8:50am

monds? that is a mind that is so vague and confused it becomes a mond!! Ratg. I will comment here. I can relate top your blog. I feel writing is my addiction maybe more than my therapy. always like reading a new writer who has taken the plunge to write a blog, Just remember it is a soft place to land. Take care Leah

the room above the garage Tue, Dec 13th 2016 @ 8:51am

:-) and separated by the clock and half a world!

the room above the garage Tue, Dec 13th 2016 @ 8:53am

And Leah is spot on, the bravery arrives after the first one! Write when you have something to say rather than trying too hard. "It's a soft landing" that.

JohnWalker Tue, Dec 13th 2016 @ 9:16am

I love your phrase "Smiles are nailed to the board". But seriously: For me the only way of dealing with my problems, whichever they are, is to sit back, observe and reflect on what is going on. Writing it down is one good way, nailing them to the board. I usually nail them to my diary. So far I am not ready for writing a blog.

Michael Tue, Dec 13th 2016 @ 6:02pm

Leah. I am also hypersensitive to criticism. In my case I believe this is because my mood disorder can be categorised as "atypical depression". The other symptoms that tend to go with this are: tendency to excessive sleep, fatigue, leaden heavy feeling in limbs, temporary lift in mood when socialising, headaches.

Hopeful One Tue, Dec 13th 2016 @ 7:59am

Hi RATG- like Mary Wednesday I too guessed it was you. One's writing style almost becomes one's signature. I will attest to the power of putting one thoughts in words as it starts clarifying and teasing out the issues. Indeed I would suggest to anyone going through a depression to keep some sort of a journal. Initially it will be a drag( that's the nature of depression) but keep going and it will become a source of inspiration, comfort and your companion.

Try and paste a laugh in the journal too - it is a great antidepressant and costs nothing.

The Joke Squadron found this one which it pasted in its Logbook today.

I talked to a homeless man this morning and asked him how he ended
up this way.He said, "Up until last week, I still had it all. I had plenty to eat, my clothes were washed and pressed, I had a roof over my head, I had TV and Internet, and I went to the gym, the pool, and the library. I was working on my MBA on-line. I had no bills and no debt. I even had full medical and dental coverage."

I felt sorry for him, so I asked, "What happened? Was it drugs,or something?

"Oh no, it was nothing like that," he said. "I just got out of prison."

LP Tue, Dec 13th 2016 @ 8:26am

Hi Ratg, Here here! I find myself writing more for the therapeutic value than anything else, hoping as you say that something might connect with someone out there. I seem to have lost my way a bit with writing blogs. I feel almost as if I've said all that I have to say. I do enjoy it, so maybe soon when my life feels less blocked I'll feel more free and start flowing again. Much love LP xx

Jul Tue, Dec 13th 2016 @ 8:35am

Ha ha! Hopeful one. Julxx

the room above the garage Tue, Dec 13th 2016 @ 8:47am

Hello HO, you brighten my face when I hear from you. Love today's joke, and so true! Love ratg x.

the room above the garage Tue, Dec 13th 2016 @ 8:50am

LP, you're dealing with plenty right now! I enjoy your blogs and yes, they will come when they arrive. Sometimes the simplest thought can be most helpful of blogs to me. Good to see you, love ratg x

Sashka Tue, Dec 13th 2016 @ 8:36am

I love reading these blogs and also the daily quotes. I don't always record my mood but I do read the the blog entries and they always give me something to think about. Very helpful, thank you.

the room above the garage Tue, Dec 13th 2016 @ 8:54am

As is your reply, thank you, love ratg x.

Jul Tue, Dec 13th 2016 @ 8:39am

I agree with everything you say ratg. It's a good point you make when you say that writing a blog is an extra little tool in your toolbox. I like that. A personal challenge for me is to write one when I'm feeling low. I save my writing for the days I'm feeling super confident.I can comment when I'm feeling bad however. Julxx

the room above the garage Tue, Dec 13th 2016 @ 8:55am

Even the horribly dark and low ones can help someone else on a certain day, go on, unleash your worst on us!! :-) Great to see you Jul xx.

JohnWalker Tue, Dec 13th 2016 @ 9:23am

I love your phrase "Smiles are nailed to the board". But seriously: For me the only way of dealing with my problems, whichever they are, is to sit back, observe and reflect on what is going on. Writing it down is one good way, nailing them to the board. I usually nail them to my diary. So far I am not ready for writing a blog.
(Sorry, I got tangled up in the blog structure, so I am posting this again, hopefully at the proper place :-) )

the room above the garage Tue, Dec 13th 2016 @ 11:07pm

Hell JW, I'm glad you find writing in your diary helps. I used to love keeping a diary until an old boyfriend read them and ridiculed and I destroyed them, never to write one again. Do you go back to them and see from where you have come?

The Gardener Tue, Dec 13th 2016 @ 9:27am

HO, a goody - ditto ratg blog. I shall adopt 'trembly'. My 'trembly' moment comes when I pass the first poster in a shop window advertising that I am giving a talk/conference/launching a book (only locally, sadly). The die is cast! Unless you are actually ill, pride says that once announced you're in it up to your neck. (The words at the end 'as I write my sorrows disappear my courage is reborn' are not true at the moment, but at least take my mind off the current daily horrors). Appearances in public are tough for women - men may have a hair cut and buy a new tie - me, disaster strikes. All at great expense: I had my hair permed, it fell out, had it streaked, did not take, my hair is like a horse - had my eyebrows died, did not take - attempts at doing my own make up end up being blinded by mascara or looking like a Dutch Doll painted by a drunk. My writing is usually driven from a small remark which starts a train of thought. Current idea is 'platitudes' driven by this morning's news of major strikes on rail and mail. These people who come on the radio full of horrible self-justification and trot out the same old platitudes they've been using for ever. Is there a training school for spokesmen for unions?

the room above the garage Tue, Dec 13th 2016 @ 11:11pm

Hello TG, your description of your amendments to appearance had me laughing "my hair is like a horse", "a Dutch doll painted by a drunk"...yes, felt that way too!! When is the launch? Or was it in the past?

Sophie Tue, Dec 13th 2016 @ 9:41am

Thanks for a great blog Ratty, i completely agree, and I love the knowledge that I have an extra little tool in my toolbox :)

the room above the garage Tue, Dec 13th 2016 @ 11:12pm

:-) we're armed, good to see you Sophie, love ratg x.

Adrien Tue, Dec 13th 2016 @ 9:56am

Thank you for the blog. First I have read in a long time. For reasons I cannot explain I was moved and got a bit trembly myself. I was consequently moved to recorded my score for the first time in 330 days. Then comment here. Steeling myself for the climb back up to somewhere with good views. Like my scout days climbing in Snowdonia wondering how many effing false summits there are before I get to ... oh I am here. Neat.

the room above the garage Tue, Dec 13th 2016 @ 11:14pm

Hello Adrian, great stuff, I loved reading that! Don't be a stranger, maybe we can help at each summit. Good to see you! Love ratg x.

the room above the garage Tue, Dec 13th 2016 @ 11:14pm

Adrien, apologies.

Adrien Tue, Dec 20th 2016 @ 3:50pm

Thank you for your message. I blame my Father for the spelling of my name. Nothing to aplogise for :-).

Lou Tue, Dec 13th 2016 @ 10:09am

What a lovely and supportive blog RATG. "a trembly moment" is a wonderful description! And there is a definite feeling of accomplishment when one's is blog posted. I hope to write more in the future as I get so much from the posts on here.

the room above the garage Tue, Dec 13th 2016 @ 11:17pm

Hello lovely, I agree, accomplishment it is and that is something we who struggle with mood don't get very often.

Lifelong Learner Tue, Dec 13th 2016 @ 11:22am

A wonderfully inspiring blog RATG. It is a timely reminder for me of the therapeutic value of writing. I've had 'writer's block' for a while now, linked to lots of 'trembly moments'. Like a few people here I haven't recorded my score for a long while but read the blogs most days. Thank you for nudging me to try to change my perspective.

the room above the garage Tue, Dec 13th 2016 @ 11:21pm

Hello LL, that's all it takes, the slightest change can turn around so much. look forward to hearing how it goes, love ratg x.

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