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A More Abundant Life; part 3 of 7. Tuesday May 6, 2014

Today's characteristic of a more abundant 'Life' is 'Reproduction'. (The seven signs being: movement, nutrition, reproduction, excretion, growth, respiration, and sensitivity.)

Whilst eagerly anticipated by some (so I'm told!), the subject of reproduction is uncomfortable for many - so let me start by asserting this isn't going to be about having children. Humans have evolved way beyond the drive-for-life as expressed in most other species. Our desire to reproduce extends to our ideas, our culture, our skills, our interests and even our character.

Reproduction or Pro-Creation.

Being addicted to creativity, I would naturally love a word like "procreation" – a state that is favourably disposed towards being creative. My belief is that this is a shared purpose of life for all of us – to be creative. For an abundant life, we need to have a sense that we have given the best of us to others in a form that endures. A painting, a poem, a novel, a photograph – all these endure and transfer something of our essence and perspective on life.

Digging deeper, we find a need to transfer something of our characteristics or even our passions. I notice (not always with pleasure) that those around me have picked up many aspects of my personality. I seem to have "rubbed off" on them. If I were to choose which characteristics were reproduced in those I love, my list would be very different.

And so here is today's challenge: which aspects of your personality or character would you choose to have reproduced in those you influence? Often these will be visible behaviours driven by invisible beliefs. I know that I love "kindness" above all other values. Whilst I am not always "kind", it still sits there as a defining desire-to-be in my personality... and thus leaks occasionally into my behaviours. To be remembered as a kind and gentle-man would be a triumph. Also to be spoken of as an "inspirational-creative" would tick all the right boxes for me. Thus, when somebody says to me, "Because of you, I have taken up an interest in photography," I smile and know that I have reproduced a passion I value into others.

This is the highest value I see in those who are teachers by "vocation". There is something in them, a passion and enthusiasm, that is contagious, and thus reproduced. I would not be the man I am today if it wasn't for two teachers whose passion for their subject and belief in me reproduced a level of their own excellence in me. That, my friends, is a high expression of living a life to the full. Thank you Barbara, thank you Joe.

A Moodscope member.

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Silvia A Tue, May 6th 2014 @ 2:43am

Wonderful blog! Yes, I know what I would like to have reproduced. But I will reread your blog a few times to think better about so many things you talk about.

Lex, who were those teachers of yours and what did they teach? Could you speak a little bit about them?

DawnC.Ritchie Tue, May 6th 2014 @ 7:55am

For me, I would like, amongst other things, to pass on my 'opposite to anger' state. So many people have too much anger as in road rage and in close relationships. The world would then be a much nicer place.
Have a lovely day y'all :D

Lex McKee Tue, May 6th 2014 @ 9:36am

Hello Silvia, I would LOVE to talk about those two teachers. Barbara MacKeke and Joseph Rayner. Barbara was my teacher for the last years of junior education. She radiated faith in her students and brought the best out in each - helping them grow in confidence as well as completence. Her passion for stories captured my young imagination and is likely to be a major cause of my love for writing.
Joe was a rebel - and my most important teacher in Secondary Education. He took me in as a conspirator - it seemed like us against the system at times. He helped me stand by myself and stand up tall. He was my Biology teacher (Botany and Zoology too), and so we were naturally aligned with a shared passion for Nature. I have no doubt whatsoever that they positively changed the lives of ever student that was ready.
Now, Silvia... I think you have some stories to tell too? Do you have some great teachers in your history?

Lex McKee Tue, May 6th 2014 @ 9:38am

Being able to express yourself, as you do Dawn, is a great cure for anger. Many people seem to get angry when they cannot express themselves in a more appropriate way. This is why language is such a gift to develop.
I also think people get angry when their model of the world isn't accurate - expecting other people to conform to the ways they think things should be. Better to change one's own model of the world than continue to get angry because it doesn't work!

heather Tue, May 6th 2014 @ 10:31am

This is a big challenge, Lex, when I am scrabbling around feeling quite pleased with myself because I have done the washing ! I don't think my life will inspire anyone - I often think that hardly anyone will turn up at my funeral - but that probably won't matter to me. However, my daughter did once say that if she could help as many people in her life as I have she would be proud - but I honestly and truthfully can't imagine why she said it. I think that I would love to always be kind, but I would also love to be able to sense what another person is wanting/needing and be able to help. Other than that I just seem to scrabble around trying to get through days happily - my biggest sense of being creativity is arranging colours and objects to make the home and garden look agreeable! However, your blog has, as usual, been food for thought and I have written a lot of poems which I really should get printed out to hand down to my daughters. I am now thinking of my Moodscope friend Bunny Ears and wondering if I should be wearing some for extra creativity !

Mary Tue, May 6th 2014 @ 11:01am

Hello Lex, As ever, such a great blog containing so much food for thought (you could have got at least three posts from it, you know). At the moment my creativity is alive, but my energy to create very low, so nothing has happened to the novel since the depression swallowed me this time round. But at least I am still writing the moodscope blogs and my own blogs, which is something at least.
As for your ideas on which characteristics - generosity and inspiration would be my two. Probably kindness too; I'll echo you there. Wit and wisdom - except I don't really think I can claim them for myself yet. When I do I'll try to pass them on! Thanks again Lex, I really enjoyed this one. The teachers who inspired me? Mr Tomkinson my senior year primary school teacher and Mr Williams my history teacher, who used to sit on the edge of his desk and just tell us stories. he swept us right into history so that we felt as if we had lived it too. A brilliant man!

DawnC.Ritchie Tue, May 6th 2014 @ 11:57am

Heather, please listen to your daughter. Often we cannot see the joy and help we give to others. It would be good sometimes if we could see ourself in the third person and then we would see what a joy we can be. Love Dawn x

Lex McKee Tue, May 6th 2014 @ 12:16pm

As lovely as ever, Mary... and I think you've answered your own point about Wit and Wisdom. Any wit or wisdom I have is the result of inputs from others - that's been my food and my breathing in of inspiration. Of course we all find our own unique ways to articulate that wit and wisdom and add something of ourselves to the mix - that's the fun part. I see your own Signature Style in everything you write - something that is quintessentially "Mary". That says to me that the naturally perfect you is merely awaiting the next spark of inspiration to ignite your talent for expression.
We both know that part of the magic is to keep writing even when we don't feel like it or the energy is low. It keeps the pump working ready for the next well-spring of the "Aha!" to flow up, over and through us.

Lex McKee Tue, May 6th 2014 @ 12:21pm

I'm with Dawn on this one, Heather. I think, on this occasion, your daughter knows you better than you allow yourself to know yourself. Pop on some Bunny Ears or at least a bunny grin, and let that wholesome pride flow in. You're clearly a listener, compassionate, empathetic and kind - sounds pretty amazing to me... and if the bunny ears don't work, try wriggling your nose like a rabbit... always gives me the giggles!
Let the poems flow and make sure you catch them on paper so that they can grow and grow and grow...

heather Tue, May 6th 2014 @ 1:10pm

Thanks you two, I think I could up the score on my "proud" card today, thanks to you.

heather Tue, May 6th 2014 @ 1:14pm

Just have to say hope you will soon be practically perfect again Mary ..

Lex McKee Tue, May 6th 2014 @ 3:19pm

Hey, that's the kind of result that's worth a round of applause and a big, cheesey grin... both of which I have just performed in your honour, Heather

Richard Tue, May 6th 2014 @ 5:42pm

You are the MAN.
Thankyou Brenda and John !
Love, Rich x

Lex McKee Tue, May 6th 2014 @ 5:43pm

Love to you Rich... and after an evening with friends and Genesis last night, I wish you good tunes this evening! x

Anonymous Tue, May 6th 2014 @ 8:21pm

A more abundant creative life ... unless you can call "blogging" creativity, then I always (oops, Sorry Les) then I can find "being creative" a challenge - I don't draw, paint, act, play an instrument ... I am learning to "be" in the moment - and maybe my creativity could be in the form of my occasional writing (for me only). I do have an interest in history and read history books - does that count? People say I am a good listener, though I am not sure that counts as "creativity". A challenging blog for me, this one, Lex; but also an invitation ... Thank-you. Frankie

Anonymous Wed, May 7th 2014 @ 1:35pm

Great blog - thanks.

Lex McKee Thu, May 8th 2014 @ 4:06pm

Hello Frankie... I believe creativity to "do what it says on the tin" - to create something new that didn't formerly exist. Your writing clearly counts in this category, with blogging being a great outlet for creativity. However, any time you perceive a new pattern - that's the essense of creativity. A kind word that creates a feeling that didn't exist before, a compliment, a warming wink to someone else that makes them smile... all these things are essentially creative. I love the art and other more traditionally recognised creative outputs, but the truth is in you recognising or articulating what no one else has seen. I think you are creative, Frankie x

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