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A More Abundant Life; part 2 of 7. Friday May 2, 2014

As Les recently engaged us with the wisdom choosing which wolf to feed, today's characteristic of a more abundant 'Life' is 'Nutrition'. (The seven signs being: movement, nutrition, reproduction, excretion, growth, respiration, and sensitivity.)


Nutrition features richly in the Moodscope blogs – with most of us, I'm sure, signing up to the fact that what you eat affects your mood. We've even shared great recipes – something I hope we'll continue to do. However, today I'm using 'Nutrition' metaphorically to represent that which we feed on to give us energy.

Many of us have worked in organisations where we were fed the 'Junk Food' of broken promises, lies and covert communication. We've also all experienced the joy of honest, 'authentic' communication – that allows us to be who we are, and to say just how we are. Surely this is one of the greatest gifts of a Moodscope buddy – to take us just as we are, sometimes just to listen, and sometimes to feed us with wise words that bring life.

My imagination was captured by Les' tale of the two warring wolves in the mind of the wise Indian – one seeking darkness, and one seeking light. The victory went to the mind-wolf that the Indian fed more. So what is good nutrition for the wolf of light?

Part of good nutrition comes down to the way you chew! Chew your food well and you'll give your digestive system the best start you can offer it. I chew all the time – in the sense that I ruminate – think the same sort of thoughts over and over and over until they are digested. Of course, I feed the wolf of darkness often. So, today, I need to chew over and over on thoughts that move me forwards into the embrace of the wolf of light.

These are thoughts of what is good in my life. Thoughts of what is true and authentic and honest. Thoughts that point me to what is noble in those I know – what they do that I admire. And I conclude here with an example of great food to give others to nourish their life to the full: a genuine, specific, heart-felt and heart-warming compliment.

Perhaps to best feed ourselves on the energy-rich nectar of encouragement, we should practice first offering it to others?

A Moodscope member.

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Mary Blackhurst Hill Fri, May 2nd 2014 @ 8:24am

Great post as always, Lex. Last night I wrote my professional blog, including a link to a piece in a national paper. Viewing the many bitter and negative comments that piece had attracted, I gave thanks yet again for the positive, compassionate support that the Moodscope community offers. You readers (and especially those of you who take the time to comment) are fantastic. I'm sure Lex will join me in saying a huge Thank you: Moodscope's support is nutrition of the highest quality.

Lex McKee Fri, May 2nd 2014 @ 8:53am

I agree with you, Mary, 100%. Moodscope is nutrition of the highest quality... and can be that vital safe and supportive community and resources that enable us to take those 'risks' that Les mentioned in another blog.
Sounds like your blog, Mary, took a few risks - if I'm reading you correctly. I would like to read that if you are happy to send me a link - I'm always happy for Caroline to share my email address.

heather Fri, May 2nd 2014 @ 10:00am

I have been looking forward to this Blog and it actually lifted me as I read it, even though I am feeling good anyway. It reminded me how important it is to say thank you for all the good things in my life and dwell on the lovely attributes of others (not their failings). I try to pay compliments when they are in my head as I love getting them ! and worry a lot if I am criticised. I also like to say sorry for my perpetual failings to do the right thing. Your blog, Lex, lifted me into that place where Iike to be and I am now going to read it again and absorb it. Thanks - these blogs must take a lot of time and thought.

Anonymous Fri, May 2nd 2014 @ 10:07am

I have had the 'junk food of broken promises' a lot lately - funding applications that never came through, paid work that never happened.

heather Fri, May 2nd 2014 @ 10:17am

That is really tough. Do hope things improve.

Lex McKee Fri, May 2nd 2014 @ 11:43am

Heather - you are a joy to me. I suppose the blogs have taken 50 or so years to write!!! This seven-fold structure has really inspired me over the years. When we mirror a successful pattern in Nature - this blueprint for life to the full - I think we're laying the best foundation for contentment.

So, your compliment from me, for today, is a genuine one: everything you have said to me has lifted me, often when I've needed it most. Now, dear Heather, that's a gift worth sharing.

Lex McKee Fri, May 2nd 2014 @ 11:46am

Hello Anonymous... time for some better nutrition. You know best those things that give you energy. These aren't luxuries that we can safely put off until the serious 'work' is done to attract funding or paid work - these energy giving activities or inputs are essential.

I'd love to know what energises you that is under your own control - and I hope that by going public on those things will actually encourage you to seek them out to strengthen your energy.

heather Fri, May 2nd 2014 @ 12:47pm

Wow, I feel even a little bit tearful ! (but find this "seven fold structure" amazing already - can't wait for the rest)

Anonymous Fri, May 2nd 2014 @ 11:25pm

Hi Lex; so true - and so easy to feed the "dark" wolf - I have found affirmations (thanks to Louise Hay) really empowering: "I am safe, all is well; I release all negativity/anger/bitterness/guilt; there is plenty of time, space and energy to do everything I want; I always enjoy your posts Lex - thank-you. Frankie

Lex McKee Sat, May 3rd 2014 @ 8:56am

Hi Frankie, I've got a project in mind. Would you be happy to gather a list of empowering affirmations and send them to me? Caroline can supply my email. Then I can get creative with them! Warmest, Lex

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