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A great film. Friday January 30, 2015

You don't get better than this:

"I am a producer for Tech For Good TV. We are a new online platform, funded by the Cabinet Office and Nesta, to tell the stories – through film – of social innovation and how technology and people are building a better world. We would love to feature Moodscope in our content - it seems like you offer an amazing service and are leading the way in supporting those with mental health issues." Abby Schlageter.

Of course we were very flattered and asked if any Moodscope members would be happy to take part in the film to support Moodscope and spread the word to help others. Many of you offered to be filmed and we thank you very much.

We would especially like to thank those that did take part. Poppy Jayman, CEO MHFA who contributed as a supporter of Moodscope. Derek Chase a GP who is using Moodscope himself and also using it successfully with his patients, and Fiona Rae a Moodscope user.

We are very proud to be part of the film and couldn't have done it without the help of our Moodscope members. I hope you find it interesting viewing:

Kind regards.

Caroline Ashcroft
The Moodscope Team.

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Hopeful One Fri, Jan 30th 2015 @ 7:30am

Hi Caroline and the Moodscope Team- Fantastic publicity and well done you.Also thank you and admiration to the brave Moodscopers who took part.

Anonymous Fri, Jan 30th 2015 @ 8:26am

I love the idea that future generations might be treated by people who have grown up with these new tools. Brilliant. And yes brave to step into the spotlight in a world where judgement is still feared. Being gay is now almost fully accepted and not judged, a change that took a surprisingly short time in the grand scheme. Being disabled is beginning to blend into equality. Hopefully this will help to do something similar for mental illnesses. Where will it be shown?

John Lennon said "Imagine"...
Love from the room above the garage.

Julia Fri, Jan 30th 2015 @ 9:14am

Congratulations Caroline and well done Fiona. What a brave girl you are appearing on the film. I hope you were pleased with how you came across? I thought you were amazing. I also heard about Moodscope from Libby Purvis' Midweek on Radio 4. I often wonder if I would have heard about it or be at the better place I am now had it not been for that programme.

Moodscope Fri, Jan 30th 2015 @ 9:55am

Thank you Hopeful One. The production team did a great job and the Moodscope members were superb. Caroline

Moodscope Fri, Jan 30th 2015 @ 9:58am

Hi there, the film's only being show online on the Tech for Good site We also hope this will help remove the stigma associated with mental health issues. Carolne

Moodscope Fri, Jan 30th 2015 @ 10:01am

Thanks Julia. Didn't Fiona do well. The day Jon was on the radio with Libby Purvis our website crashed under the strain of people registering. Just shows the need is there. Caroline

Anonymous Fri, Jan 30th 2015 @ 10:22am

Absolutely brilliant, Caroline and especially Fiona for being so brave! I was fortunate to meet Jon at my daughter's school and that started me on moodscope, and I am grateful most days, to read what the wonderful Moodscopers are able to write whilst they too are suffering. I often tell people about the programme and send the page or just the quote of the day to help friends. Karen :)

Moodscope Fri, Jan 30th 2015 @ 11:23am

Thanks Karen. The blogs are really good considering, as you say, how the person writing it may be suffering. It always amazes me!

Anonymous Fri, Jan 30th 2015 @ 11:37am

Inspiring Video and blog...Moodscope is such a lifesaver in the simplest, least intrusive way! I sometimes send the inspirational blogs to friends and family, who I think it may help..often it's just what they need to read even if they don't always go on to register their own mood...we are a brilliant team of talent!! Let's give ourselves a pat on the back!! (or if not dieting, have a treat to eat). Could this video be sent to bipolaruk, timetotalk and other mental health groups? I had never heard of TechforGoodTV but have not registered. Sue

Moodscope Fri, Jan 30th 2015 @ 7:36pm

Here here! We're definitely going to promote the film in the near future. Thanks Sue.

Mary Blackhurst Hill Fri, Jan 30th 2015 @ 7:59pm

Hey - we rock! Huge Thanks to Caroline who keeps Moodscope and us going. You are Fabulous!

Moodscope Fri, Jan 30th 2015 @ 9:31pm

You're making me blush Mary! Moodscope wouldn't be what it is without you and all the other brilliant bloggers so thank you all. Caroline

C A Morgan Sat, Jan 31st 2015 @ 4:17pm

Well done Caroline & team & stars of the film! I've put it out on Twitter so hope it will get re-tweeted and shared widely. Anyone on Twitter I'm @Chris5anne.

Moodscope Sat, Jan 31st 2015 @ 8:26pm

Thank you so much Christine. Caroline

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