About Depression

If you desire to better understand about depression, the right place for you may well be Moodscope.


about depression

The symptoms of depression and lowered mood are stumbling blocks which affect many individuals. In terms of treatment options it is usually a choice between medication and therapy, generally linked to straightforward self-help strategies such as choosing healthy food, having a suitable amount of daily exercise and being sure to enjoy time in the company of other people. Moodscope, however, is an entirely new concept.


Should you wish to lose weight it would make sense to weigh yourself regularly, tracking your success. There is a tendency to find that initiatives to lose weight may be significantly easier when there are people around to support you. That is the way in which slimming clubs work.


Going on from this Moodscope precisely equips you to record your mood daily, then tracks it for you automatically on a graph. Very importantly it then gives you an opportunity to gather some friends who can become your buddies, being sent an electronic note of your score whenever you measure it. The figures indicate that the simple process of determining, tracking and broadcasting your scores like this may well result in an improved mood.


Why not explore the Moodscope web site? It will satisfy your need for knowledge relating to your interest in about depression.


The mood measuring is accomplished using specially designed animated playing cards which can be orientated allowing you to choose the amount that you are experiencing twenty representative emotions. Although the cards are a unique and new idea, their principle is drawn from a well-established and validated psychological mood test.


On top of the fundamental scoring of overall mood each day, Moodscope provides you with extra tools that help you to gain the deepest insight.


By way of example it produces word clouds built from common themes found in your best and worst days produced by annotations you have attached to the scores you have recorded. This enables you to uncover likely triggers for positive and negative moods alike.


Moodscope may be new but it is getting substantial interest from the mental health profession. In addition many users have been in touch to declare how beneficial they find it.


Visitors to the website will find the widest range of vital knowledge which will answer your questions.*