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If you want to know more about about depression, Moodscope may tick all the boxes.


about depression

Lowered mood levels and depression are challenges which are faced by many. Treatment has historically been a combination of therapy and psychopharmaceuticals, perhaps coupled with simple self-help techniques including healthy eating, benefiting from sensible exercise and making sure to spend time in the company of others. But Moodscope is new and different.


Should you wish to lose weight it would be sensible to make sure you weighed yourself quite often, tracking your success. There is a tendency to find that initiatives to lose weight may work better if you have a good social support network in place. Most slimming clubs are based on this idea.


Building on this Moodscope precisely equips you to take a daily measure of your mood, then tracks it for you automatically on a graph. Interestingly it then seeks you to suggest friends who will agree to be your buddies, getting an emailed alert containing your score whenever you measure it. Experience indicates that the straightforward act of measuring, tracking and sharing your scores like this may in and of itself improve your mood.


Why not take a good look at the online home of Moodscope? It provides a lot of information focused on your search around about depression.


Mood measurement is handled through a pack of special online playing cards which can be spun and turned so as to select the degree to which you're feeling twenty different emotions. Though the playing cards are innovative and new, their methodology builds on a well-established and validated psychological mood test.


Alongside the basic capture of your overall mood, Moodscope provides other tools which enable you to benefit from in-depth analysis.


For instance you will see word clouds displaying underlying themes of bad and good days driven by the explanations you add to the scores you have recorded. It allows you to discover your potential triggers for both positive mood changes and negative ones.


Moodscope may be a fairly new idea but it is drawing great interest from professionals in mental health. Additionally many people using it have emailed to explain how helpful they are finding it.


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