About Depression

Should you wish to learn about about depression, the right place for you may well be Moodscope.


about depression

Depression and low mood are stumbling blocks which affect many individuals. In terms of treatment options it is usually a choice between counselling and pharmaceuticals, generally linked to straightforward self-help strategies including healthy eating, making sure one exercises appropriately and making sure to spend time in the company of others. Moodscope, however, is an entirely new concept.


Should you wish to lose weight it would be sensible to make sure you weighed yourself quite often, logging your progression. In general weight loss programmes can be more fruitful if you have a good social support network in place. That is the way in which slimming clubs work.


Building on this Moodscope precisely gives you the ability to take a daily measure of your mood, then charts it automatically on a graph. Importantly it then asks you to gather some friends who can become your buddies, having a notification of your score sent to them whenever you measure it. Data very much suggests that the straightforward act of scoring, logging and sending out your progress in this way may in and of itself improve your mood.


What about looking further at the online home of Moodscope? It will give you a great deal of info relating to your interest in about depression.


Mood measurement is handled through a pack of special online playing cards which can be orientated allowing you to determine the degree to which you feel twenty different emotions. Although the idea of the cards is a new one, their methodology builds on a well-validated and respected test of mood.


On top of the fundamental scoring of overall mood each day, Moodscope equips you with additional tools that allow you to gain the deepest insight.


For instance you will see word clouds displaying underlying themes of bad and good days based on annotations you attach to the scores you record every day. It provides you with the power to discover possible triggers for positive and negative moods alike.


Though Moodscope is a relatively recent innovation it is drawing great interest from members of the mental health profession. As well as this many of those using it have been in touch to declare how much it is helping them.


The website gives visitors an array of comprehensive learning which will answer your questions.*