About Depression

If you desire to better understand about depression, Moodscope may tick all the boxes.


about depression

Depression and other forms of low mood are challenges which are faced by many. Options in terms of treatment are usually restricted to medication and therapy, generally linked to straightforward self-help strategies including healthy eating, benefiting from sensible exercise and making certain that you don't isolate yourself. Moodscope is a very innovative idea, though.


If your goal was to shed a few pounds it would be helpful to record your weight every so often, logging your progression. In general weight loss programmes can be more effective when you have social support. Slimming clubs work in this way.


Inspired by this Moodscope precisely equips you to take a daily measure of your mood, then charts it automatically on a graph. Very importantly it then gives you an opportunity to suggest friends who will agree to be your buddies, being notified of your score on every occasion on which you record it. Data very much suggests that the straightforward act of measuring, tracking and sharing your scores like this may in and of itself improve your mood.


How about taking a look at the online home of Moodscope? It provides a lot of information focused on your search around about depression.


Mood measurement is handled through a pack of special online playing cards which can be positioned so you are able to indicate the amount you experience 20 important emotions. Though the playing cards are innovative and new, the basic principles on which they are based come from a well-validated and respected test of mood.


In addition to the straightforward tracking of overall mood, Moodscope equips you with additional tools that allow you to benefit from in-depth analysis.


For example it will show you word clouds built from common themes found in your best and worst days based on explanations you have added to the scores you have recorded. You are therefore able to discover possible triggers for positive and negative moods alike.


Although Moodscope has only been around for a short time it is getting substantial interest from the mental health profession. What is more a large number of users have written to relate how helpful they are finding it.


The site equips visitors with an array of comprehensive learning which will meet your need.*