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about depression

The symptoms of depression and lowered mood are problems which afflict many. Treatment has historically been a combination of therapy and psychopharmaceuticals, perhaps coupled with simple self-help techniques such as choosing healthy food, making sure one exercises appropriately and being sure to enjoy time in the company of other people. But Moodscope is new and different.


If your goal was to shed a few pounds it would be helpful to record your weight every so often, tracking your success. Many find that weight loss strategies may be significantly easier if you have a good social support network in place. Most slimming clubs are based on this idea.


Going on from this Moodscope accurately enables you to record your mood daily, then charts it automatically on a graph. Significantly it then requests you to nominate a few friends who are able to act as your buddies, having a notification of your score sent to them when you record it. Experience indicates that the straightforward act of monitoring, logging and sharing your progress like this may in and of itself improve your mood.


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Your mood is measured via a deck of clever online playing cards which can be positioned so you are able to choose the amount that you are experiencing 20 various emotions. Though the playing cards are innovative and new, their principle is drawn from a well-established and validated psychological mood test.


In addition to the straightforward tracking of overall mood, Moodscope provides other tools which enable you to gain the deepest insight.


For instance you will see word clouds devoted to the recurring patterns of both good and bad days driven by the explanations you add to your scores each day. This enables you to discover possible triggers for both positive and negative mood change.


Moodscope may be a fairly new idea but it is receiving noticeable interest from professionals in mental health. What is more a large number of users have written to relate how useful it is to them.


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