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The blue train. Metaphor 3. Thursday May 23, 2013

Negative thoughts can drive us down. Negative thoughts beget more negative thoughts and we are in a vicious downward spiral to depression.

But hard as it seems we have a choice.

Think of your thoughts as trains and you are on the platform. Negative thoughts like blue trains (the old favourites like 'I am a failure' and 'life is not worth living') come along but you don't have to get aboard. Observe them but let them leave without you. You can get on the positive thought pink train instead!

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Anonymous Thu, May 23rd 2013 @ 8:20am

I never 'Beget' what a strange word !

Hamid Thu, May 23rd 2013 @ 8:26am

To add a bit of humour. Your thoughts in train shout at you, trying to attract you and to plead you to get on board.

You just smile at them, wave your hand and say "good bye, friends... forever!"

Julia Thu, May 23rd 2013 @ 9:55am

It's always good to learn a new word.

Julia Thu, May 23rd 2013 @ 2:36pm

Yes this is good Hamid and it made me smile; thank you!.But are negative thoughts actual friends and if so, are they friends who have betrayed us or we have grown tired of? I don't think negative thoughts ever start off as friends or do they? Just thinking about it now as I write.. perhaps they are friends or acquaintances who really ought not to be part of our lives any longer but whom we hang onto as they are so familiar. We know we should give them up as they do so much damage in our lives but guilt or inadequate feelings keep them in our lives. You are right, we should wave goodbye to so called "friends" and get them out of our lives for ever. You have got me thinking! I am going to liken (sorry for the long word anonymous above) my negative thoughts and feelings to a particular "friend" (ahem) who dominated my life for ten years, who was no good for me, who damaged me but I felt powerless to say good bye to. I did in the end with some help from a person close to me and it was the best thing I had done for those 10 years but I wish I hadn't wasted those years and got rid of him sooner. Hey Hamid, you should write something for Caroline to post! Your humour has shoots of something great

Anonymous Thu, May 23rd 2013 @ 4:05pm

That is handy. To try to see thoughts as things. Instead of just swirling in my head. To put them on a train. Maybe then I will feel less vaguely uneasy and worrysome.

Dawn Ritchie Thu, May 23rd 2013 @ 10:35pm

I really liked the blue train / pink train analogy and it made me smile too. Thank you :D

Anonymous Fri, May 24th 2013 @ 3:30pm

The train analogy was very helpful. I used it all day yesterday as my "mind station" was overwhelmingly busy with a surge of negative deliveries. I was kept busy continually visualizing waiving them on to the best of my ability. Thanks for the illustration/tool.

Aron Fri, May 24th 2013 @ 7:52pm

Fantastic metapfor(s)!!! Thank you for them! I'm using them already!

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