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Playing with Time. Saturday March 14, 2015

Do you remember how time seemed to work differently when we were children? When we were having fun we felt we had played all afternoon and yet the adults claimed only an hour had passed. I think we knew how to disregard time, bend time, play with time.

Why not do it again? As adults! What is stopping us? Thinking that it is impossible? So let's think it is possible - as it used to be when we were small.

Recently I had a 30 minute break at home between meetings. I set the alarm 15 minutes ahead. I lay down on my spike mat, hands on my heart to slow my beating heart and soon felt myself nod off and dream. After a while I surfaced as the pictures slowed down and noticed myself thinking: "I'm so rested now it must be way past 12.30." Opening my eyes the clock showed 12.27.

My shut-eyes exercise had lasted 12 minutes in "real" time. But in terms of energy-recovery it had lasted a long time. I felt calm and fully present, energized, all throughout the afternoon. In my family we have a saying when we go to bed late that "We'd better sleep five quarters per hour". This may not be as impossible as it sounds.

Recently I've started to ask as a kind of prayer that the time I have to do something – like write a certain piece – will be sufficient and ample for me to do it in a harmonious way and be happy and satisfied with the result. I believe actively choosing to do something and asking to have fun whilst doing it, focusing on that, serves as an anti-dote to stress.

In a way I'm asking not to feel stressed while doing something. But asking in those words wouldn't give me the magic I'm after. I believe in focusing on what I want, now that I know it is possible. Time is not a fixed item.

I'll keep experimenting with asking for the feeling of flow and of having ample time and to succeed with my task satisfactorily within the time given and see what happens. Let's enter the mindset of playing with time as a possibility. I'm fascinated to see what creations may come out of it.

All the best,

A Moodscope member

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Julia Sat, Mar 14th 2015 @ 8:08am

I too like the idea of playing with time.

Elizabeth Sat, Mar 14th 2015 @ 9:55am

"I've started to ask as a kind of prayer that the time I have to do something – like write a certain piece – will be sufficient and ample for me to do it in a harmonious way and be happy and satisfied with the result."

Oh, please, I want to learn to work this way too :)

Anonymous Sat, Mar 14th 2015 @ 10:56am

Interestingly, since I started to meditate every day for two years now, I have noticed that my experience of time has changed, to a similar experience as when I was a child and that feeling of flow is there much more strongly. It's been a very positive side effect of the meditating for me, reducing anxiety and fear in the process.

Lauren Farrow Sat, Mar 14th 2015 @ 4:15pm

I notice that time goes much faster as we get older. For instance, I remember hour long car rides as a kid seemed to last FOREVER! I had to get all prepared with a book and pillow and as much gear as possible to make it through that hour.... now, an hour flies by. I can barely keep up with time.
Perhaps I should meditate like anonymous suggests.
Dr. Seuss was correct when he stated, "How did it get so late so soon? Its night before its afternoon. December is here before its June. My goodness how the time has flewn. How did it get so late so soon?"

Laura Sat, Mar 14th 2015 @ 4:29pm

Thanks for the post. Like Anonymous, I find that time goes by slowly when I meditate. Unfortunately, I'm not that disciplined with it yet, but when I do it, it really helps keep me in the moment.

Mary Blackhurst Hill Sat, Mar 14th 2015 @ 5:09pm

This is such an excellent practise! (Or should it be a practice? I can never remember)

Anonymous Sat, Mar 14th 2015 @ 6:36pm

Thank you for all comments - I'm glad you like the idea of playing with time and like my little prayer. Funnily enough this is a timely reminder for me too.

I believe meditation helps bend time - that is my experience too. I think a prayer may be a kind of meditation. To realise that time flows differently at different times is a subject for meditation itself.

Best wishes to all - may time be on your side!

Anonymous Sat, Mar 14th 2015 @ 7:02pm

Accepting the idea that it is possible to work this way - means you are your way towards learning it.

Next the thing is to remember it (I've myself forgotten about it a lot - good thing I blogged about it to remember it again) and taking the time to be still and focus on what it is you want to achieve and how you want to achieve it.

My mind doesn't like the negatives then it will focus on all the things that could go wrong. So if I think: "I don't want to be interrupted!" I need to replace this with "I want to work in peace and go with the flow."

Another thing I will start doing is identifying different areas of life to use this in and write down the prayers for each situation to make it easier to focus the mind on what is wanted.

I call this a prayer. It is related to meditaiton and to affirmations too. I see links to mirror work - it would be possible to say the prayer into the mirror too. I've recently discovered mirror work (and Robert Holden, Ph.D who learnt it from Louise Hay) and have had very possitive results by setting up the whole day (with all its tasks included) while looking myself in the years and praying, saying, affirming:

"I am willing to have this day be the best day it can possibly be - or even, if I'm feeling really bold - the best day of my life."

So let's start practising!

All the best,

Melanie Lowndes Mon, Mar 16th 2015 @ 1:15pm

Thank you Karin for these thoughts about time. i find that time is very flexible - sometimes it seems to go against me and sometimes with me in how fast or slow it goes. I would like to mention what this has made me think of - slightly related regarding prayer:
I went to a talk by Gabrielle Bernstein at the weekend and she uses prayer very extensively. When having a row with someone or feeling stressed she asks Please Spirit help me reinterpret this or please Spirit reinterpret this for me.
I recently was feeling very tired and was daunted by my task - teaching someone (horse riding) where I needed to be on the ball and think about things as he was more advanced than some of the people I teach where I am more confident. I said a little prayer to Jesus inside me for energy - it really helped. Gabrielle said something else - if we are feeling fear it is a sure sign we are relying on our own resources - my reaction as I listened to her words was to think that this is a good thing and we must face our fear (stretch ourselves) but what she was saying was that we should not rely on our own strength but offer it up to a power higher than ourselves and then we are lifted up. She said "the more I don't rely on my own strength the easier things become and flow, I am co-creating, being led, allowing..." My best to you all - I feel uplifted from reading and writing on Moodscope today.

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