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The Analyst News Network – In focus October 14, 2021

Can Tech help you manage your mood?

Interview with Adrian Hosford, Chairman of Moodscope


The Davi Experience January 29, 2019

How to positively lift your mood with the click of a button.

Rebecca Davi, Talk Show Host, Serial Entrepreneur and Philanthropist interviews Adrian Hosford, Chairman of Moodscope.

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Huffington Post February 8, 2017

Finding The Time For Kindness

Catherine Roche, CEO of children’s mental health charity Place2Be talks about the issues facing young people today and how Moodscope has helped her.


The Wall Street Journal August 5, 2016

For a Relaxing Vacation, look to the data.

What makes a vacation successful? For some the answer lies in the data. Steven Jonas, Senior Editor of the website Quantified Self Labs uses Moodscope to measure his mood while he’s on vacation.


The Really Useful Show March 21, 2016

"H" for "Happiness" with Lex McKee, Adrian Hosford and Debs Marshall

Adrian Hosford from Moodscope and Debs Marshall from Hope FM join Lex McKee for The Really Useful Show. Adrian and Debs share how writing a happiness journal, choosing to respond rather than react, finding peace and quiet in Nature, and giving to others can all add up to a potent recipe for Happiness.


Tech for Good TV December 18, 2014

Macroscope - Technology and Mental Health

A growing movement of people are using technology to deal with mental health challenges: Tech for Good TV explores the relationship between Mental Health and technology in this Macroscope on Mental Health.


The Guardian May 12, 2014

Could digital treatments meet mental health service users' needs?

Some kinds of healthcare will continue to involve a patient visiting a professional, regardless of the march of digitisation. When a human body needs treating, a clinician will often need to be in the same room to observe and intervene.But in the case of a human mind, there is potential to provide services online.


Rock Heal+h November 19, 2013

Q&A with Mood Tracking Expert Jon Cousins

Jon Cousins is founder of Moodscope, an online mood tracking tool and community. We grilled him on the benefits of mood tracking, the Hawthorne effect, and user engagement


Daily Express March 25, 2013

Measuring H(app)iness: Old Dog, New Blog

Can you value an economy based on how often you get ticked off or depressed? What about how well you're sleeping and the amount you smile? On today's Old Dog, New Blog, my sister, Nicole, and I teach Jim Cramer how apps can make this concept more realizable.

View June 7, 2012

An App a day

Want to get fit and stay fit? There's an app for that. The government's recent list of its top 500 health apps struck a chord with our smartphone-savvy healthy team. Our tried and tested edit of the top 15 will do wonders for your wellbeing. You know what they say: an app a day...

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Daily Express January 3, 2012

Cheer up... It is year's most depressing day

Jon Cousins, founder of the depression-fighting website says that the aim in releasing the results is to enlighten, not depress. "On the face of it, discovering that today is one of the year's gloomiest could be seen as yet more bad news, but we like to think that forewarned is forearmed," he says...

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Daily Mail January 3, 2012

Don't despair but today is the most depressing day of the year

If you've got a bad case of the January blues today, don't despair - you're not alone. Today will be one of the year's most depressing days, experts have said...

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Guardian October 18, 2011

Online test that could help patients manage their moods

Moodscope, a website that turns a standard mental health test into a card game, is showing promising initial results...

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Daily Mail May 23, 2011

Mastering your moods

On Radio 4 earlier this month, bipolar sufferer Jon Cousins discussed his website, Moodscope, which aims to help people manage their condition without the aid of drugs by charting their mood online each day and sharing the results with friends...

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BBC Radio 4 May 11, 2011


Let's start with Jon Cousins, the inventor of a thing called Moodscope. It is a website on which you track and record your own mood from day to day so you can then look back at a graph and see how it swings to and fro, and work out why...

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OK! Magazine May 11, 2011

The Royal Wedding lifted the nation's mood

According to Moodscope, women's moods rose by almost seven per cent on the day of the Royal Wedding compared to the rest of the Bank Holiday weekend. The stats also show that our moods were 1.1 per cent lower over the Easter weekend, meaning women were far more excited to see Kate's dress than to bathe in the Easter sunshine and eat chocolate - which is quite a statement...

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BBC Radio 4 April 25, 2011

Click On

A friend said to me, 'I'd be interested in seeing your scores'. I've got some fairly basic programming skills so put together a simple website which would show me the cards online and then once a score had been calculated, would then email that to my friend. The results of doing that were pretty incredible...

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Independent March 22, 2011

My ever changing moods

When Jon Cousins confessed to his two closest childhood friends that he suffered from bipolar disorder, they were stunned. They had known him for four decades or so, but he had hidden his illness so diligently that no one close to him suspected he was anything but contented...

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Süddeutsche Zeitung March 20, 2011

Heiter bis wolkig

...Jon Cousins könnte diese Frage ganz exakt beantworten. Seit 2007 zeichnet der britische Werbespezialist jeden Tag seine Stimmung auf mittels eines Online-Tools, das er extra dafür entwickelt hat und das inzwischen jeder nutzen kann: Moodscope...

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The Times January 11, 2011

What helped most to control my depression?

Simon Brett, radio and TV producer and crime author: What helped most to control my depression? I’d have to say three things. 1. Being married to a wife who knows that the same person will come out at the end of a bout of depression as the one who went into it. 2. Having a GP who regarded depression as an illness like any other and set out to treat it with medication. 3. Charting my daily score on the Moodscope website...

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The Daily Beast January 3, 2011

Things That Will Make You Smarter in 2011

...A website that tracks your moods, a pen that takes flawless notes, a thriller about Wall Street's collapse - The Daily Beast presents the culture and technology that will boost your intelligence in 2011...

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Newsweek January 3, 2011

21 Ways to Be Smarter in 2011 - Smarter Mental Health: Moodscope

...Tracking your moods from day to day can help you learn what triggers the blues. This site allows users to input data about their moods by playing a simple card game. It charts your progress and lets you share results with friends...

Read full text December 3, 2010

Living the Quantified Life

...It's when Cousins is unspooling his mood graph that he reveals that he's got a touch of the magician about him (skip to 7:25 in the video). At the end of one summer, some of his friends ask to be kept informed of his mood scores, and all of a sudden his scores rise to a high plateau and stay there. As Cousins relates, the “sheer act” of knowing that other people cared about his mood had the effect of lifting his mood...

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BBC Radio Cambridgeshire November 15, 2010

Drivetime with Andy Burrows

...Jon Cousins is the founder of Moodscope which claims to accurately measure people's moods and then help them improve their general mental wellbeing...

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DePers (Dutch) November 12, 2010

Moodscope - Ups en downs in kaart brengen

...Ben je enthousiast vandaag? Vastbesloten? Geirriteerd? Twintig klikjes en je weet hoe je ervoor staat. Op Moodscope houden duizenden mensen elke dag hun humeur bij, de uitslag verschijnt in een keurig grafiekje op je scherm, zodat je ziet welke dagen je goed in je vel zit en welke niet...

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Daily Mail October 12, 2010

Good Health

...A former ad man who suffers from depression has devised an online mood test that could help thousands of others who live with the condition. Sufferers spend a few minutes each day doing an online test, where they record how they're feeling by grading 20 moods from 'active' and 'determined' to 'hostile' and 'nervous', from one to four...

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National Post, Toronto October 2, 2010

The Quantified Self

...Jon Cousins is a serial entrepreneur who takes quite literally the old adage “If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it”. Diagnosed with bipolar depression in early 2007, he invented a science-based mood scale that ranks his mood between 0% and 100%...

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Psychologies October 2010

Health and Wellbeing

...Make a note of how you feel each day at, the website that helps you understand the causes of your highs and lows. Enlist your friends and they’ll be tipped off when you need cheering up...

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Woman & Home October 2010

A Mouse Is Your New Therapist

...Blue days getting you down? Click on to Moodscope, a free online service where each day you can record a “right now” snapshot of how you're feeling. This builds to a mood graph that helps you identify just what triggers those down days. Users find mood scoring has an almost immediate impact and, after 28 days, scores rise a lot...

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BBC World Service July 29, 2010

The World Today

...Are you happy? Are you happier today than you were yesterday? What about last week or last year? How do you know how happy you are? Well Jon Cousins has a real reason for asking this question. In 2007 he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, a problem where your mood can fluctuate between extreme highs and extreme lows, so he founded Moodscope, a website that allows you to track your mood and record the data...

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The New York Times magazine May 2, 2010

The Data-Driven Life

...“My life was changed radically,” Cousins told me recently in an e-mail message. “If I got the odd dip, my friends wanted to know why.” Sometimes, after he records a low score, a friend might simply e-mail: “?” Cousins replies, and that act alone makes him feel better...

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The Times April 13, 2010

Bipolar? I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

...Jon Cousins, 54, who suffers from bipolar disorder, has used research by an American psychologist to create a site that lets fellow depressives monitor their own wellbeing through a brief, daily online test. The results produce a “happiness number” that comforts those worried about their own state of mind - and crucially, the results can also be e-mailed to concerned friends or relatives who make contact if the numbers drop alarmingly...

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BBC Cambridgeshire February 19, 2010

Cheer Up With City's Glumbuster

...Beating the blues could be as simple as getting over a bad day or as complicated as dealing with depression. Jon Cousins has not only won his own battle with depression but has developed his own sadness fighting technique, called Moodscope...

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