About Depression

If you want to know more about about depression, Moodscope may tick all the boxes.


about depression

Depression and other forms of low mood are problems that blight lots of lives. Options in terms of treatment are usually restricted to psychiatric medication and therapy, usually supported by practical self-help interventions such as eating healthily, having a suitable amount of daily exercise and making sure to spend time in the company of others. But Moodscope is new and different.


Should you wish to lose weight it would be helpful to record your weight every so often, tracking your success. Experience suggests that efforts to lose weight may be significantly easier if you are surrounded by other people. That is the way in which slimming clubs work.


Building on this Moodscope precisely equips you to score your mood once a day, then automatically plots it on a line graph. Significantly it then requests you to suggest friends who will agree to be your buddies, being sent an electronic note of your score on every occasion on which you record it. The figures indicate that simply carrying out the act of monitoring, logging and sharing your progress in this fashion may in and of itself improve your mood.


What about looking further at Moodscope online? It offers a substantial amount of material focused on your search around about depression.


Mood scores are determined using a set of novel online playing cards which can be flipped over and spun around in order to select the extent to which you currently feel twenty representative emotions. Although the cards are a unique and new idea, their principle is drawn from a highly respected test of mood.


Alongside the basic capture of your overall mood, Moodscope provides you with extra tools that help you to get truly significant understanding.


For example it will generate word clouds constructed from themes suggested by your best and worst scores driven by the explanations you add to your daily scores. This gives you the ability to learn about likely triggers for changes to your mood - both positive and negative.


Though Moodscope is a relatively recent innovation it is getting substantial interest from those in the mental health profession. As well as this many of those using it have emailed to explain how helpful they are finding it.


It is a web site that delivers a cornucopia of vital information which will answer your questions.*